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The Angriest Black Men - Why are They Angry Enough to Kill?

To say that America has failed to properly assess its "Black Male" situation would have been the understatement of the century.

The fact of the matter is that every Black male has, at some point or another, felt the frustration of institutionalized racism, or some sort of disparate/unfair treatment that for a time period might have fueled anger and frustration. But, luckily, most of us are able to sustain/supress that anger as to ensure that it does not meet the threshold required to retaliate, for the sake of our loved ones and society at large. However, others like Micah X. Johnson, and many others will continue to retaliate as long as nothing changes. Although I don't condone it, I do understand it. The problem is White America, and to some extent until now seems to have failed to empathize with the plight of its Black males.

Micah X Johson - The Black Man Who Killed 5 White Cops in Retaliation to the Latest Killings of Black Males by White Cops

Yet, America has continued to either remain in denial, or simply negligent or unempathetic about the plight of Black males and thus has failed to find a remedy for the causation/source of their anger. Rather, they have been labelled/mislabeled, stigmatized, and to some extent demonized and disenfranchised; and quite often, unfairly!

Accordingly, we have all heard of the following term: "Angry Black Man"

It is getting to the point, where it's becoming like the relationship between the Palestinians and the Jews, in which both sides are acting out of desperation, frustration and anger, as opposed to understanding, reason and love. Cooler heads need to prevail and actions need to be taken, and SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE as I asserted in one of my last articles. And it needs to stop YESTERDAY!

But What is HE Angry About?

Despite the ascent of the first presumed Black male to the top office of the land, some staggeringly offensive facts or statistics continue to plague America about its inability to understand and properly integrate a great percentage of its Black men (and other men of color as well).

> Half of black men are arrested by age 23, a study said, and they are locked behind bars at a disproportionate rate to whites, which damages their ability to continue schooling and become full participants almost anywhere in the US.

> In 2013, there were more than 1.2 million black men locked in chronic, or long-term, unemployment, according to a 2013 federal report, which noted that black men suffered unemployment at a greater rate than any other demographic group.

> Most White Americans can't truly relate to what it's like to be Black in America, and a great Black males particularly feel unaccepted, misunderstood and disenfranchised.

> They make 12% of the population, but 24% of all deaths induced by law enforcement.

While Black on Black crimes and/or gang-related violence are also issues that emanate from the frustration that the Black American male has felt 151 years after he emancipated from slavery, the above statistics and realization are enough to induce a great percentage of Black males to entertain the thought of RETALIATING against White enforcement authority figures that they have perceived to have either created and added to their already dire situation.

These Black men are not attacking random White individuals, but rather they are acting in retaliation and defiance to those who have been perceived to have wronged them. Of course, the latter will not solve the problem, and of course only "LOVE" can solve any "HATE"-induced problems, but anger appears to be the nature nature of the average person in such situations.

The situation is one that emanated from a segregation-based system that FAILED to repair the souls of Blacks who are in many ways still mentally enslaved as I asserted in one of my latest articles, entitled "MENTALLY ENSLAVED". Thus, while America continues to mislabel the issue as: "Angry Black Men, or Entitlement-centric Black Men, or Radicalized/Disillusioned Black Men" as opposed to going to its core source/cause, the problem not only persists, but the "Angriest Black Men" threshold is being approached day by day.

Should America continue to remain in denial about the source of the anger of the wronged Black man, occasional chaos will ensue, and more anger will be fueled, and the situation will have then become irreparable like that of the Palestinians and the Jews.

However, there is still hope. There are still a healthy percentage of Black men who are defying the odds - and entering professions like law, engineering, medicine etc. They are determined to challenge the status quo and help America live to its ideals along with their White counterparts who are willing to do the same.

America aspires to be the beacon of hope, and freedom. For America's sake, I hope that it will start doing better by its presumed "ANGRY BLACK MEN". Its presumed leaders have to be held accountable, especially those who have had the opportunity to do so much about this issue, yet failed miserably. Please see my article entitled: "Is Hillary Clinton's Acknowledgement of Police Brutality Too Little, Too Late?", which addresses this issue at length.

Until something changes, new extremist organizations will continue to arise to counter HATE with MORE HATE, and we all know what the results will be. However, until we opt to live up to the LESSONS FROM OUR GREAT LOVE LEADERS as I wrote in a recent article, we will all perish like the insane folks that we will have proven ourselves to be. I pray that the latter will not be the case.

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