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Black Women Rise in the Midst Of Corrupt White Men & Disfranchised Black Men

As a son of an amazing and gifted Black woman, and one who was co-raised by two amazing Black women (i.e., my late Mother and Aunt Marie), I must say that I am proud of Black women. In a World in which they seem to have had to face insurmountable obstacles (such as having had to have, not only, been American women during a time when women were treated as second class citizens to White men, but also to have been Black (disenfranchised in America) concurrently is really an unfortunate "DOUBLE WHAMMY" (i.e., a two-fold setback or blow).

YET – As Maya Angelou said, “THEY RISE!”

Today, London Breed, a Black woman is San Francisco’s First Black Woman Mayor After Ed Lee Dies, and in Chicago (arguably the best complete and value big City in America), a Black women holds one of the City’s top two agency posts, with Janice Jackson at 40 becoming the head of the Chicago Public School System (CPS) after Forrest Claypool, a White male became embattled from accusations of corruptions. The other top post, essentially which of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is being held by a Black man, namely Supt. Eddie Johnson, after this past Friday’s changing of the guard. Lastly, in New York, Mrs. De Blasio is a Black woman, but she is married to NYC’s Mayor De Blasio, who is a White man. Of course, we can’t forget the great Michelle Obama, who became America’s first Black First Lady.

What does that tell us?

As MEN (mostly White men) become challenged for their inappropriate past behaviors that women clearly no longer find acceptable, and as Black men still remain two disenfranchised despite having had a Black (biracial) POTUS, and a Black male governor from Massachusetts, and many marginal Black male mayors (e.g., Detroit, and NY), perhaps BLACK WOMEN will be the one to help REDEEM the ORIGNAL RACE.

BLACK WOMEN - In a Nutshell...

Black women not only have had to be surrogate Black Fathers in the absence of disenfranchised, incarcerated and/or absent Black men, but also many have had to nurture both Black and White children over the years as nannies, caregivers, teachers etc… I don’t mean to be racist, but I can’t think of being born from any other type of woman. WHY?

Think about this…

Black women are amazing because they are scientifically not only the Mother of Humanity at large, but also, A SINGLE BLACK WOMEN was recently determined to be the MOTHER of ALL OF EUROPE. Amazing stuff!

WHILE, we Black men kept complaining, Black women like ROSA PARKS acted by refusing to get up for a White person on the bus. While Black men got disheartened, Black women got up each morning to not only take care of their own children and men, but also those of White families as well (with all their hearts) despite being unfairly treated themselves.

I have nothing against any other types of women. Great people can come from any shades of the human race, but lately, I have realized how tough it is for Black women to have accomplished many of the things that they have, often without the support of neither BLACK nor WHITE MEN…

Most Black women would prefer to be with Black men and thus end up staying alone if they are too picky to settle for just any Black man. Many place their efforts on their work and beating insurmountable odds instead of the elusive goal of finding the best Black or White man for them out there.

SHOUT OUT to all the SISTAS out there who choose to love Humanity at Large, and choose to even love the disenfranchised and even the seemingly unlovable; and choose to defy STUPID PEOPLE by being wiser and by showing grace and love when faced with arrogance and hatred.

To be honest, I often feel that what Blacks have had to face in America is beyond UNCONSCIONABLE, but the SILVER LINING remains that in the midst of insurmountable ODDS there lies PROOF OF PURE GENIUS… Black women who were not supposed to amount to anything, whose genius induced them to OUTSHINE both RACE and GENDER DISCRIMINATION and outshine privileged White men and disenfranchised Black men... and far too many of them did it ALL ALONE. Now that’s sexy!

I pray that God’s blessings will fall on Black women, especially those that are working hard out there… I pray that they will continue to shine bright even in unfair situations so that (in the end) the World will have to acknowledge that, indeed, they are the Mother of Humanity at large.

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