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ORIGINAL MAN: The Black Man is the Disenfranchised Father of Humanity!

Scientists from all races and walks of life had to agree that THE ORIGINAL MAN known Biblically as “ADAM” had to be a Black man, and only he is the FATHER of mankind at large.

First of all, I would have loved to have seen the face of the first White scientist who so discovered and accepted after he was probably raised with ample stereotype against the disenfranchised Black man. After reading this article, which took me years to write, you too will be convinced that the Black Man is the original man.

However, in case you’re not convinced by my article, here is the general consensus/theory from scientists of all walks of life (modernly) based on irrefutable scientific evidence:

In paleoanthropology, the recent African origin of modern humans, also called the "Out of Africa" theory (OOA), recent single-origin hypothesis (RSOH), replacement hypothesis or recent African origin model (RAO), is the dominant model of the geographic origin and early migration of anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens), which proposes a single area of origin for modern humans. According to this model, modern humans evolved in Africa, and started to disperse through the world roughly 50,000 to 100,000 years ago. Recent single origin of modern humans in East Africa was cited as the scientific consensus as of the mid-2000s

What is a THEORY?

Well, in order to arrive to a THEORY, a series of steps must have been previously taken (i.e., Observation, Hypothesis, Presentations, and Experiments). Accordingly, a theory is not just a guess, rather is it is a research-grounded conclusion based on convincing and consistent evidence.

The Black Man as the Original and Genetically Dominant Man

Genetically, it’s been proven that all non-Black races can emanate from the Black Man, as they can be viewed as Carbon Copies (CC) of the Black man; however, such races or variants of the Black man cannot themselves produce the Black man. The latter is because of the laws of genetics, which was mastered by a White scientist named MENDEL.

Mendel’s Third Law of Dominance (MLD)

According to MLD, the recessive alleles will always be masked/superseded/dominated by dominant alleles. Therefore, a cross between a homozygous dominant and a homozygous recessive will always express the dominant phenotype, while still having a heterozygous genotype.

So, what does that have to do with the price of rice in China?

Mendel’s law proves that the Black race is the dominant race and thus the original race from which others must have emanated.

The latter is apparent in Black males being rather ORIGINAL in their approaches, color, hair texture, swag, rhythm, etc. It seems that the Black man can never copy someone else’s style entirely without fully changing to his own. Black men have been known to change the way every sport is played, and have been known to affect the way every style and music is seen internationally. This is because the Black male is THE ORIGINAL MALE and no matter how poor or disenfranchised he is, he is incapable to trying to be LIKE someone else. His instinct is to establish his own dominance and when he is prevented from doing so, he becomes rather confused and mentally enslaved – and thus DISENFRANCHISED…

Of course there are exceptions. But, if you look at every culture in which Blacks existed, you’ll realize that their rhythmic and soulful nature and dominant artistic nature penetrated every fabric of that society even as slaves or even as disenfranchised people. The latter is apparent even in modern day America.

So, why is the Black Man Disenfranchised?

The Black man is disenfranchised for ONE MAIN REASON…


The White European male understood that the Black Man will be dominant (stronger) if not controlled. Accordingly, a plan that also involves religion had to be created to control the minds of Black males as to prevent retaliation, and foster forgiveness for atrocities that were perpetuated on them by White Men who returned to Africa from Europe after they left their original state (as Black Men) and incurred mutations in Europe thousands of years prior.

Black men were proven to be stronger physically and more resilient because as the original copy, they developed physical traits such as “additional melanin creation” to protect them against the harsh sun rays of the African climate, and also phenotypically, they had to have wider noses and a different hair texture to breathe better and repel more heat (through their hair type). Whereas, on the other hand, the European needed a different nose type to protect their brains, and less melanin in the sunless climate of Europe – and thus, additionally, since things like Vitamin “D” can be synthesized via one’s screen, even modernly, Whites are able to receive more sunray-based reactions through their skin (the largest organ) to synthesize Vitamin D (i.e. Cobalamin) and thus have to take less supplements than Blacks. Moreover, there are many diseases that are genetically more dominant in either race because of environmental issues (e.g., Sickle Cell’s relation to Malaria in Blacks and Cystic Fibrosis in Whites). In a nutshell, Blacks were used as Slaves because they were naturally more resilient and were built with more natural and physical prowess because of their originality as the Original Human Copy (OHC).

Thus, if Blacks and Particularly the Black Man is the Original Copy, What are All Other Human Beings? And are We All Equal or the same?

