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Why do Many American Kids Kill Their Parents and Peers (“The “P&P” Syndrome”)?

DISCLOSURE: Capital Letters just denote my writing style… I am not screaming J

When I was growing up in the Caribbean, the thought of a child raising his/her voice at his parents or talking rudely back at this parents or staring at his parents or telling his parents: “I HATE YOU” was not only unheard of, but also it was equivalent to an abomination. There was GOD and then there were OUR PARENTS, which is the way it should be. As a child, I was afraid of disappoint my parents. I was the top student in my class from Kindergarten to perhaps 8th grade because of it, and perhaps even my current accomplishments can be traced to an desire not to let my parents and myself down.

However, during the past few decades I have observed American children go from BAD to WORSE when it comes to their LOVE for the PARENTS (“P”) and their PEERS (“P”). At first, it was mainly attributable to some rogue White children, some of whom went from telling their parents that they hated them to actually killing their parents or even having massacres in their schools.

We have all heard of the White young men named Menendez Brothers and Ashton Zachs who have all killed their parents. And the many other White young men, who went on coming massacres at High schools over the years and succeeded in killing some of their peers. I mean, IT WAS NEVER A BLACK THING… Black kids just don’t kill their parents. I mean, it takes one who really HATE HIMSELF and THUS HIS SOURCE to kill one’s parents. Well… NO MAS!

Please welcome this Black young man, named James Davis Jr. from Central Michigan University who decided to take the lives of his handsome father and gorgeous Mother recently to the group of people that take the life of their parents and peers (P&P). I mean, even the worst of Black thugs just DON’T KILL THEIR PARENTS. It is a BAD SIGN for a nation whose focus has been for too long NOT ON HOME or SCHOOL EDUCATION, but rather on CHASING THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. Americans have traded “SANITY” with “STUFF” and “BS”. It is a darn shame!

In the Black culture, children simply do not disrespect their parents, thus for getting about killing them… I mean, generally, people only shoot people that they either HATE because such people remind them of the source of their pains or they shoot people that look like themselves or remind them of themselves. In a nutshell, far too many Americans kids are ticking time bombs and seeing this issue does now include Black kids is rather alarming to me.

There is a disconnection between the parents and the children. I am blessed that my children and I love and respect me like I used to love and respect my parents. I recall my aunt slapping me in my teens for talking back and trying to correct her, and all I could do is sob and run and my Dad trying to Whoop me in my 20’s during a Haiti visit and all I could do is run, and slapping me in my 30’s for standing up for him after he told me to let it go, and all I could do is shut up and laugh about it. The respect is and has been so immense that my Son and I joke about it, but never do we want to hate my Dad or his Grandpa for being stern… and trust me, he used to be a VERY STERN, PHYSICALLY-IMPOSING and at times RUTHLESS DISCIPLINARIAN. He was also a very funny and loving Father if one stayed on his good side. I was on the latter 99.999% of the times and thus was his best friend. My late Brother was the opposite and thus, they were the worst of enemies. HOWEVER, despite my Brother’s epilepsy, and nervous system induced angers, even he respected my Dad immensely and was protected from my Dad by my late gorgeous and diplomatic Mother.

I do realize that there is still a great deal of American parents and children who have a healthy relationship and that even some of the toughest Black thugs respect their Mothers more than a lot of younger White kids in the Suburbs respect theirs at times… However, the appearance of this latest Black teenager and that of the Miami shooter in the same time frame is a solid reminder for America to re-prioritize its laws, culture, and motive when it comes to the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I don’t know what all the answers are YET, but a sure way of not getting there is to ASSUME that just because we have MONEY in AMERICA, ALL IS WELL. There is still too much suppressed DIVIDE, FRUSTRATION, ANGER, HATE, DISPARITY among Americans of all walks of life. Moreover, there is the use of psychotropic drugs, which certainly is a contributing factor... But, of course, the latter is not the superseding cause is a subject matter for a different article.

While I continue to do my part, I wish and pray for many blessings for my adopted… and I wish peace and harmony for all Americans, and wish much needed “reparations” for the souls of this wonderful and unique group of Americans called AFRICAN AMERICANS that I LOVE SO MUCH!


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