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Dissecting the Subtle Silencing of Black Males (BM) and BM Leaders...

DISCLOSURE: capital letters denote my writing style… I’m not yelling…

Wise Black males should take notice – whether you’re a pacifist or a militant Black male, you will not be EXEMPT if your goal is to truly effectuate meaningful change.

One can safely assert that if one truly wants to know how effective a Black male leader has been in effectuating change in America and post-Colonialism nations, then s/he must start with an honest inquiry about whether or not HE has either been temporarily or permanently SILENCED with bogus accusations that might have not never affected their White counter parts or KILLED altogether (e.g., Dr. Martin Luther King, Toussaint Louverture, Marcus Garvey, Malcom X, Jesse Jackson, Bill Cosby, Nelson Mandela etc).

A lot of Blacks are confused or divided about what is going on because in a way a great majority of Blacks emanated from slavery or European occupation and thus inherited concepts of what is right or wrong that are directly empathetic to whoever their former masters were. Intellectualism requires objectivity and the ability to accept the possibility of being wrong a least sometimes by minimizing one’s biases or stereotypes. After all, no one owns a monopoly on the truth.

The vilification of Black males is not a modern trend. Rather it is something that can be traced back to the unadulterated and “any-means-necessary-type” quest of European/White males to become the De facto leader of the Free World. It has been a quest to rule over females and all other non-White-male entities that differ from their ideals.

The realization that Black males were the other “Alpha Males” with their revolution and elimination of slavery and victory over the mightiest European army of its time (namely that of my homeland of Haiti over the French army of the time) made it obvious that Black males as a whole cannot be given any access to wealth-acquiring-activities as to build their own solid communities; and that only the genius ones will break through, and more likely than not, they will have been the ones who adhered to the modus operandi that are friendly to those of their White male affiliates.

For instance, Toussaint Louverture, the most influential revolutionary Black male leader that the World has ever known happens to be from my homeland of Haiti. The latter taught himself how to read at the age of 50. He is known as “the First of the Blacks” with his outsmarting all of Europe and America in many ways using his great intelligence and skills as a great orator to articulate concepts that wowed White males, and guaranteed the establishment of Haiti as the first Black republic and established Haiti as the progenitor of the end of Black slavery all over the World after Haiti defeated the White French army and ended slavery within its midst. Mr. Louverture received all the accolades that he could have received from leaders of his country and all over the World as a General, but unfortunately, at the end, he was SILENCED when he went to get his last accolade to be honored at the top of the Army in France, where he was tricked by his former White masters and ended up dying in a cold dungeon in France, at which point, he could only leave revolution catalyzing words like the following:

“In overthrowing me you have cut down in HAITI only the trunk of the tree of liberty (for the Blacks of Haiti and the World); (HOWEVER), it will spring up again from the roots, for they are numerous and they are deep.”

Undoubtedly… Papa Toussaint left those very words for us as the progenitor of true Black freedom leadership… but more importantly, he implicitly told Black males that the wise ones of them should and must never trust THE WHITE MAN 100% or seek an accolade as part of effectuating changes for the Black race or else he will end up in a actual or figurative dungeon.

Thus, long before Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated/silenced after delivering his “I have a Dream Speech”, and catalyzing changes in the forms of Civil Rights Laws, Papa Louverture, whose name literally meant “OPENING” in French had opened the door of the liberty of the Blacks, but like Dr. King, he too was silenced and killed.

Dr. King was always awaiting his death… there were always threats made to him anyway… despite his accolades, White men called him bogus and often treated him worse than White murderers and rapists of his time were treated. And like Toussaint Louverture, in the end prior to being silenced, he could only leave a legendary quote:

“I have been on the Mountaintop and can see the Promised Land even though "I may not get there with you…"”

Other true revolutionaries like Nelson Mandela, Malcom X, and Marcus Garvey suffered from similar fates, with the execution of the great Malcom X and the silencing of Marcus Garvey as an amazing Black nationalist who understood the power of Black commerce and the need to re-channel it in the Black community like others communities do; something that is missing among most if not all Black leaders today. Mr. Garvey, who was originally from Jamaica differed from WEB Dubois in many ways and thus they failed to work together for the common cause or goal that they share like many of today’s Black males over stupid misconceptions. Mr. Garvey “saw” Mr. Dubois as a White empathizer, and Mr. Dubois saw Mr. Garvey as the biggest threat to Black Americans. They were both right on many fronts but they both failed to do the most important thing that Black males of diverging views are failing to do modernly, which is that of uniting to help their own communities in re-channeling a percentage of the millions of dollars that Blacks spend back into the Black communities to create jobs and prosperity, something that Garvey was 100% right about.

