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Why Does Dr. Lorins of Distribute Essentials to the Homeless?

Dr. Pete Lorins’ genesis is deeply rooted in philanthropy and altruism. Indeed, both of his parents Martha Lorins (an entrepreneurial designer and department store owner) and his Father a Pastor for nearly five decades, were genuine philanthropists who owned and managed orphanages and also helped random people from all walks of life. Like them, Mr. Lorins seems to have a heart for the truly less fortunate and prior to starting this special program for the homeless at /Lorins Faith Ministries, he spent a couple years cultivating relationships with various homeless individuals as to understand their plights and stories, which further catalyzed his natural desire to help the homeless and encourage others to do the same. Despite being born with a silver spoon in his mouth compared to most Haitians in his homeland, upon arriving in the United States, Dr. Lorins recalls at least two periods of his life in which he was practically homeless, one of which was while he was in Engineering Undergrad despite working 84 hours a week or 12 hours a night and 7 days a week to pay his tuition out of pocket due to his then immigration status. Thus, Dr. Lorins has first hand knowledge about what being homeless can mean to people... despair, demeaning, human heartlessness, defeat, and the triumph of evil over good.

Initially, was started to assist those in developing foreign countries with things like micro loans and assist all missions in such countries as well. While the latter remains part of the Strategic Ones agenda, Dr. Lorins realized that far too often people are too busy trying to (often unsuccessfully) save the World at a distance for obvious reasons, when they fail to save their Brothers and Sisters who are practically Homeless or less fortunate neighbors, who live right around their households.

A lot of hearts have become hardened about the Homeless and less fortunate lately. Dr. Lorins has communicated with far too many people who are in the working class, rich, and wealthy, and he noticed that far too many of them either didn’t pay enough attention to the Homeless or even assumed the worst of them as if their plights are such an unlikely occurrence. Yet, the reality is that the majority of Americans are either an addiction or a few pay checks away from being Homeless or from feeling defeated. The latter prompted Dr. Lorins to write the Article ARE THE WEALTHY TRULY HEARTLE$$...? as to encourage or challenge both working class and wealthy folks to pitch in in his mission to help the Homeless or less fortunate and be their Brothers and Sisters Keepers. Most donations that are even made to non-profits are spent in administrative costs and often the needy nearly get nothing, yet people are satisfied with saying I DONATED without actually getting their hands dirty as well or at least seeing the fruits of their work.

At Faith Ministries, we put our money where our mouths are by not only giving, but by also doing grass roots stuff for the Homeless or less fortunate. We intend to attack the issue with transitional housing and job programs in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, San Francisco, but the start is like that of JESUS… providing others LOVE and something TO EAT and DRINK as to show WE LOVE THEM and WE DO and so does GOD!

We urge you to do the same either directly or via our program by CONTACTING US at the information provided below:


PHONE: (773) 372-9656 OR (407) 955-3534


I miss my Chicago Homeless People... I will be launching "OPERATION HOMELESS RESCUE 2021 - OH RESCUE 2021 Soon!... They are so smart, resilient and are able to survive even under the most extreme weather conditions and addictions. I LOVE CHICAGOANS... it's hard to explain... they may be Liberal and much nicer than New Yorkers yet they are just as tough. But don't take their niceness for granted though, you might end up shot or something.... LOL... ON a serious note... other than seeing my son and a few friends again, I am so excited to give back to A CITY THAT HUMBLED ME and HELPED ME CREATE MY PRESENT AND FUTURE... GOD BLESSED ME in CHICAGO as promised... To whom much is given, much is required... My son and daughters are just as giving as I am (if not more)... I have had to tell them to take it easy on giving more than they already have... They all got their Paternal Grandparents' genes for sure... Anyhow! THANK YOU, Almighty God and thank you, WINDY CITY... See you soon!

2022 ADDITION (12/13/22)


I will be distributing food items like PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES and Drinks and other Key Survival Items to the HOMELESS in Chicago in less than a week or so. I usually do it with my own money, and I have been doing so over the past few years. It has become a tradition. But it's time to swallow my pride and open the door for others to assist along. Chicago is a VERY SYMBOLIC CITY to me. DONATIONS of ALL KINDS or PARTICIPATIONS are welcome. If you have any items that you'd like to donate or would like to assist along, I can give you an address in Chicago or message you the plan... Please Make any donations HOMELESSNESS APPROPRIATE. I will take pictures... UKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I was HOMELESS in my last 3 years of electrical engineering undergrad. I worked 12 hours a night and 7 days a week to put myself through engineering school in NYC... Needless to say, I have a heart from the Homeless. In a GREAT COUNTRY like ours, I believe that we have ENOUGH WEALTH to make HOMELESS NON-EXISTENT. It will always be a matter that is close to my heart. I have helped many homeless people get off the streets and have made many true friends who were formerly homeless or are still homeless through the years as well. When they see me, they see a family member and that's really who I am to them in the depth of my heart. If you're blessed with a SURPLUS or are SUPER RICH or know a SUPER RICH PERSON who is pontificating his wealth, tell him or her to HELP THE HOMELESS any where PLEASE. You can't take the wealth to your grave. Trust me!

Much Love,

-- Pete Lorins

PS to participate , simply hit me up on Facebook or simply email me at:

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This article was co-written by the amazing staff of and Dr. Pete Lorins

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