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With The "IV" Learning System, ANY LEARNER Can Now Get Top Grades!

This article will change the way you view "LEARNING" once and for all, please get a cup of coffee, and enjoy this "reader"!

With the premise that "every human being is LEARN-able", IV Learning embarked on a mission to so prove...

There is a plethora of research on what should or should not work when it comes to "LEARNING", yet most of these culminate into theories that when applied have fallen short of inducing learners (children/adults) to learn and excel. Some simply believe in teaching learners everything, and hope that some knowledge "will stick", while others simply believe in teaching to the tests, particularly, with high-stakes tests/exams, such as the state-wide exams, SATs, GRE, GMAs, LSAT, MCATs, USMLE/MBME, MBE etc.

"IV" Learning is changing the way people think about learning. Undoubtedly, information does get into our temporary (working) memory first; and subsequently with repetition, it eventually gets into our long term memory. But, is it really that simple? Or what happens when one simply does not have time to revisit the information frequently? Can one still learn rapidly without many repetitions?

"IV" Learning, seamlessly, provides the answers to the above questions. You can read more about IV Learning by accessing and clicking on the "IV" Learning link or logo.

Finally, there is no need to be concerned about LEARNING STYLES (e.g., visual, auditory, tactile, etc.), rather, you can focus on simply LEARNING INSTANTLY/RAPIDLY. At IV Learning, we believe in keeping learning simple except simpler. It is believed and proven by most experts that, unless a learner has a major learning disability, s/he starts learning from the womb naturally, and continue on to learn as an infant seamlessly, even prior to learning how to learn or to read and write or other similar skills. In fact, even the deaf learns by observation. Therefore, learning is natural and living is about learning. However, LEARNING THE RIGHT WAY, and LEARNING HOW TO STUDY are skill sets that can only be accomplished via a systematic approach or purposeful coaching.

The IV Learning systematic approach focuses on helping every learner learn the right way or the way she/he learns best the first time around. In a nutshell, learning is induced to happen NATURALLY and seamlessly at one's own pace yet still RAPIDLY in to other ineffective approaches. Accordingly, there is no longer a need to label learners as: "advanced", or "average", or "slow". The ultimate goal is the same for all learners, and that is "LEARNING". We don't compare or segregate or discriminate or label any learners.

Far too many children have given up because of silly grading metrics created by educators who failed to understand that learning should happen seamlessly...

Far too many educators are using rigid approaches that were adopted from outdated and unproven theories. While some learners will excel in such pedagogical/andragogical frameworks because their brains happen to be naturally compatible with such approaches (and thus are labelled "GIFTED"), most learners will have fallen short of such perceived unattainable goals and will either be labelled as "GOOD ENOUGH" or "NEED IMPROVEMENT".

But Whose Fault Is It?

The duty of the instructor and the pedagogy is to ensure that the LEARNER "LEARNS". Thus, when the learner fails to learn, unless, s/he has a proven mental disability, the instructor/teacher and/or the pedagogy FAILED to effectively deliver the instruction the learner. But of course, many will attribute the learner's failure to lack of supportive parents or unfinished homework or sub-par home lives or even lack of nutrition. While there are other contributing factors, the reality and common denominator is that learning should happen primarily in the classroom via MOTIVATED and MOTIVATING TEACHERS/INSTRUCTORS and should happen nearly INSTANTLY. However, if the pedagogy/andragogy is not sound, neither will be the learning (i.e., garbage in, garbage out). One cannot expect every parent to be a rocket scientist. In other words, what happens when the parents that are not educated themselves, yet can't afford to pay a competent tutor?

But, since this is not a case there is a need for "IV" Learning - a systematic and learner-centric approach to learning.

Learner-Centric Learning

With IV Learning, the Learner is a KING/PRINCE or a QUEEN/PRINCESS.

A king/prince or a queen/princess is always given the "tools" that he/she wants/needs at any given point in time in order to SUCCEED in the things in which s/he wants to succeed. Therefore, his/her lack of performance is rarely his/her fault if such tools were not provided.

What are These Tools?

According to the field of human performance technology (HPT) one needs to have three tools to successfully perform at any given time:

1) Motivation

2) Ability or Acquired Skills

3) Opportunity

In short, IV Learning empowers learners to remain motivated even if they are intrinsically-motivated (self-motivated) or extrinsically-motivated (i.e., require the encouragement of others to remain motivated). Moreover, IV Learning ensures that any gaps in learning skills are bridged using no none-sense, yet pedagogically-sound approaches to ensure that learning will then happen rapidly and seamlessly. And last, but certainly not least, IV Learning provides the learner with the "OPPORTUNITY" to test either what s/he has already learned or what he is about to learn from the start, so that the learner will learn instantly either way.

In a nutshell, IV Learning focuses on instant learning and performance while concurrently eliminating TEST TAKING ANXIETY, to the point every every IV Learning learner will look forward to taking his/her tests by thinking of it as being FUN, ENGAGING, and PRACTICAL as opposed to BORING.

Are you ready to learn right and rapidly the first time around?

Contact "IV LEARNING" at: and click on click on the "IV" Learning link.

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by Rapid Gigs+

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