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All Trump Supporters are Not Racist, but some truly are the SC_M of the Earth

The fact of the matter is that there are STUPID people in all of the shades of the human race, but Stupid Whites can be more dangerous because they tend to feel superior to other groups even when they are not (especially when certain rhetoric embolden them,especially since Whites tend to one to feel superior to others. It is a White flaw). Thus, it is no accident that they tend to commit the most heinous massive crimes when they are stupid/ignorant as they are fueling their passion with pure unadulterated stupidity. YET - there are plenty of people who like the Trump rhetoric for their own selfish reasons, and many of them happen to be good Whites too.

WELL, this White man threatened to shoot me today for asking him why he was parked so close to my car. He couldn’t take an assertive, authoritative and unbroken Black man who didn’t back off when he asked me to do so. YES, I looked at him in the eyes and call him a “RACIST WHITE PIECE OF SH*T” and punctuated it with an “FU”.

Usually I would have left him alone, but something about him bothered me.

But TRUMP is being a GENIUS by using them to win.... which makes them the (Racist and Stupid Hillbilly Ones the STUPID ONES! THEY LOVE TRUMP b/c TRUMP uses their TRUCK DRIVER STOP LANGUAGES to say thing that they wish they could say had they been as rich as Trump is.


The reality is that he is probably a TRUMP supporter who feels emboldened by feeling like he is now better than Black or other non-White folks again… I am not ashamed to so imply… as a TRUMP guy, I know when someone is a TRUMP guy. The reality is that TRUMP doesn’t care about poor Whites or poor Blacks, but knows that poor Whites got him elected and wants to fire them up to his favor. But he doesn’t care about them and more likely see them as retarded fools. And most of them are.

TRUMP cares about people with money... that's why he called people from poor countries bad names because in his head they have no money to bring to the States. While it is true, such people can bring talent and ingenuity. It is the same reason why he did not rent to Blacks. While discriminatory, he wouldn't rent to Blacks based on the fact that he probably believes that they can't afford to pay him, and that would be the same standards used towards poor Whites.

Well, there are a lot of crazies out there who were miserable being WHITE prior to TRUMP.... WHY? Being White did not add to PRIVILEGE to them either because of lack of intelligence or lack of discipline or social skills or even a questionable. Thus, the only way for such people to feel powerful is either by becoming a police officer or by associating with organizations that claim that they are superior to all Jews and Non-Whites. And when TRUMP who is anti-Obama and thus appeared to be anti-Black said, “I AM YOUR VOICE”, all the White RETARDS felt like they mattered again… but they really only matter to get him a vote.

And unfortunately, such people also identify as Nationalists and do feel that TRUMP’s anti-Obama and liberalism message appeals to them in a way that differs from what TRUMP truly intended.

You see, TRUMP is a deal maker… he is the ultimate Salesman and brander… as such he boasts that EVERYTHING TRUMP is THE BEST and since he is a WHITE MAN, he is sort of saying that EVERYTHING WHITE is also the best and far too many nationalists love his tone even though it is not coming from the same source as theirs.

Such White low lives often love in areas that are deprived of minorities in places like W. Virginia and suburbs of major cities and create their stereotypes based on their views of non-Whites and Jews.

Indeed, they are ticking time bombs. Thus, while TRUMP has to work as hard as he can to strategically get as many votes as possible, he has to be careful not to incite White crazies.

SEE – only COWARDS shoot…

Whenever a White person pulls a gun to shoot a non-White, he not only does it out of hate, but also out of fear… the latter is too chicken and cowardly to fight with his fist or words, and to him the only solution is to get rid of that person using a gun.

WHITE TRUMP supporters have to be careful not to link themselves with such low lives because BIRDS of the same feather flock together, they should ensure that beyond the rallies where mostly White supporters are present, they don’t link themselves with such characters and get to know Non-Whites of all walks of life.

YOU SEE – there are a lot of Non-Whites out there who know more than a Whole White town or city or State will ever know…

So, “IS STILL A NIGFER, SPICK, CHINK, SAND NIGGER” the way far too many Whites see non-Whites?”… that is the subject of one of my articles… please see it on .

While most Whites are decent people who at least try to use etiquette, there is a plethora of STUPID WHITES who will never see a non-White as equal and will have continued to perpetuate the worst of Stereotypes towards Blacks and other non-Whites.

Unfortunately, such Whites are STUPID WHITES PIECES OF SH__T. Let me know if you have another name…IGNORANCE not potent enough as it implies that there is hope for them. Such Whites are damaged for life and are worse than the worst of THUGS because despite their White skin privilege they are more retarded than a retarded child in the worst of ghettos.

After reading about the many Whites who killed Blacks in racially-linked crimes recently, should one turn the other cheek or say father forgive them or blow their heads off prior to them blowing one’s head off? I seem to be siding with the latter. Can somebody say SELF-DEFENSE?

I am getting my CONCEALED WEAPON LICENSE soon… I may have to shoot a STUPID WHITE PERSON in SELF-DEFENSE in the near future (even if he is a TRUMP supporter)… TRUST ME, I would not hesitate to do it to protect myself, but I doubt I’d shoot him 30 times because I am not INSANE like some of those low lives who are wasting their White Skin privilege on stupid beliefs instead of using it to become the next Warren Buffet…

RACIST STUPID WHITE POS is exactly what they are… LOL

If TRUMP doesn’t distance himself at least a bit from those people by using smarter rhetoric after his second term (if he is reelected), he TOO will go down in history as a RACIST WHITE POS POTUS, but a racist White POS nonetheless!

He will need to pass lots of pro-Black laws in his second terms and do things that substantially prove that he outdid Obama in at least attempting to help NON-WHITE COMMUNITIES.

History will judge every PRESIDENT and I’ll be WATCHING and writing about it all Mr. President!


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