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Do Most Whites have Flaws that are Similar to TRUMP’s Flaws?

TRUMP, a 74-year-old privileged and Billionaire White male has used rhetoric, thus far, that have induced even the most conservative Whites to (sort of) want to distance themselves from him at times even if it is for the selfish reason of seemingly appearing to be NON-RACIST.

However, after thirty (30) years of living in the U.S., during which time I have met both good and not-so-nice White folks of all persuasions, I had to tell most White Americans that MORE OFTEN than not you sound just like TRUMP in his moments of SUPREME & PRIVILEGED WHITENESS in which he utters things that could have been phrased better as to show sensitivity to non-White groups. But, hey, he is Mr. Political Incorrectness and never professed to have been politically-correct even as he ran for a “political” office. ONLY a RICH WHITE DUDE could have gotten away with that one, I must say.

There are things that TRUMP dislikes that I also dislike (e.g., FAKE NEWS, LACK OF BORDER CONTROL, ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT SENTIMENTS and NEGLECTED INFRASTRUCTURE). Besides, I already know what to expect from OLDER WHITE DUDES at his age, thus, I only take what I can get… I expect TRUMP to be RACIST at least AT TIMES. It's in his DNA. Most White guys of his age ARE either overtly or covertly (secretly). TRUST ME. I have don business with some of the most AFFLUENT WHITE MALES out there. At times, I understand them even more than I understand older Black men (business wise). MOST of them are naturally RACIST and don't even realize it! They are a PRODUCT of AMERICA.

ANYHOW – there are commonalities that TRUMP has with most Whites are in DENIAL about only because they realize how UGLY they are perceived when then emanate from TRUMP. The problem is that most Whites sound just as bad in their view of most non-Whites particularly Blacks and Hispanics.


Most Whites Are:

1. Too Snobbish

2. Too Money-Driven and Materialistic

3. Too privileged or Tend to Feel Too Superior by Virtue of Their Presumed Skin Tone Superiority or White-Skin Privilege (Even though it is actually inferior to darker-skinned human beings)

4. Too Presumptuous and Prejudiced

5. Too Condescending and Racist

6. Too Petty, Misogynist, and Narcissistic

TRUMP’s gender, race and wealth persuasions might have induced him to express things in a way that most Whites are too afraid to express them because they have a lot more to lose. However, I have seen every single thing that they find to be unconscionable about TRUMP in far too many Whites over the past three decades.

As I said in an article entitled “TRUMP & OBAMA are Great for America” a couple of years or so ago, TRUMP has helped expose issues that most people were not RICH and/or politically-incorrect to utter.

This article is meant to remind WHITES that the next time you think of yourself as SUPERIOR to a NON-WHITE, please look into your soul, and ask yourself, am I really a better human-being, or am I just an INCIDENTAL-BENEFICIARY of a patently RACIST land, which became prosperous by enslaving the direct descendants of the ORIGINAL MAN then discarded them to GHETTOS (analogous with the Indian reservations but worse) as DISENFRANCHISED, SEPARATE and UNEQUAL.

Think of all the opportunities that you GOT that you would have had to be 5 times as good to have gotten had you been Black or Hispanic. Think of all the resumes and job applications that were discarded only because the RACE BOX had the wrong race (i.e., non-White) race checked (). And then as yourself how often have you thought of that, and if you haven’t, YOU ARE DEFINITELY RACIST and need to work towards being better with minorities by visiting and contributing to their neighborhoods with your time and money just like you do in yours, even if it is to make them WHOLE for the hurts that your ancestors induced on them.

I have some great White friends thus would prefer not to write an article like this in 2017. However, TRUST ME, it is necessary because far too many Whites are still TOO SNOBBISH, PRETENTIOUS, PRESUMPTUOUS and yes, RACIST!

RACISM is not only unattractive, but it is also EVIL and STUPID and any semblance of racism coming from TRUMP is not even close to the level of COVERT and SYSTEMATIC RACISM endured by Black Americans... If you don't believe me, VISIT the worst parts of the SOUTH SIDE of CHICAGO, COMPTON CALIFORNIA, AND THE LIKES, and the visit the BEST PARTS OF THE MIDDLE CLASS AND WEALTHY WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS. If that is not UNCONSCIONABLE TO YOU. Again, you are RACIST and need to work on it, unless you have accepted yourself as an DISEASED and EVIL HUMAN BEING!

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