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How I stopped a Young Black Lady from Punching an Older White Man and Getting Shot…

As I was driving through a prestigious and predominantly White neighborhood, I saw a young Black lady screaming at the face of an older White man in a very agitated manner. At first, I thought that they were drunk friends have fun, and then I realized that the man was dressed in a suit and she was rather casual and agitated.

I then heard the following from her:

“I am from ENGLEWOOD, BI*CH, I’m going to teach you a lesson as she charged towards the man after taking her jacket off…”

The first thing I thought of was THE END… essentially, as she was screaming to another White neighbor about her friend’s claim that her foot was run over, and calling her a White bitch and threatening to kick her ass, I imagined the police arriving and God forbid a White police officer, who would be hearing it all, and asking her to calm down and at which point she would have been too agitated to listen and might have even uttered more racially-charged words, and which would have either induced her to get shot, killed or at least arrested.

I was also perplexed by another issue…

I also saw an OLDER MAN (as opposed to just an OLDER WHITE MAN)… I come from an era in which elders are at least given some degree of respect, and the tone of her voice to this rather calmer-natured man was rather remarkable even to me as another Black person.

I proceeded to GET OUT of my car and TOLD EVERYONE TO CALM THE HECK DOWN.

I AUTHORITATIVELY GRABBED the two young Black ladies by the SHOULDERS and looked in their eyes and said the following:

‘You are going to either go to JAIL or GET SHOT or DIE today if you don’t CALM the FU*K down, do you UNDERSTAND ME?’

At that point, one of them told the other, HE IS RIGHT, and calmed down… I then looked at the OLDER WHITE MAN, and said ‘SIR, resolve it all CALMLY, but please STAY CALM do not get overly agitated.’

Although the other young lady’s claim that her foot was run over by a car seemed rather unmatched by her physical state, I was not there and don’t know how the police finally resolved it all when they arrived. However, I’m sure that a REPORT will be filed.

But one thing is rather SURE… I brought some sense into BOTH PARTIES, and took control of the situation…

We all have to get ALONG… There are GOOD and BAD WHITE FOLKS out there and while we, Blacks have been disenfranchised and are angry at White folks at times, we must first realize that WE OFTEN GET MORE BEES WITH HONEY… that we still have to behave like CIVILIZED people and when we don’t, and when it is encountered by existing anger on both sides, the results can be rather detrimental.

And if you happen to be PULLED OVER by the police and believe you’re profiled. PLEASE, don’t scream, or get agitated because of any reasons. STAY PUT, imagine yourself on the beach and as I said in one of my articles, STAY ALIVE MY BROTHERS/SISTERS to get your day in court, because believe me or not, if you’re DEAD afterwards because of not having a COOLER HEAD, you will be DEAD WRONG somehow!

Out attitude matters, the same officer that could have shot us might have ended up SHAKING OUR HANDS or giving US a FIST PUMP once he realizes that we don’t fit the PROFILE… I changed my attitude a number of years ago and haven’t had ONE IOTA of issues with any cops since that that time.

There is NO NEED for a RACE WAR, and all of such wars could be prevented with the RIGHT ATTITUDE on BOTH SIDES. People need to calm the EFF down on both sides. Trust me, it works because COOLER HEADS prevail!

I have great White friends and great Black friends… I have White friends that are SO DARN CLOSE to me that it’s ridiculous. I DO NOT want any EFFING WAR with WHITE FOLKS, and I don’t think they want a WAR with us either. Please stop the PETTINESS folks and focus on issues that can foster harmony and create JOBS and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY in our communities.

OUR ATTITUDE MATTERS… the culture shock was evident… in that rather calm WHITE neighborhood, she appeared to have been SCREAMING EVEN LOUDER than she would have been in ENGLEWOOD. It even startled me, and even though I had more love for her than she had for herself at that time as another Black person, I still was RATTLED by her behavior that much that I had to delay my TRIP to prevent her from GETTING SHOT!

IN A RUSH! (smile)

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