Dr. Peterson’s New Office is now on W. “Peterson” Ave (Chicago)

Yup... Peterson is on "W. Peterson"... it has a ring to it, does it not?

OF COURSE– "W. Peterson Avenue" was not named after me, even though in my head it might as well have been… and of course, one day, I will have a street or entire geographic area named after me... however, let us focus on "W. Peterson Ave" for now, because this article is a "Peterson" "thang".

I take my search for a place of residence and business very seriously. I would not have exaggerated if I were to say that I have looked into at least 2,000 potential office locations ever since I arrived to Chicago. However, “W. Peterson” Ave. appealed to me the most even as I looked at other places, and perhaps I was slightly biased because of the name (smile), but all in all, I just felt good when I was around the specific area of W. Peterson Ave where my new office is. Thus, quite often, I had come back to look at office spaces in that same area only to conclude on the very one that I chose; and my ultimate decision was based both on likability and value (cost-effectiveness)… At this stage of my life or career VALUE is very important to me. I count every penny for the sake of my personal life, ventures and business partners.

...in the end, all signs and all signs were pointing to this very location no matter how hard I tried to look into other options… Heck, even the new landlord contacted me at least 4 times to find out if I was still interested. I guess he likes me. This gentleman owns one of the finest Italian restaurants in CHI-Town, and I did my application and background check while his staff served me an amazing meal… GEEZ, I love Chicagoans… Anyhow, if you’re ever in Chicago, you must visit that restaurant. The fine cuisine is nothing short of outstanding. I'll even take you there!

Chicago is, undoubtedly, the most amazing City in which I have ever either lived or visited thus far. The people are entrepreneurial, aware and driven. I truly do like Chicagoans from all walks of life. Heck, even the Chicago homeless folks seem to be more prepared and sophisticated… From its architecture, diversion, amazing shore, and options… One can never get used to Chicago…

I don’t believe that I (Peterson) am on W. Peterson by accident. Being a true believe in an amazing and omnipotent God who always gives us signs even when they cross our wills, I’m entirely convinced that I had to be on “W. Peterson” because the moment I saw it, the God in me told me, THIS IS IT!


I came to Chicago for two main reasons: (1) continue on with (and finalize) my medical training and (2) re-invent myself and my ventures. My purposes in life became redefined here, and my leadership and motivational skills felt rejuvenated. My clarity of thoughts felt a jolt, and my activities allowed me to be humble enough to listen to others and to driven and persuasive enough to induce others to listen to me. I FELT READY FOR SOMETHING BIG… AND as they say in Spanish, I felt that “ALGO GRANDE ESTA PASANDO” (SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING)

Upon arriving here, the expenditures were enormous. Being alone, I had to make more than most most married couples with decent jobs make many times just to get things going. It required focus, persistence, self-discipline, determination, great friends and endurance. But, as a friend of mine so aptly reminded me recently: “You are a man on a mission with a vision”… and I’m prepared or ready for any project that God will send my way.


My focus will be to market and brand LORINS.Biz and its subsidiaries by creating strategic alliances, and opening branched store-front partnering offices in various parts of the country. LORINS.biz provides services to a wide area of industries, including law, engineering, business, and education. My business partners will have invested in the future, but for now I wanted to use the LAW OF HARVEST to personally plant a seed of faith, and also put my money where my mouth is.


My vision as a multi-industry catalyst is simple (you can see my credentials at www.PeteLorins.com) . Essentially, it is to make LORINS.Biz one of the most successful and wealthy entities that the World has ever seen. We do have a philanthropic sister company, which we intend to use to help others. But, at LORINS.biz our focus is in making our clients happy and generating profits for our shareholders including our other sites, such as www.RapidGigsPlus.com and www.PeteLorins.com

Well, I have so much work to do, thus, I'll end this article here. But, if you are ever in the Windy City (Chicago), please don’t hesitate to stop on by... We can talk about life, business, politics or whatever topic is on your mind. But of course, business is always a fun topic to me.

You can reach me via email at: recruit@RapidGigsPlus.com or you can call/text me at (407) 955.3534… It’d be a pleasure to meet you at my new office and, heck; I might even take you to my new favorite Italian restaurant.

Dr. Peterson Lorins is the Chief Editor of LorinsPOST.com. This article was sponsored by www.LORINS.biz