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NY Mayor De Blasio: A White Man Who Adores His Black/Mixed Family

I have always been fascinated by White men who marry Black women. Let’s be realistic here, I have Having been married to two Black women, I personally know a thing or two about Black women ... LOL... but anyhow, to be honest, when i talk to my White male friends and I rarely hear them talk about how happy their friends would be if they marry a woman outside of their race, and particularly a Black woman. While it is great to see that the last first US family for the past 8 years was a Black family, nothing exemplifies progress more than seeing that the First NYC Family is comprised of a White male, a Black female and their two bi-racial children. And I'm not sure why it is not noticed or talked about more. Even as a former Independent and new Republican, I see it as a sign of progress, and an example of the “table of Brother” at which we should meet. While some will just assert that Love is blind, I believe that it goes way beyond that, particularly as it concerns a White male in a nation in which Whites are still the majority race.

While I have met some White men who are madly in love with Black women who did not necessarily appear to want to be with them, it hasn’t been as prevalent as the number of White men who actually marry Asians and women of other races or color. Recently, I met a few White males who told me stories about their girlfriends and of course in my stereotypical mind I imagined that their girlfriends, fiancees, or wives were White, until they went... "AND YEAH, SHE IS BLACK or AFRICAN AMERICAN"... So, why did I not so think about. Well, statistically, it is still not so common, and also White men as part of a majority race (in the U.S.) are more stigmatized by their peers when they date non-White women, particularly Black women.

The reason is pure. While Black women are strong, driven and passionate women, they are also highly stereotyped women and are viewed by many as “broken or loveless” women. Some view them as the care takers and even when they are walking with mixed children or White step children, many will assume that they are just care takers first rather than mothers and step-mothers. Also, may stereotypes about Black women ensue (i.e., rude, loud, bossy, ghetto). While this may be the case sometimes, it is certainly not the rule. Black women are the Mothers of humanity at large and can be the most caring and loving women in the World. In fact, in the absence of the Black American male, single Black women and churches have become the de facto leaders of the Black family. And I believe it is time for Black men to step up to the plate but they can’t do so unless we tackle the *BBB” syndrome

But, this article is about the De Blasios and particularly mayor de Blasio. on my end, as a man who has dated inter-racially on and off for the past thirty (30) years I don't care about color per se, yet I am aware of the pros and cons of dating women of different races, cultures and even religions (yet, there are ALWAYS EXCEPTIONS)... LOL... Anyhow, I know that it takes a strong person to date inter-racially. From the stares to the questions; I mean, it takes a person who doesn’t care about what others think to do it all. PERIOD! I truly don't, thus it has never bothered me. But, it has, obviously, rattled enough people to induce them to stay away from it.

YET – interracial dating and marrying is even more of an issue with White males, especially when they marry Black women. So many White males are very shallow in their views of women and so are their friends. And often they speak quite openly about such views. Accordingly, even White males who are physically-attracted to Black women might feel a bit hesitant to date them and if they do, they usually don’t end up marrying them unless they are truly madly in love, and ready to make such women their WORLD!

While it is easy for a Black person to call such men racists, it is not easy to put oneself in the shoes of a White male in a country in which While supremacy is still alive. In other words, for many of his friends or relatives, such a person is viewed as going against everything that he was taught about his own race or the other race, and to some he may even be viewed as a traitor.

Accordingly, I applaud those who go against the status quo. People like Mr. de Blasio are as effective at defeating the sting of racism as Mr. Obama’s ascent to the presidency is, if not more.

We all know that we cannot legislate morality. We cannot create and enforce enough laws to induce people to do things that they don’t want to do or things that are taboo in their circles or cultures. However, those of us who are courageous effectuate major blows in the giant wall of bigotry which historically is strengthened with as much FEAR as it is by unexplained or learned HATE.

The same people that hate one group can become the same people that love the same group. I encourage interracial dating because when two people are in love they stop seeing each other’s colors and cultural differences. Rather, they focus on who that person really is… A MIND, A BODY and A SOUL.

Let us never forget people like Mayor de Blasio who not only loved a Black woman, but also fathered her children and created a successful family that they both adored. It is an example and living proof that LOVE is superior to HATE and that human beings are capable of abolishing STUPIDITY and STEREOTYPES when they are equipped, knowledgeable or even intelligent enough to do so.

It’s been said that ONE CANNOT FIX “STUPID”. However, I am convinced that even STUPID PEOPLE copy SMART PEOPLE. Accordingly, let us hope that more people will marry and love those that they truly love and not choose to please their friends or relatives or to remain in particular religion, race or culture.

I may be a Republican, but Mayor de Blasio is one of my favorite mayors of all times… The BLACK WOMAN deserves love like every other woman. And if BLACK MEN should never decide to step to the plate, she deserves as much love and commitment as any other women out there can get (if not more). Yes, Black women can be more strong-minded and "less easy or gullible", but they have also had to deal with more heartaches and issues for the most part. Heck, my mother was a Black woman and she was a DARN GOOD, CLASSY and AMAZING WOMAN!

Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, his allegiance to the "neglected classes" is so firm. This is why I say that for those who have a pure heart, love will blossom even among those that society would have expected to be their enemies. May God continue to bless the De Blasios for going against the stereotypical and bigotry-centered views of society.

NOT ALL WHITE MEN ARE RACIST BASTARDS... and CERTAINLY NOT ALL BLACK MEN ARE THUGS OR LAZY BASTARDS... Get to know people and BE THE CHANGE that you want to see happen. Let's start by NOT CALLING the president of the U.S. a RACIST MAN because he is White!

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