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President Elect Donald J. Trump – 45th POTUS – Is He a Political Genius?

Either way, he did it his way… the most stunning upset in American political history… The businessman turned reality star proved that his movement was a force to be reckoned with, and expressed his genuine love for America with his appeal for unity. He certainly proved the pundits, naysayers, and opponents WRONG his way.

Regarding Mrs. Clinton, despite having had an amazing ground game, a political dynasty, the backing of major stars, the media, and the current president of the U.S. (POTUS), Hillary R. Clinton could not defeat the man who was formerly known as a political newbie, but will now be known as a political genius, president elect and the 45th president of the United States.

To many Americans, Hillary represented the failed policies of the past, or part of the groups of establishment politicians, who he normally associates with the following phrase: “All Talks, No Actions”.

Today, Mr. Trump graduated from being a marketing genius to becoming a political genius. He did win, thus he did make some believers out of those of us who understood him and listened to him no matter how unpopular that is. Those of us who don’t like to follow the herd for the sake of sounding “cool”, and those of us who refused to accept the words of a “dishonest” media, and failed career politicians as “gospel”, believed that Mr. Trump would become our next president. He worked very hard until the very end with the most consistent message I have ever seen, delivered like only an experienced businessman, great negotiator, and solid marketer could. It seems like every failure and success that he has had prepared him to DEFY THE ODDS and that he did.

From the primaries, he discarded of Primary Competitors like Marco Rubio, whom he labelled “Little Marco” to label his lack of experience, and dismantled the formidable foe Ted Cruz, who refused to endorse him even after he won the nomination, by calling him “Lying Ted”. When he said that he would dismantle Hillary, at times it felt like I was the only one who believed him. But the more I tried to disbelieve him, the more I realized that no one has represented CHANGE more than this man has, no one has done it the way he was doing it, and for sure “HE DID IT HIS WAY”. When he successfully labeled Hillary as “Crooked Hillary”, he was on the path to becoming the next POTUS. The dreams of so many Hillary voters, particularly women and those who hate TRUMP had been shattered, and the glass ceiling that was symbolically and literally present at the location where the Clinton camp was supposed to celebrate their history-changing moment remained both symbolically and literally un-shattered.

So, Why Did TRUMP Win?

He appeals to the common White man and a diversified group of people who can be called the “SILENT MAJORITY or the FORGOTTEN MEN AND WOMEN”. Like the solid businessman that he is, he recognized that there was a segment of Americans that felt forgotten. He appealed to them and told them that he’d be their voice and that he was.

Trump’s Appeal for Unity

President elect Trump defied the odds again by speaking fondly of Hillary during his post-victory speech, and thanking her for her service, and sounded presidential, unifying, driven and confident. Most Midwestern States other than Illinois voted for TRUMP. I consider people in the Midwest to be the most kind-hearted, and respectful Americans that I have ever been around. Many of them have lost jobs due to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was coined by Hillary’s husband, namely, Bill Clinton. Trump did a great job with reminding them that they are all part of the same political establishment, and has won their votes. But now that he has won, he has transitioned quickly to unification mode. I am confident that Mr. TRUMP will manage to unify the country HIS WAY even when many fail to so realize yet.

While many failed to listen to Mr. Trump during his bid, key issues like trade deals, immigration, Obama Care, infrastructure and jobs lost due to bad public policy were at the heart of a TRUMP campaign, and having studied the man for the past 30 years, I am convinced that he will be the guy that will help change things for the better. People are going by the status quo and not by common sense. Those that looked beyond the rhetoric could have easily ascertained that he was the man who had more chances of changing things just by his very character traits. Unlike Hillary, he will have a Republican Congress that will be more willing to work with him; than they would have with Hillary and certainly more than they did with President Obama.

Mr. Trump will also be able to nominate more conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and with a Republican Congress on his side, he may as well be called “KING TRUMP!”

Protests and Disenchantment Feelings are Not Necessary – The Hatchets must be buried

Many who have protested have proven their intolerance. Most Whites and non-supporters of Barrack Obama accepted him and did not protest against his election despite his ties to questionable and marginalized people who exhumed racist views against Whites like reverend Wright. This is America, where the appeal should always be for a more perfect union. Mrs. Clinton did the right thing by congratulating Mr. TRUMP immediately and so did Mr. Obama. It is time to move on, and allow the new political genius to prove to himself and us that he is not only an experienced businessman, but also, a new political genius who will have changed America for the better.

My heart bleeds for the little girls and big girls who were waiting for the broken glass ceiling as they will have to wait a bit longer for another female hopeful whose last name won’t be “Clinton”. But as to the media who were confused and failed to listen to clairvoyants like myself who don't follow the STATUS QUO and rather looked into substance over form. I'm sorry, but God has spoken and you all will have to wait for another woman to become Madam President.

May God bless the Trump presidency, and America, and as much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, may God give her strength to deal with yet another blow in her political career. I wish her and her followers all the best. But, this is a day of celebration for Mr. TRUMP, and his supporters. And as one who falls in the latter, I believe that Mr. Trump will be one of the best, if not the best president that his country has ever seen. His rhetoric might not have been politically correct, but his intent is to better his country, and his motives were not wrong. God heard him. He was not politically correct, but he is clearly the right man for the job. The Florida and the industrial Mid-West who lost so many jobs due to bad policies by establishment politicians felt that he was their voice, and that he was. The most amazing thing is that Mr. Trump even outperformed Mitt Romney among non-White voters. There are a lot of houses that didn’t have any presidential signs for any candidates, which wanted to preserve their views to secretly vote for TRUMP. There you have!

Time will tell if Mr. Trump is truly a political genius. But having studied him for the past 30 years, I happen to so believe and did even when no one believed he was. He's been right all along except most of us did not so realize. I am glad I did!

Dr. Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by

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