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Are We at the Table of Brotherhood Yet? If So, What’s NEXT?

Every decent-minded American or person who is residing in America, visiting America... must read this article if s/he cares about AMERICA. I wrote this article FOR EVERYONE who has benefited from America, lives in America and understands America's role in the World as a beacon of hope.

ANYHOW.. without further ado, let me start by stating that...We would all be foolish if we were to EVER forget the symbolic "table of brotherhood" that Dr. King talked about...

Dr. King’s dream said it best…

“I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves* and the sons of former slave owners** will be able to sit together at the table of brotherhood.”

* The sons (or daughters) of former slaves = Black Americans

** The sons (or daughters) of former slave owners = White Americans

Dr. King was, undoubtedly, a genius, leader, prophet and one of the best human beings who have ever lived. I respected many other Black leaders, some of whom may even be controversial. But I find Dr. King to be the least controversial, more unifying and the most solution-driven.. His soul could have been manifested through or implanted in any human being, but it had to go through a Black man to help lead (change/persuade) towards civil rights and freedom. I'm so proud of Being a Black man when I think of Dr. King... so proud... and may GOD bless his soul in HEAVEN!

As a leader, his dream (vision) allowed him to see things that others couldn’t see. He mentioned the “mountain top/promised land” that he saw/envisioned that he might not be to be around long enough to get there with his followers, but know that they’d eventually get to it.

THEY DID. African Americans or Blacks now hold so many high-end positions and have even held the highest post in the nation, that of being the president of the U.S. (POTUS). Arguably, the Black American, who might have been the most chastised, belittled, humiliated human beings in the World, has not only reached the mountain top as the sons/daughters of former slaves, but SOME OF THEM have also been sitting at the table of Brotherhood. IT is no easy FEAT. KUDOS to my Black Brothers and Sisters and their Liberators... and KUDOS to AMERICANS at large.... WELL DONE!

So, what’s next?

If we analogize Ameicans sitting at the Table of Brotherhood to siblings who are meeting each other once a year for the symbolic Thanksgiving family dinner, then it is very likely that we have the following:

  • Sibling Rivalry

  • Competition

  • Old Unresolved Feelings

  • Resentment

  • Preferential Treatments by Each Other/Parents

  • Family Fun

  • Sharing of Family Achievements and Pride

  • Sharing of Pictures

  • Etc…

HOWEVER – the key thing is that they are at least sitting at that table and that required a lot of planning and effort and even sacrifices as some of them might have had to take some days off from work, while others might have had to travel long miles/hours to arrive there. But, they came with a purpose, and understanding that they are part of a family, and that the most important bond/glue that can keep them together is LOVE or at least RESPECT for that family.

LIKEWISE – America is at a cross-road and has a rendez-vous at that table once in a while. Although it has a lot to be proud of by being able to get these formerly troubled siblings at the table of Brotherhood, it has to consider that one of the siblings was previously a bully, and that the other sibling was previously emotionally, mentally and physically-abused. Accordingly, proper remedies must be provided because a former abuser may still have the propensity to abuse and the formerly abused may remain in that abused/victim state unless proper therapy is provided.

In a nutshell, America needs constant therapy as it goes along… the assumption that only Blacks need therapy from the years of Slavery and Bigotry is merit-less. Undoubtedly, Whites need it just as much because no SIN stings harder than the ugly sin of racism and bigotry.

TODAY – across America, there are enough decent Blacks and Whites. I have personally met countless Whites and Blacks who have displayed so much desire for unity at that symbolic “Table of Brotherhood”. However, there are still ample Blacks who want nothing to do with Whites and ample Whites who still desire to stay away from Blacks. While, this may not appear to be an issue to most, it is to me, because no man is an island. Eventually, they will have to meet each other even in a professional capacity and if they can’t control their racial animus, then the results can be catastrophically uncertain at the "Table of Brotherhood". Fights may ensue, and the family reunion may be ruined forever.

Thus, in the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we just get along kids?” (smile)… Well, we are in in a good place. We all know that we must meet at that table every once in a while, and at least while we are there, we have to show some semblance of love and affection to each other.

Heck, we’re Brothers and Sisters, and family is family after all, RIGHT?... We all have to talk to each other sometimes. Trump to Obama, and Obama to Clinton. We're BROTHERS & SISTERS. We know what the past looks like, and we refuse to go back there. Whites should not be too bigoted, and Blacks should not be too sensitive. We need to RESPECT each other as family members even when we cannot fully love each other... I believe if there were any group of people that could do it, it is AMERICANS... you've placed people on the moon, COME ON NOW AMERICA... YOU CAN "EFFING" DO THIS!


It's good to remember that the table has some etiquette rules.. and these rules must be complied with in order for assimilation to occur. Many Whites are currently sitting at the table awaiting Blacks who are willing to play by the rules. But there are also Whites and Blacks who aren't prepared to play by the rules and thus stay away. COME ON... You can do it... YOU ARE WELCOME AT THE TABLE... just be respectful, comply and assimilate along. And don't forget that you too have something great that you can bring at the table to make the entire experience even better.

May God bless this great nation (USA… USA… USA)… and because USA helped me become who I have become when my own homeland betrayed me, and because it liberated its Blacks and secured their 'inalienable' rights and even made them a PROTECTED CLASS with the understanding that although morality can't be legislated, it can be encouraged...


Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by

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