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Why Businesses that NEED 'creatives' Love Rapid Gigs+

If you are a business that needs to work with Creatives, you are going to LOVE Rapid Gigs Plus.

  • Have you ever tried to hire a creative person to do freelance work for your firm? Have you ever enjoyed the experience?

  • Have you ever found that they didn’t know what you wanted, and didn’t care about your input, ideas, or needs?

  • Have you ever found that they didn’t understand your schedule, and would not deliver the work requested in a timely manner?

  • Have you ever found their work totally unsatisfactory, and can’t get them to change, and then discovered an attitude that you, the person trying to pay them, “didn’t know what you were doing?”

Would You Like to have Something Better?

Rapid Gigs Plus has changed everything. We have a stable team of creatives that are skilled, talented, and hungry. However, one thing has changed. We have put YOU in charge.

Nobody is going to know more about what you want than you do. Nobody is going to know what you like, know your backstory, or your preferences more than you, will they? So, we are going to make it easy. Our copyrighted Project charter is designed to allow you to have much more input, suggestions, and examples of what you want, so that you will get…what you want.

  1. Articulate what you want in a couple of paragraphs.

  2. Sketch, even if it is a stickman sketch, your idea. (The artists can take your crude stickman drawing and make it look amazing.)

  3. Give samples of things that are sort of what you want.

  4. With these suggestions, articulations, and sketches, you are going to give the creative much more guidance than they have ever received, and their results will be much closer to what you want.

Then, once they have gotten that input, they will do their thing and create three mockups. This is where you will receive the greatest value. From this starting point, you can choose the one that you like, or add changes, and receive the final mock up. Instead of the artist, and you, being totally unsatisfied, you will get what you have always wanted, the vision in your head fleshed out to reality.

You will also describe exactly what the completion of the job is. Once they have completed it, the artist will be paid. Of course, we will collect the money up front. If modifications to the project charter need to be made, we can make them.

Instead of dealing with a creative that doesn’t understand business, you will be dealing with a company that is in business to give you what you want, and has the ability to deliver it, and the leverage to communicate to the artist your needs and desires.

You need great design. We can make that happen.

Please contact for more information.

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