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The Average Black Female's Body – Why is Not Commercialized More?

First and foremost, please allow me to get this out of the way without offending my non-Black female friends who I love so much… On the average, a great percentage of Black females have amazing bodies that are being hidden because society had induced them to feel that their bodies don’t fit the profile of what’s viewed as attractive by the mainstream (or majority group); in other words, by most Whites or at least the White designers that establish the status quo.

But truly, is it easier to get 14% of the population to feel like they should strive to look like 67% of the population or or is it harder to achieve the converse. Of course, the answer is in the affirmative.

While I have admired the female human-being anatomy no matter from which race it emanates, I can still recall the first time I saw the body of a young Black female while she was taking a shower in the nude (in the open) in the Caribbean. My God, the architecture of her body was so amazing that I had to run to my Mother to ask a plethora of questions about the imaginative thoughts that were running through my near pubescent head. Undoubtedly, without any disrespect to women of other groups, the average Black woman’s body structure is a work of art that is different from; and rather more eclectic than that of the average woman from other groups. Accordingly, like most art forms, one would have expected that body to be the body to which other women should aspire. I am not referring to Today’s average overweight American woman either. I’m referring to a well-nourished and exercise-driven woman who happens to be of African descent.

We have all heard of terms like “dangerous curves”; “Coca Cola Bottle Shape”, etc. And we know mostly that these terms refer to either Black women or people with African ancestry, which includes mostly Hispanics and the likes. Black women have amazing bodies. Since mankind emanated from Africa, it’s been said that the reason why the Black female body is so amazing is because it is the original copy from which all body structure emanated. To be honest, it does make sense to me. And of course I am biased to some extent too, my Mother was a Black woman (smile).


While many men of European descent appear to have gravitated towards women with larger breasts (naturally so or induced), slender/straight bodies, most men and particularly Hispanic men and men of African descent appear to prefer Black-women like bodies. It appears natural for heterosexual men to find the things that differ from male bodies more attractive in women (e.g., larger breasts, hips, curvature etc.) Some have even said that the size of a woman’s hips is attractive to a man because it’s God’s or nature’s way of indicating that she is ready for pro-creation or child birth. Of course, there are always exaggerations on all sides. However, one thing is self-evident; a lot of men find women with dangerous curves very attractive.

By identifying Black rear ends and curves as ghetto, one is forced to separate it from the mainstream and thus NOT compare it to the mainstream. Moreover, it forces men to think of it as non-representative of a beautiful rear end, even though it should be.


A representation of true and authentic yet healthy Black female bodies would have rendered other females (particularly Caucasian ones) to look rather less feminine. Imagine a healthy and curvy Black woman standing next to a straight and not so curvy European woman. The latter has to wear tighter clothing items to attempt to expose her curves (“femininity”), whereas the former would look relatively provocative or even nude should she attempt to wear the same type of clothing.

Personally, I’d love to see healthier and non-obese Black women expose their curves more. IF Black women have to go the extra mile to wear hair extensions and the likes to fit in, then White women should also go the extra mile to fit in as well should it bother them and should they desire to look as curvy as Black women or should it make them feel insecure.

My point is. Why should one group have to look less attractive to the detriment of another, especially when women of direct African descent and their variants (Cuba and Latin America as a whole) seem to have the most amazing bodies in the World?

If we want EQUALITY and FAIRNESS, we have to have it from all aspects of society... No matter what the disadvantages that it creates in one group or another are… advertise all body types… all hair types, and at times one group may have an advantage in one area, while another group may have one in another. I’m going out on a limb to say that the average Black woman has won the Noble Prize in the body structure category. While the average Black woman’s hair texture and color have been the talk of so many with silky long hair, which induced them to borrow and purchase other’s hair, or bleach their skins and while they (Black women) are busy focusing on the things that make them feel different that they are lacking, far too many are forgetting about their natural assets, such as their rhythms, artistic abilities, creative spirits, YUP, they seem to have been induced to forget that that they have THE BEST BODIES IN THE WORLD and nearly all women that have variants of their bodies are the most feminine and attractive women in the World.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

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