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Wealthy-White-Male-Induced Cognitive Dissonance among Most Others

According to Wikipedia and all other academic and non-Academic sources, “in the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the MENTAL DISCOMFORT experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. The latter is triggered by a situation in which a person’s belief clashes with new evidence perceived by that person.”

In America non-White males including White females (and particularly Blacks and Latinos) often talk about racism that their ancestors suffered from Whites (particularly Rich White males) or racism that they are experiencing or have often experienced from White males at large, YET in many ways they have adhered to values, and lifestyles that were created to be advantageous mostly to White males and particularly wealthy White males, and often to their own detriment. There are so many default privileges or positive assumptions that are associated with White males in a society that was AT FIRST essentially created by Wealthy White males for Wealthy White males, yet GRUDGINGLY chose to include White women and non-White males in the ALL MEN (and WOMEN) ARE CREATED EQUAL CLAUSE… Had the intent been to include them, there would have never been a reason to fight for CIVIL RIGHTS and WOMEN RIGHTS.

It is no secret that in America and other parts of the World, a plethora of males in the top 1% of the wealthiest people in the World are White males (except in oil-rich countries where they buy oil from those individuals). The latter does not imply that all White males are wealthy. Rather, it implies that in a post-slavery and post-Colonialism era, a plethora of White males benefited from the privileges that came from their forefathers who had dominated various parts of the World and obtained either free labor or raw materials from them. Accordingly, every nicely-dressed White male can be easily assumed to be doing financially OK even if he is actually broke, while Non-White-Males (e.g., Women, Blacks, Asians and Latinos) rarely receive this benefit of the doubt or PRIVILEGE unless they try to approach the STANDARDS of WEALTHY WHITE MALES at least OUTWARDLY (faking it until they make it).

This leaves a lot of Non-White males with the choice of either being disenfranchised to form their own culture or assimilate… So, just like that you find assimilated groups, including White women, and Blacks who try to be as Rich-White-(male)-Like as possible as to operate in the NORMS that have been established by RICH WHITE MALES for RICH WHITE MALES, with crumbs remaining for RICH-WHITE-MALE-LIKE ENTITIES (e.g., White women, Male and Female Blacks, Male and Female Asians and Latinos etc.) The rest is seen as non-mainstream and mainly live in a separate America except when it comes to entertainment (e.g., music and sports).


A plethora of Non-Wealthy-White-Male individuals aspire to the same dreams of ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL… or the right to have LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. They aspire to WORK HARD to get the same level of financial attainment as WEALTHY WHITE MALES but only a small percentage will ever get there because WEALTHY WHITE MALES became wealthy not on THEIR TALENTS, but rather based on PRIVILEGES that were associated to them as follows:

They acquired (1) real property or realty (land); (2) Chattel/personalty (things); and Entities (e.g., slaves and businesses) by the following means:

i) DISCOVERY (e.g., Christopher Columbus a White man claimed to have DISCOVERED the Americas, and when he land on my native island, he called it HISPANOLA, which was inhabited by natives already… HISPANOLA means SMALL SPAIN);

ii) CONQUEST (White men conquered lands that belong to other groups Worldwide by waging and winning wars over them.)

iii) GIFT (White men claimed a lot of things were gifts to them when they in fact took them over)

iv) MIND MANIPULATION (via RELIGION as a means of creative DIVISION among previously homogeneous and peaceful groups, and making money concurrently, a practice that is still being used by PASTORS modernly and it is PURE BRAINWASHING and a BUSINESS)

v) LANGUAGE ADOPTION – people from the same areas were instructed to speak different languages by the Wealth White men as another MEASURE OF DIVIDING AND CONQUERING.

vi) SELF-HATE – By inducing non-Whites to feel that everything WHITE is better, they in turn induced them not to want to support, respect and appreciate each other, not realizing that the main reason why WHITES appear to be better equipped is THEIR WEALTH-BACK ENTERPRISES or PRIVILEGES and not TALENT ALONE. Thus, the latter induces far too many non-Whites to hate themselves as to CHASE ACQUISITIONS or WEALTH using TALENT ALONE or without the DEFAULT PRVILEGES that allowed Wealthy White males to become wealthy in the first place.


