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The Worst and Most Racist Police Department in the U.S. (From My Own Experience)

It, unquestionably, has to be the New York Police Department (NYPD). WHY?

In the mid1990's as I approached the last moments of my electrical engineering undergraduate career, and as I was dropping a friend off late at night after we both put in long hours of study, I was pulled over by a racist White police officer. I believe I had my last final examination the following day and I had worked so hard to maitain a high "B" or low "A" in a rather difficult class, and was intended to finish strong. Rather, I found myself being harassed by a racist "low life" who was determined to ruin my night despite the fact that I had told him that I had an exam the next day, and that I was a hard working student who had to work 84 hours a week while I attended engineering school full time. Albeit, my tone wasn't that submissive (I was in my early 20's and inexperienced with cops, not to mention racist ones), but that was besides the point, the man was a total loser. Anyhow, he tried to provoke me, and even grabbed me by my "genitalia" to try to induce me to react, and took me in, and subsequently urinated in my shoes, all because I told him what I thought of him. He was a total waste of human breath.

Anyhow, I did play along, but, subsequently placed a complaint against him with the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board, and fought all five (5) tickets that he fabricated, and in the end he had to apologize and pleaded no contest to having my tickets dismissed. I wanted to sue the NYPD so much, but my father the Pastor, asked me to let it go and focus on my future, thus, I let go of that plan and moved on with my life. However, the experience left a very bad taste in my mouth, and helped me deal with racist cops better at the same time, but my views of cops changed from then on. These officers must be kept accountable... please view my "Let Us Keep Our Leaders Accountable" article to that end.

However, my experience was nearly nothing compared to that of the following two Black men:

1. The murdering of an innocent African immigrant, named, Amadou Diallo by the NYPD Death Squad

2. The sexual victimization of a Haitian immigrant, Abner Louima, by a NY Police Officer

Mayor Giuliani's Racist Reign

Under the reign of one of the most racist mayors that the US has ever had, namely Italian-American Mayor Rudy Giuliani (now known as America's Mayor <really?> after the 9/11 tragegy) who decided that the only way to clean the the City was at the expense of profiling and murdering African Americans, the NYPD, which was already a racist organization had become a racist police department on steroids. Mayor Giuliani, who had, subsequently, run for the U.S. Presidency twice unsuccessfully and has made a career of belittling people of African descent and lately President Barack Obama, orchestrated one of the biggest threats that Blacks folks had ever seen under his tenure, which culminated into the following. Yes, he did clean the City of New York, but there were better and least dehumanizing means that would have prevented the Diallo and Louima tragedies.

RE: Murder of Amadou Diallo by the NYPD

Amadou was young Black African Immigrant from Guinea who was gunned down at the entrance of his home/apartment, as he tried to enter the same at about midnight on February 4 in the Soundview section of the Bronx. As he was going into his doorway, a Ford Taurus pulled up with four large and heavily built white men, who turned out to be plain-clothed NY Police Officers. Suddenly, they started to pump lead into him. The late Mr. Diallo, claimed that the cops, were fumbling for something in his pocket, which they thought might have been a gun. However, there was no gun, as only his keys and his beeper were found. In a nutshell, they proceeded to shoot at Amadou Diallo 41 times, hitting him with 19 bullets.

“41 bullets.” “41 bullets." That was the headline that was being heard all over New York City under the impact of yet another brutal police murder of a Black man.

Re: Sexual Victimization of Abner Louima by the NYPD

But wait a minute. In August 1997, after the birth of my first child, I heard of the the sadistic near murder of Haitian immigrant Abner Louima, who was viciously tortured with a toilet plunger in the 70th precinct in Brooklyn. Needless to say, I thought of my own experience, which had only happened a year ealier. The police officer in question, Justin Volpe, 25, had turned himself into Internal Affairs shortly thereafter to be questioned and face charges of sexually brutalizing my country man, Mr Louima with the plunger while he was being held in custody. All Louima heard after a fight broke out at a local Brooklyn night club was "Take This Nigger". This "low life" ahd sodomized him which induced him to be in critical condition and surgery had to be performed to repair a puncture in his small intestine and an injury to his bladder. Although Mr. Louima did receive millions in compensation, no money can ever undo the psychological damage that he must have felt. I know, empathize and can only imagine what happened because it could have been me, or any other Haitian or any other "nigger" as the officer Volpe called him.

Ok, ok, ok, enough about Diallo and Louima already, because this is causing immense anger again, yet, I'm dealing with it a lot better at my age. However, I feel that I have the duty to share my experience in my own perspective and context to the next generation. There is a say that goes like, the more things change, the more they remain the same". This has never been truer than in the cases of police brutality. Although these young officers (really young kids) commit these racist crimes against young Black folks, the people that are really responsible are their racist leaders who induced them to feel that they could get away with such senseless and inhumane acts. Accordingly, such leaders have to be ACCOUNTABLE for such acts. People like Mayor Giuliani should have been made ACCOUNTABLE because such crimes happened under the watch of his police department. Today, we are still hearing of random killings of Young Black men by White police officers. I am tired of hearing people who have no idea about police brutality mention "Black on Black Crimes" whenever things like that happen. My question to them is, why don't they mention the latter prior to such happenings? Why don't they mention "Hispanic on Hispanic Crimes", and all suicides committed by White males who either killed themselves and their entire families? Why don't they also mention the school shootings, which have happened, usually, at the hands of young White males who live in the suburbs? My point is, people commit crimes against each other all the times, but when people who are entrusted by society with guns and respect commit the same crimes because of their hatred towards a specific group, it is not only heinous but genocidal.

These leaders must be denounced and held accountable by any means necessary. Please read my "Let's Keep Our Leaders Accountable" article to that end!

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