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Black History Special: Chicago’s Past/Current Gifts to/from Blacks

NB: Caps denote my own writing style

There is, indeed, a *** SWEET HOME CHICAGO *** Feeling about CHICAGO!

The "oxymoronic" truth about Chicago is that it is a double-edged sword as it exposes both post-Slavery-driven Black vulnerability (e.g., gang-related crimes) in a City that also has a Mafia type of history and some of the most if not the most ultimate Black achievements in America. I normally don’t like to mention a list of Black FIRSTS become to me it is a reminder of how many talented Blacks were swept under the rug by a systematically-racist America. However, this is an exception as it accentuates both sides of the 3 issues and presents the options of the glass as being either viewed HALF-FULL or HALF-EMPTY. White (male) America still appears to be more open to being comfortable with Black females than White males, but there have been instances in which it shows that it is willing to work with neutral-thinking Black males as well as long as no militancy stance are shown against the status quo or as long as they can give a speech of ONE AMERICA like President Obama did. America needs to stop assassinating the character of both average and famous Black males for morality occurrences that are committed at the same rate as those of their White male counterparts.


Some of the most notable Black achievement that stemmed from Chicago can be itemized as follows:

1. As of February 28, 2019, the two Chicago Mayoral candidates that are scheduled for a run off are Black females, insuring that the next Mayor of the City of Chicago will be a Black Female for the first time.

RUN-OFF MAYORAL CANDIDATES: Lightfoot and Preckwinkle

I am very pleased with the choice of the City of Chicago and happy for all Chicagoans, particularly Black women and Blacks at large. HOWEVER, we must also realize that America (or Wealthy White American men) love to emasculate Black men, and one of the ways of so doing will be to allow Black females to become more societally-potent or financially-successful in America as to put most Black males who are already disproportionately affected by criminal records to have less authority leverage and succeed in mostly sports, music and/or entertainment but without any equity ownership that will render them as wealthy as their White male counterparts. Black females that are favored by Whites must remember that their favors came partially from White America’s disfavoring of Black men who are viewed as MILITANT or in disagreement with the White male created status quo. See my COGNITIVE DISSONANCE ARTICLE.

2. The First “Black” President of the U.S. (“PBOTUS”), namely, Barrack H. Obama and the First Black First Lady of the U.S. (FBLOTUS), namely the lovely Michelle Obama held the highest office of the land over the past decade for two-term presidency. Both of them found success from Chicago. Michelle was born and raised in Chicago and Obama became the person that he is by starting as a community organizer in Chicago and eventually made his way to the State and U.S. Senates.

3. Oprah Winfrey’s success as arguably the most successful talk show host in America if not the World stemmed from the City of Chicago.

Our Dear Oprah Winfrey - No Words

4. Michael Jordan’s success as arguably the most successful basketball player turned businessman had its genesis from the City of Chicago.

His AIRNESS: The Amazing Michael Jordan

5. Countless successful artists and figures such as Barrack Obama, Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, , Mohammed Ali, Quincy Jones (raised on the South Side), Sherri Shepherd, Mr. T (raised in the Robert T housing Projects, one of the poorest ones in Chicago), Kanye West, R. Kelly (born in Hyde Park and grew up in Bronzeville area of Chicago), Jennifer Hudson, Minnie Riperton, Common (grew up in Calumet Heights neighborhood), Don Cornelius (was raised in Bronzeville, a few blocks from Beautiful Hyde Park where I live), Bernie Mac (South Side), Curtis Mayfield (raised in the Cabrini Green projects, Twista (raised in the Lawndale neighborhood), Chaka Khan (raised in Hyde Park) and many notable others call Chicago home and boast about Chicago in their musical masterpieces.

6. Harold Washington became Chicago’s first Black Male Mayor by beating notable foes or dynasties after he got degrees from notable universities including a law degree at Northwestern, running on a message of unification and inclusion.

7. Chicago itself was founded by a Black Haitian man named Jean-Baptiste P. DuSable.

Black Haitian Founder of Chicago

There is something special about the City of Chicago. I love the entire City but I love supporting its array of successful Black-owned businesses (I encourage you to do the same in your area as well). While it is a City that is segregated in different areas based on racial and culture backgrounds, it is still filled with seemingly endless pockets of diversified areas. While it is known for its violence, Chicagoans seem to be the kindest, considerate, communicative, and understanding people I have ever met no matter what their race, color and national origins are.

I moved to Chicago in a rather unexpected way, which was related to my Medical School attendance and in many ways I felt like nature tricked me to move to Chicago. I would have never chosen Chicago because the Windy City does not do a good job debunking its violence reputation. HOWEVER, upon arriving here, I discovered a NEW VERSION OF MYSELF and ESSENTIALLY heard God’s voice telling me to either stay in Chicago or maintain nexus with it for reasons that I will not disclose yet.

Nevertheless, I would like to assert that CHICAGO is a GREAT CITY FOR BLACK PEOPLE and ALL PEOPLE. Its architectural sites, museums, arts and galleries are second to none. It is as DIVIDED as it is UNITED. Upon arriving here the VOICE OF GOD told me that Chicago is the City that will set the best trends for the rest of America. At first, I was hoping that GOD was right, but now I realize that GOD is always 100% right.

