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America's Current Minority/Black Problem - Where is Today's Black Peace Broker?

Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Every Minority or Black Person in America seems to have All the Answers in America -- But WHY do such answers exist more in America than elsewhere... you guessed it... O P P O R T U N I T I E S!!!

But these opportunities emanated from key genius principles institued by the FOUNDING FATHERS of this country who might have been slave owners, but were NOT necessarily bad people. Slavery was "the thing" of the day, and it did greatly contribute to America's rise as the leader of the FREE WORLD. In fact, even the end of slavery induced the begining of the Industrial revolution/mass production. In a nutshell, Blacks do deserve to be part of the fabric and history of America, and thus respected historically and factually. However, that does not mean that we should have a DOUBLE-STANDARD!

But What is the Problem with The Current Minorities/Blacks of America?

In order to get to solutions, we must first admit that we have PROBLEMS, and that we do!

With the advent of electing the first presumed "Black President", many of us have can be called the "I have Reached the Promised Land Syndrome". The latter is so celebated and not always in a good way that it has turned off a lot of White Brothers and Sisters off. While it is true that many Whites are still racists, that was also the case when Dr. Martin King has to rely on his knowledge of the FRAMEWORK of the US CONSTITUTION and the FEDERALIST PAPERS (which most Americans, including lawyers don't even have to read about in school)...

OK... I, too, have mentioned so much about past and to some extent atrocities that many groups, including Blacks have faced in the hands of the White man. However, where does that really take us? Where is the CONSENSUS? who is BROKERING PEACE FOR BLACKS & MINORITIES. It is certainly neither the DEMS nor the GOP right now. Most minorities left our homeland because they were ruined by incompetent leaders. Yet, we contiue to perpetuate the entire blame on the White man who might have had something to do with it, but surely is not the sole force. We are not exactly peace seekers and makers neither in our homelands nor here either. Many of us perpetuate divisions while we are accusing others of doing the same. Far too many of us do inciting things. I saw many of US do inciting things at the TRUMP rallies, yet it is fine. However, should a White person have done it, we would have labelled him as a racist. Where are our PEACE BROKERS and MAKERS who will brokerage peace and progress deals for minorities and Blacks to foster harmony and respect. I haven't seen one in the past thirty years. Minorities and Blacks do have a DOUBLE-STANDARD and even God hates Double standards. I don't think we can be truly blessed until we become consciencious and seek PEACE!

DR. KING WAS AN INTELLECTUAL! AN EDUCATED BROTHER. He understood that a CONSENSUS had to be reached. He understood that returning to Africa and demonizing Whites was not the solution. He Understood that he had to speak the language of the dominant group in order to get something accross.

Dr. King, as the last Black Peace Maker as able to articulate an IRREFUTABLE INTELLECTUAL ARGUMENT with the previous masters of his people, based on a document that was close to their hearts, namely the US Constitution, which might as well have been holy to the hearts of White Americans, and to some extent it still is to many Republican strict conservatives (but not so much with the DEMs in m view). A document that symbolized their own liberation from the tyrannies of Europe.

Essentially, a document that represented the very freedoms that were enunciated in the Bill of Rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to freely self-express, assembly and worship God based on one's own belief system. It was ironic then because the very values that these former slaver owners cherished were being denied to their fellow human beings on the basis of phenotypical differences only. Thus, having realized that it induced them to look bad in the eyes of others who were starting to see America as a beacon of hope and liberty. Dr. King was successsful in brokering the most impressive consensus of mankind. Dr. King was able to brokerage CIVIL RIGHTS for PEACE and in turn he was seen as a PEACE MAKER/BROKER. In other words, by answering the What's In IT For Me (WIFM) deal question, he brokeraged rights for peaceful marches, and thus became a martyr and true MAN OF GOD! Matthew 5:9.

YET modernly, despite being FREE, we don't seem to be consensus and peace seeking. Rather, we are satisfied with throwing fighting words at each other to, essentially, incite each other.


So, where is today's DR. King? Where is today's Black peace broker?

It wasn't perfect in Dr. King's era, and it still isn't perfect in ours either. But, it sure is a whole lot better, yet we have reverted to tactics that will only bring the detriment of not only the minorities and Blacks that perpetuate them, but also minorities and Blacks at large.

Thus, as we ponder over who is better for Blacks? Should Blacks or other minorities be Republican or Democrat, perhaps many of us should simply be NEUTRAL and INDEPENDENT and broker deals peacefully that will enhance the life of not just Black folks, but also folks of all color, creed, and ethnic backgrounds. On one end, the DEMs are saying that they will help everyone and that they don't have to do anything for themselves and that is saying that they are handicapped, and on the other hand the Republicans are saying we are not socialists, we want you to be strong and prove that you're good enough and smart enough that you have greatness in you. To be honest, I like the latter better, yet, I prefer to be NEUTRAL, because as the DONALD said, at least I have the opportunity to brokerage deals on both sides.

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