Everyone who is not a wealthy White male or wealthy White-male-like individual seems to be lost in the APPROACHING STANDARDS or in the case of HILLARY CLINTON, approaching the GLASS CEILING… Most people initially had amazing plans for their lives, but such plans were stalled by decisions and realities. Many never even graduated from High School and others did graduate from High School and College but are unhappy with the realities of their lives. Yet others achieved their goals yet realized that Wealthy-White-Male-Controlled-Entities hold the ultimate key to their next goal, and such men belong to clubs to which outsiders (people that are not wealthy White males) are not TRULY INVITED.


IMPORTANT PREMISE: not all White males are racist, but all White males do feel PRIVILEGED and would not trade their White male status with any other group because of it.


1. Even young White males know that they are better off than White females and all other young men and women just from how they are treated. I have heard them say, “EVEN AS A WHITE GUY” very often to assert their knowledge of their privilege.

2. The White males that established the country ensure that almost EVERYTHING WHITE was associated with positive things while almost every Black with negative thing…

Naturally, many non-White-males either had the choice of self-disenfranchising (or disenfranchised by default) (a/k/a “Field Niggers” in reference to former Black slaves or metaphorically.) OR EMULATE WHITE-LIKE BEHAVIORS as to sound or behave in more WHITE-FRIENDLY MANNERS (a/k/a “House Niggers” in reference to former Black slaves or metaphorically.)

Non-Wealthy-White-Male-entities (e.g. females, Blacks, Asians, Indians etc.) who have played the game by the rules and got the right degrees, and White friends will at some point realize that they are STILL treated differently because of WHO THEY KNOW; HOW THEY LOOK; HOW THEY SOUND; WHAT THEY VALUE etc.

It will happen to almost every non-wealthy-White-male entity, and even people like OPRAH, OBAMA, BILL COSBY, MICHAEL JACKSON and TIGER WOODS etc. Often people might start to believe that their economic status also changed their true social status which also takes into consideration THEIR RACE, GENDER and AGE as well. Unfortunately for them, this lack of SELF-EVALUATION in a Wealthy-White-Male controlled environment is the beginning of the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE that will have shocked their belief system, and fuel their anger and will have translated into MOVEMENTS like the “ME2” movements and all.

The main manifestation of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is when people try to subconsciously emulate the behavior of those that USED TO LOOK DOWN ON THEM or HAD THINGS THAT THEY COULDN’T AFFORD or DIDN’T LIKE THEM or ACCEPT THEM in an effort to feel like they have become more LIKE THEM or wealthier or in essence MORE ACCEPTED.

The giving up of real life, creating a family, having children, including experiencing the various stages of life to achieve wisdom instead of material possession or the perception of ownership of expensive material things have become one of the prima facie evidence of cognitive dissonance among such groups… they aspire to work so hard to APPROACH STANDARDS or to have WHATEVER most WEALTHY WHITE MALES (except modest people like Warren Buffett) can have effortlessly only to realize that the main reason why such WHITE MALES achieved what they achieved was often never about TALENT, but rather about WHO THEY KNEW or WHAT THEY KNEW or even more often had they not been a WHITE MALE who were WEALTHY, they would have never been invited to the very clubs that allowed them to achieve those very things relatively effortlessly.


Donald Trump is the only Wealthy White male that I have met in my 32 years of living in America who did not master the WEALTHY WHITE MALE ETIQUETTE SYSTEM, and no wonder even as an outsider and non-politician, his New York style, non-PC way, or his “I don’t care what you think of me because I’ll tell you what I think of you anyway” approach, induced him to start a movement that shocked the World and catapulted him into the presidency.

