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Are The Truly Wealthy HEARTLESS in Doing Nearly Nothing in Disadvantaged Areas?

"A World where some live in comfort and plenty, while half of the human race lives on less than $2/day is neither JUST nor STABLE". ~ President BUSH

"Almost half of the World's population lives on less than 2 dollars a day, YET even this statistics fails to capture the HUMILIATION, POWERLESSNESS and BRUTAL HARDSHIP that is daily lot of the World's poor" ~ Koffi Anan, UN Secretary General

So, where are our hearts? In our lovely mansions, ridiculously expensive toy cars, egregiously expensive gifts ALL while our FELLOW BROTHERS/SISTERS are dying of HUNGER or OTHER DISADVANTAGES, yet, we call ourselves GOOD PEOPLE? COME ON!

And , If you're RICH, you have NO EXCUSE because even the less fortunate are helping the less fortunate out there! And if you don't, in the end YOU or YOUR CHILDREN or CHILDREN'S CHILDREN WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO GOD or THE UNIVERSE!

Let us be totally real with each other today… most of the truly wealthy either became wealthy by inheriting money that was derived from literally free labor or nearly free labor (i.e., either actual slavery or modern day slavery), or via something (good/bad/not-so-good) that they invented/created that they convinced others to buy which usually is hard to create but easy to recreate so that they can capitalize on providing it mostly to the non-wealthy at nearly negligible production costs and make millions or billions or trillions of dollars from selling it or by being crooks/criminals or by being some wealthy person’s sex toy or by marrying up. Either way, most of the wealthy derives its wealthy nearly from being BIG FISH who will try to eat down the SMALL FISH in order to remain wealthy or become wealthier. It is a mindset. Hence the saying/proverb, the RICH tends to get RICHER and the POOR POORER.

Bob Marley came up with a very appropriate song that he called: GUILTINESS… you can listen to the words on YOUTUBE (GUILTINESS that is)

Far too many Wealthy individuals and particularly most privileged White males feel a disconnect between their truths and realities and those of other groups that prevent them from empathizing enough with such groups despite the fact that for the most part the plight of such groups can be in some ways or another be attributed to the previous imperialistic and slavery practices that were perfected by European and American imperialistic or colonizing ruthless reigns.

Non-Wealthy groups (particularly non-White ones, and more prevalently, Blacks and Hispanics) are often viewed as LOST CAUSES or SOCIETAL REJECTS/VIRUSESs by far too many wealthy Whites. It is as if they are implying that by not being wealthy, privileged or even White, such groups are doomed and trying to relate to them would imply that they should feel some sense of GUILT. DUH?

So, without the desire to feel any type of empathy or without a need to relate to such groups, most wealthy and privileged Whites and other groups may not feel the sense of GUILT or ALTRUISM that a normal human being should feel, and without feeling the latter, one is essentially HEARTLESS or living a life of FALSE PRETENSES by going to church or pretending to be good human beings or Christians only to essentially act HEARTLESSLY.

The GOVERNMENT both cannot and will do everything for ALL OF US (particularly in a market-driven or Capitalist economy). The rest of the work has to be done by those of us that were lucky enough to have been born in WEALTH, or those of us who got a break in amassing wealth via a business venture that blossomed because timing and innovation were on our sides.

There are many people out there that simply have a MENTAL ISSUE, others are just DEFEATED, and others have addiction problems, yet others are in ephemeral or hiatal period in which life seems to make no sense.

STRATEGICONES.COM (via Lorins FAITH Ministries) is an entity that is creating a movement via a system called Strategic-Ones Homeless Help Stations (SHHS) in order to tackle individual problems as to assist in minimizing homelessness, hunger, and other disadvantages.

If you are WEALTHY or even rich, or somewhat privileged and have done relatively nothing about the plight of people whose positions you may never truly understand because you simply can’t relate to their plight, I urge you to banish your HEARTLESSNESS and adopt a STATE of at least temporary guilt as to become ALTRUISTIC enough to use part of your wealth to assist your fellow Human Brothers and Sisters.

Please tap into and let’s embark onto a state of being our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers together. Some people just need a temporary home, others need treatment for their addictions, yet others need training and counseling, and yet others simply need not to be out there alone because of mental illness. ANYTHING LESS is simply HEARTLESS at best.

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of and this article was sponsored by and

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