Stay tuned and you’ll realize how amazingly GOD will use the people of Chicago, especially its BLACK PEOPLE in ways that you would never anticipated. I have visited Black-owned restaurants and venues (e.g., Ain’t She Sweet, Yassa, Goree, Norman Bistro, Chicago's Famous Home of Chicken and Waffles etc.) I have personally met the owners of “Ain’t She Sweet” and Yassa and they were some of probably one of the most UNFORGETTABLE HUMAN BEINGS I have ever met. Both Yassa and the Home of Chicken and Waffle are on the best Dr. Martin Luther King Drive I have ever seen in America (usually most MLK drives are in "crappy and run down" areas. My experience at some of those restaurants induced me to feel like I had never been to a love-centric restaurant or bistro before. Moreover, I have met Black minds who have made me feel like I had never met clever American minds before.

YASSA SENEGALESE RESTAURANT & OWNERS -- I Love Practicing my French There...

But My Taste Buds Love the Place Too, LOL


YUM.. This Career Jerk Chicken Wrap is DELIIIIICIOUS!

AIN'T SHE SWEET is amazing... Very healthful and Even the Restroom is Immaculately decorated There... One can Feel the Creative Black Female Touch All Over that Place...


OMG... this place is amazing... The PASTOR HARRIS BREAKFAST (created after a certain local PASTOR made me want to catch the HOLY GHOST or something)... and their CHICKEN will make you feel like you've never had chicken in your life. My TASTE BUDS are literally running as I type this now..

There are also so many other Black or other non-mainstream restaurants (e.g., Latino, Asian), and a seemingly endless array of mainstream restaurants and bars in Chicago that are busy both during the Winter and the Summer. HOWEVER, CHICAGO SUMMERS are second to none. If you can man/woman enough to handle the HARSH WINTERS or return after they depart, then it's worth it to be here during the CHICAGO SUMMERS, TRUST ME! Even chilling by Lake Michigan on the lovely Lake Shore is PRICELESS!

I am excited to observe how GOD will help the NEXT BLACK (FEMALE) MAYOR set a positive tone for ALL CHICAGOANS, but particularly BLACK ONES, and more specifically young BLACK MALES.

The gist of my ministry is reminding people to have MOTIVATION + FAITH and reminding society of the raw deal that is given to Black males and particularly Young Black Males, many of whom have unnecessary criminal records that will have severely affected their access to many meaningful societal opportunities. I have written an article a while ago entitled THE BROKEN BLACK BOY (BBB) SYNDROME. I encourage you to read clink of the latter.

Stay tuned for my recently adopted CITY’S ACHIEVEMENTS and trust me, you’ll hear of NEWS that will emanate from Chicago because segregated or not, the hearts of the people of Chicago are REALISTIC, UNDERSTANDING and RESOLUTE about maintaining the right STATUS QUO and they are SO PROUD OF THEIR OBAMA… LOL… and even as a non-Liberal I have to be happy for them too.

One last note – the Black men of Chicago (from the THUG to the CEO) are some of the most DEPTH and BREADTH thinking men I have ever met. I have yet to meet a Black man who did not show me respect or attention (HINTS to OTHER PARTS OF AMERICA). HOLIER THAN THOU/CAST THE FIRST STONE article because I need to get back to work. I have even met men that are gang members or even killers that trusted me because I showed mutual respect. And YES, I do call them friends too unlike most HOLIER THAN THOU CHRISTIANS that couldn't be FARTHER AWAY from the MESSAGE OF CHRIST. Many are well-traveled and educated, yet most are HUMBLE and AWARE of the main racial issues that plague BOTH SIDES OF AMERICA. Quite frankly, in America, two sides get discussed the MOST, the Black side, and the White side, unless one starts mentioning GAYS and ME2s (WOMEN) modernly who have piggy-backed on the Black-started CIVIL RIGHTS moment as any Black-assured RIGHTS are benefited by ALL, including the WHITE MAN himself… ALL OTHERS (e.g., Asians, Native Americans) remain rather invisible in American politics. The latter is exactly why it is so easy for those other groups to discriminate against the African American. Many of those invisible groups may like certain Blacks yet hold stereotypes that are even deeper than those held by White men against the Black Man. Many have expressed them to me because I am quite democratic in my dialogues. MUTUAL RESPECT is important… many educated and uppity Blacks and far too many Whites look down on gang bangers and the homeless… to be honest, no matter how well I am doing, thanks to the lovely people that raised me, my attitude is always, BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, I might have had to have resorted to the same lifestyle. And for that I will refer you to my

So, my friends, this article was my Black History Month gift to you via CHICAGO/HYDE PARK (Obama-Land)… LOL… I hope you will have enjoyed it… If not, I’m sorry, I will not apologize for my research-grounded perception of the TRUTH. But remember that the NEXT TRULY SOLID BLACK LEADERS will have SPRUNG FORTH from the amazing City of Chicago, which was founded by a Black man (DuSable) who coincidentally came from my now impoverished country of birth.

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