If the Black man is the original copy, then all others are Carbon Copies (CC). And as much as we’d like to believe that we are THE SAME, we aren’t. First of all, there can ONLY be ONE ORIGINAL. Thus, that in and of itself implies that Blacks are genetically superior to other races. Now the latter does not imply that they are better or worse human beings. It just means that just that AFRICA holds the keys to all BEINGS; the ORIGINAL BLACK MAN holds the keys to all things that are HUMAN.

HE is DISENFRANCHISED because of he is viewed to be DIFFERENT… and HE IS… Some of his views are seen by the European Man as antiquated, rigid and rather too SOULFUL… Accordingly, just like King Leopold II of Belgium intended to MISEDUCATE/BRAINWASH the Blacks of Congo in order to prevent revolts or dominate them, many other Europeans imperialist nations who were seeking to take over the wealth of raw materials that existed in Africa used religion as well to control the mind of the BLACK MAN. The understanding was that the MIND controls the BODY, and if the BLACK MAN can be controlled, then so will the BLACK RACE at large.


The man is the leader and the protector of the family. Thus, if the man is toppled, then so is the family at large. Accordingly, the remnants of this technique are still present in Modern day America. The fear is still prevalent in society’s expectations of Black males and their disenfranchisement (tarnished records and lack of Black male presence in top positions). It is something that has to change.

Despite my admiration of TRUMP for his business acumen and mental toughness, I know that part of his desires against Mr. Obama was driven by an INSTICTIVE FEAR of the Black male taking over HIS TERRITORY. I mean, why else would he hate him so much (something that I don’t condone). However, I am willing to disagree with a man on one issue and appreciate others things from which I can benefit. I believe that the Black man must

I wrote two articles that can shed further light on the Black male issue in the past, and have provided the links to them below:

Any man who is not capable of leading within his own skin become emasculated particularly if he is robbed of his ability to take care of his family and lead, and thus loses the respect of his family and community. The latter is very reason why too many Black men are in their current state.

There is a need to re-instill in young Black males a sense of ORIGINALITY and pride. A realization that THEY ARE THE ORIGINAL COPY and that their HAIR TEXTURE is different because of that, and so are their skin tone, and other aspects of their phenotype (i.e., facial structure, lips, nose etc.) Thus, there is no need to try to become like someone else because an attempt at so doing will always be to one’s own detriment the mindsets are different.


The European mindset is more adventure-and-thrill-and-exploration driven and is more directed towards complete Epicurean/Uninhibited freedom. Whereas the African one is more driven towards local social structures, tribal. hierarchical, soulful, elderly-centered Black male dominance…

Accordingly, when Black males are forced to live in a European structure, some will adapt, but most will not be MOTIVATED to do so. The reason is because they will feel INCOMPATIBLE to such a structure. Thus, in order to assert their manhood, they would rather gravitate to their own structures (e.g., churches, gangs etc). They are either not interested in it or it simply appears to be senseless to them.

Accordingly, this is another facet of the dilemma of the disenfranchised father of humanity. The average Black man seems to self-segregate as much as it is also being strategically segregated by the White man via tools like:

  • Income or Financial Standing

  • Credit Rating

  • Prison Record

  • Ability to Provide to One’s Family

  • Ability to Maintain a Community (the latter is relate to the other four)


I will respond this question as succinctly as possible as to not lose sight of the bigger picture.

Africa as the origin of mankind has always been viewed to be rather PRIMITIVE and OLD-WORLD-LIKE. Accordingly, many who live in Africa or emanated therefrom might have naturally carried over the same mindset. However, that, in and of itself, does not mean that Africans are incapable of incorporating structures and technologies into various aspects of their existence. In fact, Africans are some of the most technologically-aware people on Earth, and trust me, they are often better with technologies than their very innovators for the reasons that I mentioned above.

HOWEVER – there seems to be an issue of natural selection going on with Blacks (some are just happy to be in their current state no matter what is it like). It appears that those that left Africa thousands of years ago and become the Europeans and those that tend to emigrate are more exploitative in nature. However, make no mistake about, Blacks are capable of WOWING the WORLD at any time because there is SO MUCH HIDDEN TALENT hidden in the DNA of so many Blacks folks that are so UNDER-UTILIZED that quite practically should society ever tried to tap into BLACK TALENT more I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that every other Black child were a GENIUS!