The real reason he won is because: (1) he is a wealth White male and had been invited to a lot of the clubs and had donated money to a lot of those politicians against whom he ran; (2) he was like a wounded animal that had nothing to lose. He knew people had a lot of materials that they can use to talk about him, but he was convinced that they did to, and by COUNTER PUNCHING his way, and by being non-PC or by being able to SAY THINGS that NO OTHER WEALTHY WHITE MALE would have said in public, he was assured to win the war of CHARACTER ASSASSINATION and he did.

HOWEVER, even a fool knows that had TRUMP been OBAMA there is no way he would have gotten away with that approach and that in and of itself should tell someone that even a non-PC wealthy White male in America or elsewhere has more equity and leverage than a PC non-Wealthy White entity.


So, what are the others doing for the most part… THEY KEEP APPROACHING STANDARDS… many even abandon their own cultures or women in their own culture to have THE TYPE OF WOMEN that many WEALTHY WHITE MEN aspire to have, which are more often than not ALL ABOUT FORM and rarely about SUBSTANCE…

Call it the TROPHY WHITE WIFE SYNDROME… The Wealthy White man has this presumed beautiful trophy WIFE (e.g., former Playboy Playmate) and all he wants to do is to make love with the real woman that he really wants to be with, the one that he will never been seen working around with. I have encountered a plethora of Wealthy White men who are in this predicament.

So far too many people that are non-Wealthy-White males subconsciously try to approach that same standard of APPEARANCE or even FAKE IT UNTIL THEY MAKE IT. They have abandoned the good things about their own culture to become WEALTHY-WHITE-MALE LIKE without realizing it.

Some bleach their skin…

Some marry White women/men that they don’t really love…

Some bleach/blond their hair…

Some have kids with White women that they don’t really love to feel more accepted by Wealthy White men subconsciously…

Some give all their wealth away to Women that would have never even gone out on a date with them had they been broke, just to feel like a WEALTHY WHITE MAN.

You get the message… this is a form of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE that affect those that are at lower socio-economic statuses even more… however during my last three decades in the U.S., I have seen it adversely affect a plethora of people that are not Wealthy White males.

THEY STOP LEARNING OR SEEKING WISDOM in order to SEEK A STATUS that they will never have….

THEY WORK SO HARD TO HAVE THINGS THAT WEALTHY WHITE MALES GOT SO EFFORTLESSLY that they can’t even create the real entities, neighborhoods, clubs, and associations that allow WEALTHY WHITE MEN TO REMAIN AT THE TOP OF THE TODEM POLL.


Most people and especially women and Black people must recognize that cognitive dissonance exists. The latter is the very reason why the glass ceiling exists. The very REASON why even those of us that are successful FINANCIALLY lose our senses of identity and adopt the values of those that previously oppressed us only to abandon many good values for baseless and non-substantial ones.

Oh, I never mentioned poor WHITE MEN… well, they are truly an invisible group… they are EQUALLY HATED BY WEALTHY WHITE MEN… and they have the same dilemma that all NON WEALTHY PEOPLE HAVE… they also have to FAKE IT until they MAKE IT or simply GIVE UP altogether!

I am not POLITICALLY-CORRECT. I only abide by the WEALTHY WHITE MALE ETIQUETTE in a business environment. I LIVE WITHIN MY MEANS… I AM VERY FRUGAL… I would only be with a WHITE WOMAN if I really love her, but would never marry a White woman or any woman as a TROPHY WIFE… I prefer to be with a dark-skinned BLACK WOMAN even though I have been attracted to other women as well. I don’t abide by the WEALTHY WHITE MAN STANDARDS because underneath is lies DECEIT, UNHAPPINESS, FAKENESS and a need to have SUBSTITUTES (e.g., mistresses, drugs etc.) to numb the concentration of FAKENESS in one’s life.

That’s not real life… that’s a made-up life emanating from a World that was RE-INVENTED by the WEALTHY WHITE MAN to fit his own agenda… and those that adhere to it are not only COGNITIVELY DISSONANT, but they will also always be approaching standards…


Just live your own life. Be successful your way… try not to act or look like anyone else… BE YOUR BEST POSSIBLE SELF and you’ll AMAZE the World effortlessly in the end, and better yet, you’ll amaze yourself!


