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Turn Your Garbage into WEALTH!

Turn Your Garbage into Money or Gold or Wealth!

By Pete Lorins

It has often been said that "one man's garbage is another man's treasure". There has never been any truer assertion, particularly after the worst economy since the Great Depression...However, most struggling Americans are sitting on piles of wealth that either belong to them or their friends or relatives or neighbors. Americans are used to having excess "everything" so much, that even their lackings are often (unbeknownst to them) superior to those of affluence in other parts of the World.

Needless to say, the worst economy since the Great Depression is forcing entrepreneurs to revive American ingenuity yet again. It has been said that "necessity is the mother of all inventions". Many have resolved to bartering to spend less money these day. Why not? It ha, often, been said that a penny saved is a penny earned.

However, earning continuous money via a steady income flow requires a solid plan. The executives at SNIROL Business & Tech Consultants have been using an approach that help people turn their unused, or garaged items or those of their relatives or friends into "hard cold cash" just by using the camera feature of their smart (cellular) phones.

Using a comprehensive approach, their highly-experienced professionals proceed to use both their research and creative skills to add value that will transform qualified garbage into wealth. The uniqueness of the service lies in both their process and quality assurance measures which they use to maintain seamless transactions.

So how do they do it?

They have come up with an innovative way of generating leads and actually doing value-added reselling by only requiring the following:

1. The prospective seller (PS) takes a picture of an times that is being sold (which can be done using any camera-enabled cell phone)

2. The "PS" then states whether such an item is fully owned (by him/her) or someone else (i.e., iwhether the item is marketable );

3. The "PS" then states a final price on the item.

Once the SNIROL consultants receive the above information, they will proceed to let the seller know whether their prospective sale has been approved or not, and if it has, the willl proceed to add value to it and subsequently put money in your pocket. They have a number of consultants all over the country who are ready to (value-added) resell anything via a plethora of customizable reselling platforms.

Pictures can be taken of the following:

a) Any personal/movable property (e.g., garaged items, cars, items purchased online or from a garage sale, or from a friend, or items obtained as gifts)

b) Any item that is "purchasable" and on which one can get a documented price hold for a period of time. In other words, no money has to come out of your pocket... Once it becomes purchasable and the price remains fixated for a period of time, you're then free to become a value-added-re-seller through them.

They have time-proven all of their concepts from the 90's to the present and see this economy as a silver lining. With the advent of more innovative technologies, they are able to amaze their clients with how much money they can generate for them from items that they either had no time to trash or simply items that they or their neighbors left hanging unused in their garages for months or years.

They are confident that their appraoch puts the power back into the hands of the average person and is the equivalent of the old and seeminlgy dying American Mom-and Pop Shops that used to make this country's ingenuity special prior the arrival of cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all giants like Walmart, Target, Loews etc...

They can be reached either at or

For any concerns/questions about this article, contact Pete Lorins at

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