Lastly, to further substantiate my understanding, here is an excerpt from Dr. Nantambu an Associate Professor, Dept. of Pan-African Studies, Kent State University, U.S.A. a Public Policy versus Human Needs, whose assertions I wouldn’t dare interpret and thus will quote directly:


Black Man Created All Other Races

Posted: October 10, 2001 An analysis by Dr. Kwame Nantambu It is quite clear that any human that had its birth in Afrika could not have survived in an equatorial region without pigmentation. According to Senegalese scientist, deceased Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop (pronounced Jop), the world's modern-day multi-genius or Imhotep, since nature does not do anything by chance, then humankind that was born in a sub-equatorial region was given melanin to protect its skin from the hot rays of the sun. For this reason, it is certain that the first man had to be a BLACK man. It is only after that Black race left Mother Afrika to people other parts of the world that had different climate conditions that that original Black man changed and took on different aspects or physical characteristics. He acquired a different look as a result of his migration. Indeed, scientific evidence suggests that nature created six specimens of man before we get to man as we know him today. According to this evidence, it appears that the first three of these species never acquired the potential to leave Afrika. Three others did leave Afrika. The fourth and fifth of these species disappeared. What remains is man as we know him today B that is, the sixth species. The fifth species did not have a forehead; the eyes were situated very close to the top of the head. However, the brain inside this species was very different from the brain of man today. He did not have the anterior lobe of the brain. That's the major difference between Homo sapiens sapiens B what we are today and the fifth specimen. This species was never able to overcome nature to an extent that he was able to create works of art. The sixth species was a BLACK man who in pre-historic history is called Grimaldi man. He is the man whom we are today. Between 40,000 and 20,000 years ago, this BLACK man left Mother Afrika and went into Father Europe at a time during the last glaciazation. The climate in Europe was extremely cold; it was much colder than it is now and during this period of some 20,000 years, this BLACK man underwent significant physical adaptations to eventually become what we call or know today as the WHITE man. This original BLACK man had to adapt or adjust to his new cold environment. In other words, this BLACK MAN DID NOT need his sun-required melanin in this cold environment. He lost that. He DID NOT need Black skin in this cold environment. He lost that. He DID NOT need his sun-required broad nose, large, thick lips and hair in this new cold environment. His environmental adaptation caused him to loose all of these Afrikan physical features. As a result, his nose had to contract and become thin and narrow so that the cold could not enter, his lips also became thin and the colour and thickness of his hair had to change. He thus became WHITE to survive in his new cold climatic surroundings. However, a more vital adaptation took place. In his original Afrikan form, this human man was in-tuned with nature but in his derived European human form, he became anti-nature as a result of 20,000 years spent in the ice cold caves during the Ice Age. According to Dr. Diop, it is very clear to all the scientists in this field that the man we know conventionally today to be a White man evolved from a Black man over a period of some 20,000 years of adaptation to a different climate. That is the only scientific conclusion at which to arrive. If this sixth specimen has never left Afrika to people in other parts of the world and if those people in other parts of the world in different climates had not through the process of adaptation become what they are in various regions of the world, all humankind would be homogenous and all humankind would be BLACK. If that sixth species, that Black man, had not left Mother Afrika then the rest of the world would be just a desert; it would never have been peopled. The bottom-line is that the first man was BLACK and it was he who gave birth to other races of the world. In terms of human anthropology, there are two theories in regard to the origin of man. They are first; the monogenetic theory which contends that man was born in one place and subsequently became different as he migrated to populate other parts of the world. There is only one source for the origin of humankind. The second is the polygenetic theory, which suggests that man was born in Africa and also in Europe and Asia. In other words, there are different and several sources or locations for the origin of humankind. Africa is just one of them but NOT the primary one. At face value, the polygenetic theory may seem to make a lot of sense but under very strict scientific scrutiny and analysis, it quickly falls apart and collapses just like a deck of stacked Euro-centric, racist, supremist cards. There are two basic flaws in this theory; namely first, nature never creates the same being twice or it never strikes twice in its evolution. Second, in the animal kingdom, throughout the evolution of animals, a being was created and it either disappeared or changed somewhat or a new being was created completely. The same being was never created twice. And if we are to remain strictly scientific, it does not make common sense to say that man was created twice. This is total circular reasoning which does not even compute in the arena of historical sanity. In Kenya, the most ancient evolutionary information of humankind is found and it is for this reason scientists can state with certainty that man can only have been created one time. All fossils that were found outside Mother Afrika have only been found much recently compared to those found in Afrika. In fact, no other Continent contains the complete set of the six human species of man but Afrika. The only species that appears in America is that Homo sapiens sapiens. America was peopled through the Bering Strait at the end of the final glaciazation and it is only for that reason we find only Homo sapiens sapiens in America. In Asia, we have Homo erectus, Neanderthal man and Homo sapiens. In Europe, we have Homo erectus, Neanderthal man and Homo sapiens. Through their migration process from Mother Afrika to populate and civilise the rest of the world, the original Afrikans used the Suez Canal or the Isthmus of Suez to go into Asia and Eastern Europe or the Straits of Gibraltar to the north into Europe. It must be borne in mind that the polygenetic or polycentric theory seeks to establish a hierarchy among races and to indicate that some races are superior to others. This theory thus represents European anthropological supremacy at its racist zenith. This is all part of the manifestation of "the evil genius of Europe" in their attempt to maintain, perpetuate and strengthen their global power control intent. In sum, the polygenetic theory represents the Euro-centric thought process in its geo-politically coded, multi-diversified supremist context. It seeks to deny Afrika and Afrikans of any sense of human originality. It suggests that Mother Afrika and Afrikans cannot stand-alone; we need a European or Asian connection or imprimatur to make us legit. Indeed, history of humankind totally rejects this European racist and supremist master-plan. It must be understood that within the context of European global supremacy, Asians are regarded, treated and respected as "honorary Whites" or "quasi Europeans". In the United States of America, they are regarded, treated and respected as "probationary Whites". On the contrary view, if man has the same origin then, of course, there can be no intellectual hierarchy because all the three races of the world have the same intellectual ability and capacity. If the three races had different origins then one can argue that they had different intellectual capacity as a result of having a different intellectual history. The polygenetic theory is essential to defend the position that there must be inequality between races. On the other hand, the monogenetic theory supports the notion and contention that because our origins are the same then we have the same intellectual capacity. This theory DOES NOT contend that BLACKS are superior to Whites; that would also be false in the reverse. The salient fact of the matter is that no race is superior to any other; all races have the same intellectual capacity and human dignity. However, as a result of the original and derivative aspects of the human race, we now have two different peoples existing on the planet today. We have the Afrikan from the so-called "Southern Cradle" and the European from the "Northern Cradle". These are two different modern-day peoples with two different ways of life, mind-sets and value systems. According to Dr. Diop, the characteristics of the "Southern Cradle", Afrika, are:

1. Abundance of Vital resources 2. Sedentary agricultural economy 3. Gentle, idealistic peaceful nature 4. Matriarchal family structure 5. Emancipation of women in domestic life 6. Territorial state 7. Xenophilia 8. Cosmopolitanism 9. Social Collectivism 10. Material solidarity of right for each individual which makes moral or material misery unknown 11. Ideal, peace, justice, goodness and optimism Literature emphasis, novel, tales, fables and comedy Those of the "Northern Cradle", Europe, are: 1. Bareness of resources 2. Nomadic hunting economy (piracy) 3. Ferocious, war like nature with a spirit survival 4. Patriarchal family structure 5. Debasement/enslavement of women in domestic life 6. City, state 7. Xenophobia 8. Parochialism 9. Individualism 10. Moral solitude 11. Disgust for existence, pessimism 12. Literature favours tragedy The fact of the matter is that as a result of this ancient Afrikan global migration and adaptation, if one were to go to any part of the world, including Europe and Asia, one would find remains, remnants and reminders of Afrikan original life forms. The monogenetic theory proves scientifically that Afrikans are the ancestors of Europeans. This theory rejects the slightest notion of Afrikan superiority; it only proves the Afrikan human originality in Mother Afrika. It does not represent reverse supremacy. The monogenetic theory coincides with the reality that in real life, there is only one original life to live, not three as the polygenetic theory contends. Furthermore, in the musical arena, there is only one original master copy, not three; in real life, a child has only one original mother and father, not three. Afrikans are the original peoples with original ideas; we are the global majority. Every human being on this planet, whether European, Asian, Chinese, Syrian, Indian, Portuguese or even "Dougla" is derived from the original Black, Afrikan race.


Finally, the source of every human being appears to be the first man who lived on the MOTHER LAND (i.e., Africa), namely THE BLACK MAN… MODERNLY, the latter needs to self-reassert in a in a manner that is amenable to mental and financial freedom/independence in the context of a post-slavery and global economy, and free himself from the bondage of bigotry and disenfranchisement. Often, he is like a foreigner on a land that was created for him... However, he is a resilient man, with an amazing heart, and who when unrestrained, is not only capable of producing as much as any of his carbon copies, but also MORE because HE is THE ORIGIN OF HUMANITY and holds the KEY to the best that all human beings can be.

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