In the Christian Bible, the very first sin that was committed was due to PRIDE… LUCIFER or SATAN or THE DEVIL was previously chosen by GOD to watch over other angels and wanted to play GOD, and so GOD is reported to have cast him/her away… and s/he now roams the WORLD as THE DEVIL…

A wise Biblical scholar with two PhDs shared with me that in the Bible CAIN (lighter complected) decided to kill ABEL (darker complected) because ABLE wanted to offer to GOD the best things that he had, while CAIN wanted to keep the best ones to himself and share only the sub-par ones with God. Accordingly, CAIN decided to kill ABLE out of jealousy. But the real reason why CAIN despised ABLE was because CAIN FELT THAT HIS SKIN TONE was better than ABEL’s. CAIN was so PROUD of his COMPLEXION that he resented ABEL’s success because ABEL’s complexion and values had to be INFERIOR than his, even though in fact ABEL’s values were actually so superior that CAIN’s PRIDE induced him to kill his BROTHER.

Until TODAY, wherever you find WHITES or lighter complected people, they assert their superiority over the darker complected ones and mistreat them and the latter is induced by PRIDE… the same PRIDE that induces WHITE MEN to feel superior and better as to attempt to WIPE OUT OTHER CULTURES to replace them with his.

Think about the message that is being sent to the next generation… THINK ABOUT IT!

Be yourself… stop trying to approach WEALTHY-WHITE-MALE-SET-STANDARDS of status, beauty, happiness… YOU MOST LIKELY FAIL MISERABLY and even if you SUCCEED you WILL BE UNFULFILLED BECAUSE OF IT b/c there is no amount of POSSESSIONS OF WEALTH that can replace TRUE FULFILLMENT that can only come from one's TRUE SELF-WORTH minus COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

If you’re a WOMAN be the best WOMAN that you can be…

If you’re a minority, be the best Black/Asian/Latino that you can be…

If you a wealthy minority (or particularly Black man), unless you're TRULY IN LOVE, there is no need to MARRY a WHITE WOMAN just to feel that YOU CAN NOW HAVE THE PRIZE that many WEALTHY WHITE MEN claim is the SYMBOL OF AMERICAN BEAUTY (a Blonde Bombshell). It is STUPID and prima facie evidence of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. And even if you're in love, you'll be quite SUSPECT! LOL


I have a light-skinned relative who lives in a predominantly White area like I have many times, but in her case, she always boasts how GREAT HER AREA IS and when she goes to URBAN Black areas she mentions how DARK PEOPLE LOOK and HOW DIRTY AND POOR THEY ARE and how much she can't wait to return home. In my case, I love the Black skin tone and love to roam around Blacks areas to look for opportunities to do business there.

That cousin of mine is STUPID and COGNITIVELY DISSONANT. Her pride in her complexion and that of her neighbor induced her to look down on people who are phenotypically superior to her just like ABEL was to CAIN. I always wanted to so tell her.

Dark complected people age more gracefully and Blacks are physiologically and spiritually superior to Whites even though Wealthy White men managed to replace the Black Jesus with a White Jesus and induced so many Non-Whites to believe that DESPITE BEING HATED BY WEALTHY WHITE MEN, they have to ADHERE to such men's standards in order to be deemed COMPETENT or SUCCESSFUL.

STOP ACTING LIKE A WEALTHY WHITE MALE… HELP YOUR OWN COMMUNITY... You are NOT ONE and if you ever become really LIKE ONE FINANCIALLY, you may be surprised to find out that MOST WEALTHY WHITE MALES are some of the most unfulfilled and unhappiest and greedy people in the World!

SOLUTION = Recognize Cognitive Dissonance and ERADICATE IT via PROFESSIONAL HELP!

Thanks fro Stopping By!


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