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Smartest Tech Investor, Peter Thiel, Bet on Trump & Won!

So, who is Peter Thiel you’re probably asking. Well, if you don’t know about too much about Silicon Valley, or tech investment, you probably don’t have too many reasons to know about Mr. Thiel. But after reading this article, you will know who he is.

So, who is Mr. Peter Thiel?

Mr. Thiel is a tech billionaire investor, and the only one of his kind who publicly supported Mr. Trump’s run for the presidency at a time when Mr. Trump appeared to be vulnerable after the languages that he used towards women were being played in commercial advertisements, and when seemingly everyone except Mr. Trump felt that Mr. Trump’s bid for the presidency had come to an end.

I respect Mr. Thiel because, like yours truly, he remained certain of Mr. Trump’s destiny no matter what was occurring, and even invested $1.25 million to support Mr. Trump when his campaign had been the most puzzled. I have been like Mr. Thiel quite often in my life. I was like him when I declared that Mr. Trump will be the next POTUS when he announced his run less than two years ago, and I am like Mr. Thiel was when I say that he is the luckiest president of the modern era, as he created his own luck at a time when he will have a Republican-majority Congress at his disposal. Thus, with the expectations rather low on him, he will come out as the Champion that he truly is.

What did Mr. Thiel Recognize?

Unlike most in the news media who were busy data crunching or as Trump would call it, “busy being dishonest”, Mr. Thiel was analyzing why Hillary was the wrong candidate and how they missed out on what Bill Clinton asked them to do… essentially focus on the economy and spend more time with middle class White voters like those in the Mid-west and various rural areas. However, Mrs. Clinton decided to focus on younger voters, Blacks, Latinos while President Bill Clinton’s advice seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

Moreover, Mr. Thiel recognize that in this election, most voters were not looking for an “upbeat, emboldened candidate as usual”, rather due to the economic climate, many would be looking for a more pessimistic candidate (e.g., Mr. Trump) who would essentially give them a voice, by resonating with the broad economic realities.

In short, Mrs. Clinton and her advisors had failed to listen to the genius move that propelled her political genius husband to the presidency when he won in 1992 and said:

“It’s the economy, Stupid!”

Thus, while the tech industry remained heavily invested in Mr. Trump’s defeat, Mr. Thiel did the exact opposite. This is a philosophy that I often use. When everyone appears to be seemingly moving WEST, one is better off moving EAST. It is not a bad rule of thumb because after all COMMON SENSE is rather a misnomer because it remains notoriously uncommon.

Mr. Thiel’s Plea/Argument to the Voters

He argued that the voters should look beyond Mr. Trump’s personal failures and wild statements and focus on the need to revamp a system that was enriching the coastal elites but alienating many others. And as unpopular as Mr. Thiel was with this argument, he was right, and it might as well have been one of the best bets, if not the best bet of his life.

Mr. Thiel’s Decision will Give Him Access to President Trump

Undoubtedly, Mr. Thiel’s move will get President Trump’s attention as he loves entrepreneurs who take high risks and follow their judgment, and he’ll love it even more this time considering that Donald J. Trump was the object of the risk.

Mr. Thiel’s Net Worth

So, how did Mr. Thiel get so darn rich? Mr. Thiel is worth around $3 Billion. The latter is partly derived from him being the first outside investor in Facebook, and the co-founder of the electronics payment company, Paypal.

I love Mr. Thiel because like me and Mr. Trump, he seems to have a history of making contrarian bets. I call them “Business Sexy Bets”. For instance, Mr. Thiel secretly bankrolled the ‘invasion of privacy lawsuit’ that Hulk Hogan started against Gawker, and Hogan seemed to have reached a $31 million settlement with Gawker… Talking about a windfall.

In a Nutshell…

When most people who supported Mr. Trump were unsure as to whether they should express their support should he have lost, Mr. Thiel not only spoke out for Mr. Trump, but also gave him money and voted for him. Mr. Thiel is a champion in my book, and one of my new business role models. I assure that Mr. Trump’s answer will be his usual “that’s interesting”.

In my opinion, Mr. Thiel is a rock star because when everyone seemed to have been wrong, there is still a small percentage of people like Mr. Thiel and I who are willing to defy the status quo.

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