While many may argue that Dubois was too much of an intellectual and Garvey too much of an industrialist, a blend of both would have greatly benefited Blacks in America. UNITY is the force that was missing not only among Black males in America, but Black males in Haiti, Africa and all over the World after they had inherited diverging views from their former masters that literally MENTALLY-ENSLAVED THEM. In fact, it took me years to understand that condition and thus self-liberate, but it is the root cause of Black male apathy and stagnancy because with lack of UNITY, opportunities lack and the crime rate rises.

Garvey said it best:

“Hungry men have no respect for law, authority or human life.”

—Marcus Garvey

Mr. Nelson Mandela from South Africa was silenced by being imprisoned, but despite being seen a pacifist like Dr. King was, many will also view him as an angel of a man or even a White empathizer. He did win by helping end Apartheid in South Africa, but only the future will establish if the Blacks and Whites of South Africa can equitably co-exist, as recently, there have been passed votes for the taking of White-owned lands with just compensation because of past wrongs induced by Whites. The latter would have probably been opposed by Nelson Mandela, yet reasonable minds can differ on the approach.

Black men must learn to accept that they must work with other Black males despite their differing views. The White Founding Fathers of America had differing views, but for the common good or to create a more perfect union they put them aside to eliminate factions and strengthen a nation called “UNITED” States of America… the most important word them is UNITED, which is directly linked to UNION. In my homeland, the emblem reads “UNION creates STRENGTH”, but post slave-revolution, these have only been words, and all over the World, presumably educated or intellectual Black males are still TOO MENTALLY-ENSLAVED to realize the game that is being played… that analogous to a Michael Jordan or LeBron James playing basketball, even the BEST BLACK MALES IN THE WORLD cannot help the Black community alone, that it is only with UNITY of people with differing or diverse views that progress will shine.

Too many Blacks, including yours truly, often disown other Blacks that differ from them in one category or another. Thus, creating little religious circles and communities whose effects have been negligibly small at best, as opposed to thriving communities with opportunities, jobs, resources and great aspirations… the strategic silencing of Black males like Bill Cosby and Jesse Jackson cannot go unnoticed. Don’t forget that Jesse used to work with Dr. King and was the first Black male to seriously run for the U.S. Presidency and deliver an epic speech long before Barack Obama had a chance to do so. Also, do not forget that Bill Cosby was the first Black male who presented the Black family in an EQUALLY PRESTIGIOUS LIGHT on a successfully run television sitcom… he was also the first one to offer to buy a major news network. Yet, modernly, many Black males like Hannibal belittle their accomplishment while being too stupid to realize that they, too, can be next if they ever decide to care about their own people. All Bill Cosby asked Black men to do is to be more responsible and step up to the plate. Isn’t that what elders of any race are supposed to do?

Anyhow, if you want to effectuate change, I urge you to join the TRILLION Black Male Mentor Centric Mental Army (BlaMMMA) today, and particularly if you would like to effectuate true change in your Black Community via non-traditional mentoring and truth-driven effective tactics. There is a plethora of young Black males out there who are waiting to listen to older Black men who will empower them with the tools to change the future via taking charge of a destiny that has been robbed from them either by a racist society or by their bamboozled parents… THEY JUST NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU who will have understood the IMPLIED MESSAGE contained in this article. Only WISE MEN can truly prepare YOUNG MEN to become the WISE MEN that they need to become in order to lead vibrant and prosperous communities. While there will always be exceptional people, those are outliers/exceptions rather than the rule/status-quo.

Based on article, wiser Blacks should never blindly trust again. They should question the intentions of any White man in regards to any Black matter. They should work together despite difference in religion, upbringing, political persuasion, culture religion etc… because, at the end of the day to many Whites You’re “STILL A NIGG**” (See my article titled “Is still a NIGG** the way most Whites…”)

Join the Trillion BlaMMMA today!... There are far too many Blacks incarcerated unfairly and much too many homeless and disenfranchised Black males in America and around the World to necessitate this urgent need. It is no secret that European empires did enslave, torture and dehumanize Blacks, and that even in a post-slavery era, Black men are treated via a double standard...

Imagine if Obama had been accused of half the things of which Trump had been accused thus far (whether they are true or not)... think about how righteous Obama had to be to become POTUS and how real that TRUMP was... I assure you that had he be that real, he would have already been either silenced, dead or on his way to being impeached. And that is whether or not they both had actually done similar acts that would have been proven to be unconscionable. Black men are either expected to be nearly perfect or disenfranchised, poor, broke, uneducated, and non-prolific orators even though most of the best orators in the history of mankind have been Black men.

