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"DUMBED-DOWN NEGROES": Debunking America’s Hatred of Blacks & Black Self-Hatred!

Trust me, IMAGE is EVERYTHING, folks!


Might Makes “Right”!

For years on American TV screens, a Black image was so scarce that when one was shown even in a non-flattering manner it was an object of CELEBRATION… the sort of “WE MADE IT” feeling that many Blacks have felt when they have entered the “LIST OF FIRSTS”, which in of itself is EVIDENCE of how disenfranchised Blacks have been in America. Anyhow, I was always unsure as to what to do with FIRST BLACK TO DO THIS OR THAT STORIES… because I already knew of so many talented Blacks and knew that the message should have been FIRST BLACK TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED for such a deed. The same argument can be made for all the Asians that work behind the scene in corporate America and academia only to have a White dude take credit for their work.

The message has been rather clear. For years, other than BET or MTV music videos, and rare genius anchors and TV roles and sports men or women, Blacks were extremely scarce on America TV, UNLESS you count the number of Black arrests that were every-day occurrences, as if NO WHITES ever committed any crimes of moral turpitude at all.

The MESSAGE was clear. America wanted to paint a picture of Blacks that will enter the psychology of ALL AMERICANS (including Black themselves) as to induce them to HATE BLACKS… the SUBTLE YET EFFECTIVE message has been as follows:

  • Black is Ugly

  • Black is Dumb

  • Black is Loud

  • Black is Unattractive

  • Black is Uneducated

  • Black is Ghetto

  • Black is Poor

  • Black is Rude

  • Black is FILL IN THE DARN BLANKS, if it is NEGATIVE, it automatically became a Black attribute.

I, personally, watched even the most talented Blacks being ridiculed. For instance, when the Williams sisters started playing Tennis, the racist comments used to anger me so much that I often told my White friends that I wanted to personally strangle those White commentators, who are now glorifying them.

But, back then it was so hard for them to DEBUNK what America has indoctrinated them to believe as listed above.

It is no secret that I love humanity at large. But, I have a SPECIAL LOVE for BLACK PEOPLE that I would have still had even if I were WHITE or any other shade of the human race. BLACKS are amazing, resilient, soulful, and THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE that GOD created. And because of that I believe that they are THE TRUE JEWS, and of course VERY SPECIAL. Blacks are thus unique, oppressed and in all of history the oppressed tend to be the ones that were closer to God.


Thus, when a dumb and ignorant Black like Gilbert Arenas states that DARK-SKINNED WOMEN are not attractive, I understand where his ignorance comes from. OF COURSE, I beg to differ, and will not even mention my opinion on the AMAZING BEAUTY OF BLACK WOMEN, their figures, naturally glowing skins and incredible other features and ways, because that is SELF-EVIDENT. However, beauty can come from any race and I believe that ALL WOMEN CAN BECOME BEAUTIFUL as my late Mother used to say. However, I have a Black Mother and 2 Black daughters so I’m of course human and of course somewhat biased because UNLESS I’m in love with a woman of a different race, I find Black female beauty to be the most naturally attractive (to be candid).


At that level, you would have expected that even one of his advisors would have advised him to keep his DUMB “WANNA BE WHITE” MOUTH shut. But, NOooooo, without articulating himself, he blatantly THREE ALL DARK-SKINNED women under the BUS because he is now RICH and hanging with SUPER WHITIES… I’m literally shaking my darn BLACK HEAD while I am saying:


Is he waiting to hear "STILL A NIGGER?"

This NEGRO must be the DUMBEST NEGRO in the World. DUMBER than "OJ" even... which is unimaginable really.

Of course, I used the “IS” on purpose to put some Black emphasis on this NON-SENSE. I have dated White women, but never once have I put them as EQUAL or ABOVE any Black women. This is probably the main reason why I haven’t fathered a child or married a WHITE WOMAN yet. The history is too daunting, and it took me a while to pop out of my American DENIAL enough to swallow such a BITTER PILL even with affairs of the heart involved.

Needless to say, I’m tired of DUMB-ASS Black folks that have never read any history, and have relied on Television for self-education. Modernly, I don’t even own a TV set… NO FAKE NEWS FOR ME. Thank you!

The problem is that every human-being can be indoctrinated. And America has done a great job INDOCTRINATING all AMERICANS (including Black Americans) to believe that EVERYTHING WHITE/EUROPEAN is better than everything else…

This is the most IDIOTIC “BS” I have experienced as a HUMAN BEING.


Like ANTS they follow the HERD without any understanding of what’s being done to them… Almost every Black person is a Democrat… Almost every Black person in America watches CNN more than anything else… Almost every Black person is waiting for JESUS to change EVERYTHING…

Ok, I’ll be the ONLY NEGRO who will not WAIT for JESUS or for the WORLD to change if I have to be, because DUMB NEGROES like ARENAS anger me even more than DUMB WHITE DUDES. WHY?

They are exactly part of the problem… With all the MONIES that they made for just TOSSING A DARN BALL, which could have been invested in THEIR OWN PEOPLE, they have been TOO DARN BAMBOOZLED to even see the BEAUTY in their own PEOPLE…

Let me end this article with this…


May God help us in successfully educating or DE-BAMBOOZLE FOOLS like these!

I highly recommend my MENTALLY-ENSLAVED article... as if you're Black and you find yourself NOT LOVING your FELLOW BLACKS no matter if they are rich, poor, ghetto, then you are probably a DUMBED-DOWN NEGRO.

(Written in less than 10 minutes…)

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