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FREE Mentoring, Motivation and Performance (MMP) Training for Blacks…

Far too many Black children, young adults and adults are without mentors, motivation and lack performance skills that are necessary to succeed in a society that might as well have been designed to secure their failure. Far too many of them remain UNEXPOSED and DISENFRANCHISED or better YET, SEPARATE and UNEQUAL. It is UNCONSCIONABLE… on the richest land on Earth, I have seen far too many Blacks in a position that have SHOCKED my CONSCIENCE, and I won’t stop writing, and giving speech about it until my very last BREATH at which points others who will be even BETTER than I was will take over to ULTIMATELY change the PLIGHT of Black folks in a post-slavery World not only in the U.S., but also Worldwide.

After living in Chicago for a nearly a year, I’m pleased to say that 99.9% of Black Americans and adults of all walks of life that I have approached have been nothing short of intelligent wise, decent, kind, and appreciative people who returned any kind of kindness with even more kindness. I must say that despite having met some great White folks here, I fell in love with BLACK AMERICANS. Chicago also known as CHIRAQ is the best place to prove that Blacks can do exceedingly well, as whatever works in Chicago can be replicated by Blacks nationwide if not worldwide.

Accordingly, I embarked on my own research on the roots of the issues that have plagued the Black communities, and they stem in a history of patent racism that sought to separate both the original inhabitants of the land (the native Indians) and the former slaves of the land (i.e., African slaves), once their ruthless and inhumane treatments by Europeans were deemed to be UNCONSCIONABLE even by Europeans themselves. YES, it has to stop, but the AGENDA was to keep them in their place, which is a position of MERE INFERIORITY. This is nothing but the utter truth, which was encoded in the very constitution of the United States (U.S.).

Quite frankly, I’m APPALLED… so much that I, Dr. Pete Lorins, have founded this MMP Training program in conjunction with and The Trillion BlaMMMA program specifically to address this gap, and will be writing an article entitled UNCONSCIONABLE GAPS & DISENFRANCHISEMENT right after writing this article, which will be made available on as well.

Scope of MMP Training Program

This program is made available to Black individuals of all social-economic levels. I am willing to go to the following institutions to deliver my FREE pre-scheduled mentorship, tutoring, motivational and performance training speeches to Blacks of all walks of life as the following types of institutions:

  • Schools and all institutions of higher learning

  • Churches of any denomination

  • Corporate Entities

  • Non-Profit Activism Entities

  • Any entities in which my safety can be assured while I render my FREE services…

I would like to create as many DISCIPLES as possible from our volunteers so that they themselves can become solid mentors that will have secured the generational transfer to this mission as to empower Blacks of all walks of life in America with the ability to have the RIGHT LEVEL of MOTIVATION, SKILLS and OPPORTUNITIES not only to PERFORM, but also do so COMPETITIVELY. We have far too many blacks who have either been MENTALLY-ENSLAVED or induced to remain so by the system. That has to change.

Trust me - it is not easy to be a Black person in America in 2017. And it is especially hard to be an UNEDUCATED Black man. I’m surprised that so many Blacks have managed to become wealthy despite the systemic barriers and disparate treatment that they have been induced to face.



Although we have freedom of speech in America, many intellectual Blacks haven’t been able to express such a freedom (except those in the press) out of a fear of retaliation. I’m pleased to have God on my side, legal knowledge and most importantly TRUE FREEDOM OF SPEECH because I don’t have to worry about what any boss will tell me to do or not to do. I thank ALMIGHTY GOD FOR THAT as so many people have expressed the need for such a program but felt hampered by their jobs and the issues that might surface. IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE… one has to have a THICK SKIN to do this job. I have been prepared for this by God. I’m counting on the encouragement and support of those who can’t pitch with their volunteerism or financial contribution. However, rest assured that with or without your support this work will continue and in the end, you will have wished you were part of it.

Make no mistake about it. I’m entirely committed to the cause of Black folks. I want EFFICACY not just efficiency or effectiveness. I want SUBSTANCE and not just form.


… because a Black American problem should be a problem for AMERICA at large. Far too many Wealth Blacks have dropped the BALL and far too many Whites treat Black plight worse than ANIMAL PLIGHT. There are far too many Whites who are more concerned about animal rights than they are about Black plight. I can understand when others do, but as Dr. King once said: “In the end we will remember the silence of our (presumed) friends more”. If Wealth Blacks (or even Wealthy Whites) truly care about Black people, then they should step to the plate away from the plush mansions and PROVE it with THEIR DONATIONS or by doing CONTINUOUS and VISIBLE WORK in the Black community, otherwise, THEY SHOULD SHUT UP and stop talking about Blacks and about being Black altogether.

Please read two of my many highly-acclaimed articles that are relevant to this enviable mission... You'll be so pleased you did!


You can send your donation to the following address… We can do everything in life, but we can’t do it alone. I embarked on this mission by faith with the pureness of my heart as my only foundation. God will bless those that will have blessed the disenfranchised.

"They push the needy aside from the road; the poor of the land are made to hide themselves altogether.”

Job 24:4

“Whoever gives to the poor will not want, but he who hides his eyes will get many a curse.”

Proverbs 28:7


c/o Dr. Lorins

3550 W. Peterson Ave. Ste. 204-A

Chicago, IL 60659

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by, a multi-industry consulting firm that provides the following types of services… Management of Law Firms, Medical Clinics, Businesses... Project Management, Sales, Marketing, & Leads Generation...Research & Engineering... It can be reached via

NOTA BENE (Note Well):

For those individuals who are outside of the Midwestern States (e.g., Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota), I will require that my transportation fees are paid for prior to providing my services.

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