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WHY SOCIETY IS GUILTY/STUPID:  Why I Support/Forgive Those that Others Hate or Love to Hate!

Nota Bene: CAPS denote my writing style…*

In this article I am the first one to coin the term... "WHITE-ON-WHITE-CRIME" (for humor purposes)

WE/SOCIETY raise(s) people… we are responsible for their end results… we are responsible for the many STARS/CELEBRITIES that we idolize, and the many CHILD STARS that quite school and a normal life to entertain us… YET, once they start acting like DERANGED FOOLS, we turn on them and treat them like ANIMALS. We fail to save them... OUR GRACE has been INSUFFICIENT... Most of US in SOCIETY are being STUPID and are GUILTY of being UNWISE! We praise STUPIDITY and REALITY SHOWS every day. We condone STUPID PROGRAMS, Yet ABANDON GOD/SPIRITUALITY. We ain’t any better than COSBY, R. KELLY or TRUMP; we just have DIFFERENT FLAWS and commit different SINS!

We are NOT BALANCED… we are supposed to be MIND-BODY-SOUL balanced in raising our family but instead most of us are imbalance. I recall running a nanny agency that I founded and observing both rich parents worked away from home and deserting their children who were being raised by nannies/aux-pairs/strangers. Many of those children had emotional issues including Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorders (ADHD). Many of us are not staying in our relationships (and I am guilty of that as well) and thus many of us are single parents, who have to work and often our kids are raising themselves. And more perplexingly, we try to substitute or make up for our lack of human interactions with social media and natural possessions but as the FRENCH SAYING goes, ONE CAN NEVER RETRIEVE LOST TIME.

Societal issues should be dealt with both mentally/spiritually and physically/structurally… but it seems that the more CHURCHES we have the less SPIRITUAL we have become and the most STUPID our PEOPLE have gotten and THEY DO PERISH because of LACK OF WISDOM and they will DISAGREE with the WISE ONES.

THEY DID with JESUS, GANDHI, KING, GARVEY and other best ones of us ONLY to SELECTIVELY ADOPT what they FINALLY UNDERSTOOD after THEY DIED… My point is, America obviously EITHER HATE or LOVE TO HATE BLACK MEN... No other group is more disenfranchised and USED than Black men. They are used for THEIR PHYSIQUE IN SPORTS and as SEX SYMBOLS yet rebuked in almost all aspect of SOCIETY by a WHITE MALE RUN SYSTEMATICALLY RACIST SYSTEM. This is a matter of FACT! Some of us managed to be GENIUSES to outsmart the system, but just like WHITE MEN don't have to be even average to survive, neither should Black men or any man whatsoever.

Human beings are flawed and sometimes they hate things that they should appreciate and at others times they appreciate things that they should have hated. I prefer to go the opposite way nearly every time. And I’ll admit that I have played the DEVIL’S ADVOCATE role more than I could have ever anticipated considering that my parents were the opposite as Christian pastors.

PEOPLE go to CHURCHES, MOSQUES and SYNAGOGUES because they are SPIRITUALLY SICK. They are looking for help from GOD, ALLAH, JEHOVAH, JOSHUA or whatever other names you want to give to the ALMIGHTY.

MODERNLY, we seem to want to take care of EVERYTHING perfectly EXCEPT OUR SPIRITS, yet we are surprised to find out just how EVIL some of us can be. NO SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE to SUPPRESS OUR EVIL NATURE.

I don’t like when HUMAN BEINGS attack any other human beings like an angry crowd. I FEEL LIKE I AM GETTING ATTACKED AS WELL… I feel like I may also be attacked on a particular issue, with which I disagree with MOST and trust me, I do have plenty of such issues in my reservoir. MANY OF US OUT THERE ARE STUPID. Trust me!


Many of those that were HATED were RIGHT. Jesus was, Galileo was, Dr. King was, and so was Ghandi and Einstein. And those that are/were wrong WERE MOSTLY victims of our human flaws (unless they had some mental disorder)… Some of us FAILED TO RAISE THEM RIGHT… and many of us TAUGHT THEM THE WRONG VALUES… SOCIETY is AT FAULT… WE SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL FOR RAISING THEM WITH THE WRONG VALUES… they went to our SCHOOLS, OUR CHURCHES and lived in OUR NEIGHBORHOODS…. Give me a darn break.

I don’t like when SOME HUMAN BEINGS have a HOLIER THAN THOU attitude towards others. I don’t like when WHITES have it towards BLACKS and OTHER GROUPS. Nor did I like it when OBAMA said that TRUMP would never become POTUS. I know what it’s like to be limited by OTHERS. I am a Black man and have had WHITE PROFESSORS, COLLEAGUES, CLIENTS and even FRIENDS tell me things that would make you PUKE. Yet, I remained professional and kind and expressed my true feelings and learned from them and often get their money in the process as well.


Go ahead Mr. or Ms. HOLY, CAST THE FIRST STONE! You attack everyone and when a GUY like TRUMP attacks you as a BULLY IN CHIEF you can’t handle it. PERHAPS GOD realized that is exactly what you deserved as YOU (PARTICULARLY THE MEDIA OR FAKE NEWS ) ARE A BULLY DO. TRUST ME!

We are ALL SINNERS and we ALL fall short of God’s GRACE. If you’re Christian, your belief should be that you’re saved by GRACE and not holiness or sinlessness. The Blood of Christ and your belief and baptism are what will have saved you. And the latter equate into A CLEANER HEART and A RIGHT SPIRIT. Not what others see or the SHOWS that people put on like POLITICIANS to be LIKED or to be politically correct. YOU KNOW YOUR HEART and SO DOES GOD!