Other than in sports where Black males are mostly treated like slaves in most instances, Black male accomplishments in science and industry are often "swept under the rug" (e.g, the traffic light, organ transplants), and even the founding of cities like that of the City of Chicago by a Black Haitian Male are often suppressed. Moreover, accomplished Black males get discredited for minor issues that would not have even been mentions about their White counterparts. It is obvious that there is a STATUS QUO that must be maintained and it is that BLACK MALES will be left alone on the surface (or extrinsically), but intrinsically or in a covert way, they will be denied as much access as possible to decision making positions, and often once they get there they are silenced or vilified... that way, it can be said "SEE, WE DIDN'T STOP THEM, they are just LAZY!" Again that is non-sense since Blacks can either match or outperform Whites in nearly all categories.

In a nutshell, the indoctrination starts with Black boys being told that they will be great sportsmen and NOT great scientists, doctors, businessmen, politicians, lawyers, etc. It starts with what I have called the BROKEN BLACK BOY (BBB) SYNDROME in an article that I wrote a while ago. And of course, as non-liberal as I am, even TRUMP is trying to silent as many Obama-enacted policies as he can. It is an innate thing among many White males. While Whites may have things that they can do better than other races, but other races also have things that they can do better than Europeans. The assumption should never be that everything European is superior... that if one somehow STAMPS the word EUROPEAN on anything, then it becomes BETTER. That my friend is beyond NON-SENSICAL! If you want to understand the deepness of this issue, please read THE DAVE MYERS STORY (Story of a Young Black/Biracial Man who Was Lied to by his White Mother about his Race)

The wealth, fairness, job and opportunity acquisition rate divide between Black and White males should shock the conscience of all human beings and the level of homelessness that far too many Black males face (induced by so my factors) should have appealed to the conscience of the small minority of us who fall in the COGNITIVE ELITE yet are so INDIFFERENT to the THE EVIL of RACIAL DISENFRANCHISEMENT face by Black males and as Dr. Cornel West called asserted, it is MORE INSIDIOUS than EVIL itself. Fairness includes fairness in jurisprudence (administration of justice among Blacks and Whites without double standards or with neutrality).

Is the goal to keep disenfranchised Black men down (financially-ruined, incarcerated, conviction labelled, lost, drug-addicted hopeless etc)?


Is it to funnel money from rich and non-wise Black men into the White communities via their non-Black spouses or ex-spouses? THINK ABOUT IT!

If Black males REACT (to racism or injustice) they are labelled as "ANGRY BLACK MEN", and if they ignore (racism or injustice) they are called complacent and lazy. It is the sort of "DAMN IF YOU DO or DON'T" thing that never works to the advantage of a VICTIM...

Rather, Black males should PRO-ACT and UNITE!

Dr. Cornel West asked us to think about the following:

  • Integrity and Moral Consistency

  • The Fact that Indifference to Evil is more Insidious than Evil Itself

  • Erosion of Spiritual Integrity in Our Modern World

  • Are we being Wise, Compassionate and Self-Critical?

  • “Spiritual and Moral Exemplarity” vs. “Market Driven Celebrity”

Don't be as gullible or naive as far too many of us have been... don't fall for flattery or trickery... don't abandon your community because you have been told that you're THE GOOD/SPECIAL BLACK... don't ever allow yourself to feel out of place among your own people... because if you do, when you least expect, you will be reminded of who you are, and you'll be treated no different than Jesse Jackson or Bill Cosby or Michael Jackson or Michael Vick at the very first instance in which you sin/err even though we all sin/err and fall short of being perfect.

AMERICA is a (hypocritically and immorally) GREAT nation because despite its shortcomings people still flock their way to America because the benefits of its economic opportunities appear to outweigh America's moral shortcomings... BUT DO THEY NOW? Read the following article that I wrote titled: "AMERICA: Hypocritically & Immorally GREAT… Reparations Anyone? "



What Blacks hate is the post-slavery miseries linked with being Black which

are linked directly with the aforementioned concept of assuring White dominance...

(e.g., poverty, desperation, incarceration, scarcity of resources in Black-owned areas)

When any Black person does well, trust me, almost every other Black person is happy for him/her... What BLACKS hate is the miseries to which they are linked automatically because of their phenotype in a systematically racist nation that have gone out of its way to control every money-producing market that could have belonged to the Black communities that it hates.

Thus, please ask yourself how well you would self-situate on the issue presented in this article using the perspectives posited by Dr. Cornel West above and feel free to share this article with your peers or contact me with any questions or concerns at:


Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of and a transformation leader and Renaissance man. This article was sponsored by

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