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The 2 Adams: Humanity’s 2 Most Egregious Identity Theft Cases…

Although it took me nearly three decades to ponder on writing this article, today was the right day. Accordingly, like all serious undertakings/endeavors, it will be reduced to its most simplified form so that people at all levels can understand it. Moreover, it’ll be rather succinct or to the point (i.e., “short and sweet”).

However, in the disenfranchisement of the ORIGINAL MAN, what truly happened?

Well, he lost his identity. Well, in fact, he did not lose it; it was rather stolen from him. Modernly, this is referred to as IDENTITY THEFT.

In this rather short article, I intend to reveal Humanity’s 2 biggest identify thefts by, objectively, sharing with the World, what was stolen from the ORIGINAL MAN (i.e., ADAM). However, in Christian parlance, we really have TWO ADAMS:

ADAM#1: The ORIGINAL MAN (i.e., Adam) – looked like a typical African man.

ADAM#2: JESUS OF NAZARETH – looked more like a mixed between a Black Ethiopian and a Moroccan, who would both be somewhat be closer derivatives of the Original Man, than the MAN who later on became the European after he mutated from the Original Man.


In the Christian World, ADAM (or Eve) is usually falsely portrayed as a Caucasian/ White male. This is the case of Identity Theft Case#1. This is a misrepresentation, and a theft of identity.


Again, in the Christian world, which was White-dominated for years, JESUS has always been portrayed as a Caucasian male. This is Identity Theft Case#2.


On the surface, it may appear to be an innocent omission. However, it was an intentional approach to dehumanize Blacks during the times of slavery. In other words, by associating everything Biblical with Whites (or linking anything spiritual to Whites), Blacks were deprived of their spirituality. In other words, by making all Israelites the children of Caucasians, then would infer that Blacks are not Israelites, when truly, all Human beings are children of the ORIGINAL MAN, who was a Black man.

In short, Black kids can’t identify with such images and some might even believe that God is White SUBCONSCIOUSLY. This is not only egregious but an assault on other races and particularly the ORIGNAL MAN who looks the most different from the eventual Anglo Saxon Man. They are forced to either serve a White Jesus or become non-believers altogether. By disenfranchising the Black Man, and linking everything bad to him, one naturally links everything good with the White Man, and thus began the mental enslavement of an entire race, so that every Black child would either choose to be an outcast or aspire to be like someone who not only differs from him on many levels, but also is a derivative of him. This is why, wherever you go in the World after the days of slavery and colonialism, all ghettos are primarily formed by the presence of people of Black/African ancestry.

The identity of the ORIGINAL MAN needs to be returned to him. He needs to be in charge of his family, neighborhoods, and destiny again. He needs not to be CHAINED in jail like he was on the boats that brought him as slaves to America. He needs to experience true freedom. The kind of freedom that both Dr. King and Malcom X were preaching about… He needs not to feel like an outcast, or a prisoner in his own nation, or MENTALLY-ENSLAVED.

America has the duty to go into the Ghettos of America and EMPOWER the BLACK BOYS that are BROKEN, and eliminate what I coined the Broken Black Boy (BBB) syndrome.

The reality is that AMERICA will never be as great as it can be, UNTIL it can act as the beacon of the World in REDEEMING the dignity of young Black boys who will have become dignified Black Men who can go from calling their women BITCHES to calling them ladies, and go from calling their neighborhoods GHETTOS/HOODS to calling them healthy NEIGHBORHOODS and COMMUNITIES. Until America bridges the gaps that exists both on social status and race levels, it will fall short of becoming THE GREAT NATION that it aspired to become… ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY & JUSTICE FOR ALL!

Imagine the image of a NON-WHITE JESUS... Imagine a BLACK-LIKE JESUS... does it seem OK to you? IF NOT, you have been BAMBOOZLED my friend and you need to ask yourself WHY! I am perfectly OK with an image of JESUS in all the other shades of the Human race (particularly if it helps remove the stigma of racial superiority).

Let’s go America… Restore the IDENTITY of the ORIGINAL(BLACK) MAN… and MAKE BLACK AMERICANS (particularly Black males) WHOLE once and for all (i.e., in education, business, neighborhoods etc.). It takes A VILLAGE (i.e., a WHOLE NATION). I am not asking for reparations (even though it would have been deserved), rather, I am asking for a national effort to repair the souls of Black Americans and those of Black males at large. Anything less will come back years later to bite America on the rear end.

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