WE want to incarcerate a bunch of rich Black men for morality crimes while most of their White counterparts are roaming free. We want to label TRUMP as the ultimate racist because he speaks his heart, when others are claiming to love Blacks yet are MORE RACIST THAN TRUMP ARE in their hearts.

“Keeping it Real” is in the Black culture… perhaps TRUMP keeps it real than most of those other White folks … Perhaps R. Kelly kept it more real than the Heffners of the World and all the other White dudes like Woody Allen who never served one day in jail or were not even charged for any acts that they might have committed.

COME ON NOW… Far too many of us are so BAMBOOZLED that they could HATE US with RACISM A MILLION TIMES and we would think it’s the truth… We love to follow the HERD and love to listen to CNN, FOX and all… FAKE NEWS… We love that stuff.

Cohen v. TRUMP – or should I call it “WHITE ON WHITE CRIME”

Now this is comical. The White man who once claimed that he’d take a BULLET for TRUMP has turned into TRUMP HATER EXTRAORDINAIRE… This is the trend that I will call “WHITE ON WHITE CRIME” in the TRUMP ERA. Call it TRUMPISM, but TRUMP is the first WHITE MAN who had the guts to insult the richest American political and financial dynasties and got away with it by becoming the POTUS... GEEZ, if he is a CONMAN, he is a SUCCESSFUL and MASTER/CLEVER ONE. LOL

What? Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to hear a racist White Dude calling another WHITE DUDE racist... It's like the POT calling the KETTLE BLACK as one of my dear friends would say...

I don't like TRAITORS/RATS no matter what their color, race or national origins are... I think that when possible it is always better to stay LOYAL to most people with whom we shared amazing moments of achievements and failures and that is even to those who may not be too LOYAL...

In my decades of living in America, I have never seen WHITE FOLKS rat on White folks as much as they have under TRUMP... Wow, Trump must have really gotten under the skins of some serious White dudes out there that they truly conspired to DESTROY HIM. Unluckily for them, they didn’t realize JUST HOW THUGGISH and GANSTA TRUMP really was.

It seems that TRUMP has DE-WHITIFied America too... Geez, that dude is gangsta... HE is BLACKER than Obama could have ever been on POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and other issues.

I mean… I do play devil’s advocate a lot for the reasons that I mentioned above. But, COHEN, a WHITE DUDE who was Trump's former lawyer calling the POTUS a "conman, racist and cheat" is more sensational than any Hollywood star...NOW EASY NOW Mr. HOLY WHITE DUDE, TRUMP may be RACIST and a CONMAN, but you were his LAWYER and if he is, SO WERE YOU because you did everything he asked you to do you PLUS you are not in a lawsuit with him but breaching your FIDUCIARY DUTIES to save your own skin. You are a PROVEN LIAR yourself. SO, he may be a racist CONMAN, but he is OUR RACIST CONMAN, and you are a disgraced lawyer, who is trying to score some JAIL POINTS because as he sits in the highest office in the World, you are sitting in JAIL... So, leave our RACIST CONMAN alone... he seems to have conned you quite well... He seems to also be a CLEVER RACIST CONMAN!

MR. COHEN, please leave our CLEVER RACIST CONMAN POTUS alone, will ya? LOL

By the way, he is no longer your client. His new name is your FORMER BOSS and MR. PRESIDENT or MR. POTUS or 45...

The moral of the story is… Stop being so happy to BRING OTHERS DOWN especially if you are Black as today you’re cheering their demise, and Tomorrow many of your best friends may be cheering on yours… Don’t kick ANYONE while S/he is down… BE YOUR BROTHER’S KEEPER not when they are doing great and you need something from them, but when LIFE has thrown them some curve balls as well. And if you’re spiritual, and HOLY and GODLY, THEN PRAY FOR YOUR BROTHER/SISTER for PEACE, and SPIRITUAL HEALING. Being happy for your BROTHER’S/SISTER’S DEMISE is EVIL at best!

Be good to your Brother or sister. Be kind, forgive those that offended you… and ask GOD to CREATE IN YOU A CLEAN HEART and RENEW A RIGHT SPIRIT WITHIN YOU, then perhaps you may become truly a GOOD PERSON as opposed to an ACTOR/ACTRESS who want to PORTRAY HIMSELF/HERSELF as HOLIER than his/her friends, brothers, colleagues and others.

You must FORGIVE else you'll PERISH in your own ARROGANCE... you must forgive TRUMP or R.KELLY, or Whitney Houston or EVEN their OFTEN EVIL WHITE AGENTS that only cared about their own PROFIT MARGINS and more often than not led them into a PATH OF DESPAIR.

OUR PRIORITIES ARE SCREWED UP... as we chase the RICHES that were initially ILL-GAINED by WEALTHY RACIST WHITE MEN, like them, we often forget the less fortunate, and even manage to hate each other for reminding us of our own miseries and shortcomings as we choose to LOVE THE RACIST WHITE MAN'S WEALTH... Some of us even even claim to be NATIVE, or WHITE even when we are clearly BLACK or non-Caucasian... we don't do enough for and with our children , and we often rebuke the homeless and mentally-challenged... we celebrate abortion/murder, we disrespect our elders, and far too often we ignore the laws of harvest and God! Far too many of us are COGNITIVELY DISSONANT as I accentuated in one of my articles. WE SHOULD KNOW BETTER AND DO BETTER BY OURSELVES AND GOD ELSE ONE OF US will induce OUR OWN PERIL which will be HUMAN DESTRUCTION in more likely THE LAST WAR!

Be a GRACE GIVER and not a STONE THROWER - We Accuse OTHERS of doing it, yet most of us (including the News Media and Social Media) and at times EVEN I do it too. We should STOP IT and become our BROTHERS'/SISTERS' KEEPERS!



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