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Called & Elected To Help Accomplish a Prophetic Promise/Favor For a Special People

NOTE: CAPS denote my own writing style. I am not screaming.

My late mother (a highly spiritual and Godly lady, philanthropist, and Pastor's wife) often reminded me that I was "called" and "chosen" (i.e., elected) for a special mission... And as I become more mature I often felt like I was being prepared through many unorthodox paths for a RATHER UNIQUE MISSION.

Although I was raised in a particular church system, I became a pastor for a year in a different church system and spent many months giving sermons in Orlando, Florida. However, when I was given the Church to pastor as the main pastor, my ex and I rejected the Church along with a house. The rebellion that I have had many times before kicked back in, including the excuses (i.e., my own imperfections.) I was even angrier at GOD and life after losing my late Mother and Aunt. And recently I recalled that many of those that were CALLED and ELECTED did REBEL at first. MOSES did and most of spiritual leaders that are chosen/elected are also often chosen for a REBELLIOUS PEOPLE. And trust me, Black people are a rebellious people by virtue of their unique human and spiritual experience.

In Exodus 3/4 Moses begged God to send someone else as Moses did not exactly see himself as being a spokesperson for God. Thus, when God "CALLED" Moses to lead the ISRAELITES out of EGYPT, his first reaction was DISBELIEF. And even God assured Moses, he still begged God to send someone else. You see, Moses was raised as an Egyptian prince while his fellow Israelites LABORED AS SLAVES, he had COMMITTED MURDER, and thus had to flee EGYPT, and spent 40 years in the wilderness as a shepherd, and he was also SPEECH-IMPAIRED. The amazing thing is that SO WAS I. And for years, I was afraid to tackle any task because of MY STUTTERING. People used to make fun of me and it did affect my self-esteem at times and I avoided anything that had to do with LEADERSHIP until I got to my late 20's or early 30's. But, back to Moses, it wasn't until he was 80 that he was given the duties to lead the Israelites by GOD, and despite the fact that MOSES doubted and thought differently, God's ways were certainly not his ways as God knew that Moses was the right man for the job. Countless times in the Bible, God uses the most unlikely people to accomplish the most extraordinary things. With God's help, Moses stood before Pharaoh and delivered God's messages, performed signs and miracles, and led his people to freedom. I believe that I am tasked with the same task in America and the World when it comes to Americans, America and Black people at large. I haven't been SILENT on RACE ISSUES in America. I have been LABORING behind the scene on the race issue for years. I helped coin one of the country's first research-based race discussion site over a decade ago and lately have been running I have also helped get people on talk shows and co-wrote the Dave Myers story (Biracial Pretextually Skin-Diseased Boy Story) culminating with Dave Myers appearing on Dr. Phil and countless other media all over the World.

I have always had a spirit of discernment. Even when my temper or anger kicked in, or when things were not going to go a particular way, I knew exactly where I was erring and was my harshest critic internally. And having been baptized of water and the Holy Ghost, the spirit of God clearly has never left me. But, it wasn't until a few years ago, that I started to feel that something special was about to happen to me. Subsequently, I realized that my Mother was 100% right when while driving in Chicago I "heard" something along the line of "I AM GOING TO USE YOU FOR A SPECIAL MISSION IN CHICAGO -- AN AMAZING YET DIVIDED CITY -- BUT I WILL BLESS YOU HERE SO THAT YOU WILL BLESS THE OPPRESSED & COUNTRY AT LARGE (ESPECIALLY OPPRESSED BLACK PEOPLE) BECAUSE THE BLESSINGS OF THE OPPRESSED/ Particularly BLACKS WORLDWIDE WILL BE CATALYZED BY THE BLESSINGS OF THE OPPRESSED/BLACKS OF CHICAGO." Of course, I kept dismissing it all, because spiritually, I did not feel ready yet, but I kept seeing signs and I started sharing this PROPHETIC PROMISE with many people who kept saying that it is special and amazing. After all, if it can happen in Chicago ("ChIraq"), it can happen anywhere! CHICAGO is the most lovely place that I have ever lived in... I am pleased to have a chance to give back starting out from Chicago... and GOD did BLESS ME in CHICAGO... Please read on to find out what the PROPHETIC PROMISE is.


When Ray Charles sang... "AMERICA, THE BEAUTIFUL"... America... God shed his "GRACE"(FAVOR) on thee... Crown thy Good with BROTHERHOOD... it became one of the most powerful songs that had even been sung. WHY?


Despite the fact that the Founding Fathers ended up owning Black slaves, their INITIAL INTENTS were PURE. AS SUCH GOD FAVORED America... In other words, God's grace was on America and as such they were able to FRAME A CONSTITUTION with unique CHECKS and BALANCES under a three-tier system of government (legislative, executive and judiciary) that is second to none.

They freed themselves as a British colony in order to ACHIEVE FREEDOMS (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) and ultimately had to beat seemingly insurmountable odds to create a number of States, starting with 13 an ending with 50, which they called "UNITED" STATES as ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL!

In criminal law (which governs public wrongs), INTENT is very important (except in strict liability crimes). In other words, it does matter what one's initial intent was. SLAVERY was created to see Blacks that were brought from Africa as chattel (personalty) as a way of dehumanizing them in order to use them in inhumane ways to achieve commercial gains or profits on plantations. It was a means to an end, and a lot of Whites become very wealthy because of it. And the remnants of such dehumanization remains until today in the psyche of many Whites (who feel superior) and many Blacks (who may still feel inferior).

Blacks were wronged and even after they were freed, they were still mentally enslaved. Moreover they were promised "40 Acres and a Mule" in an era in which they could have used it to self-enrich and progress and equalize the playing field.

Blacks need to be made "whole" by being GIVEN ACCESS and only GOD can facilitate it THROUGH FAITH... LIMITLESS FAITH that many Blacks will have so that they will RECEIVE GOD'S FAVOR/GRACE via those who are EMPOWERED via OPPORTUNITIES/ACCESS/FAVOR and BROTHERLY LOVE. However, on the contrary, White never delivered on their promise and THE PLAYING FIELD remain UNLEVELED.

Blacks have been LABORING fervently for centuries now for equality (an evened playing field) in America, but they have YET to receive AMERICA'S FAVOR/GRACE like many other groups have. Only God-inspired FAVOR/GRACE and BROTHERLY/SISTERLY LOVE will help even the playing field for America's Blacks.

God is USING ME in SPECIAL WAY to LOVINGLY TELL AMERICA to "LET GOD'S PEOPLE GO!"... GIVE THEM/US access to the same PRIVILEGES... Let them be truly part of that ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for "ALL" and let that ALL truly represent ALL AMERICANS!

But Blacks Americans need to have a different level of FAITH in order to receive GOD'S FAVOR, which will translate into the favors/graces of WEALTHY WHITES and OTHERS (including WEALTHY BLACKS). It is starting to happen, but I AM SURE That it can happen at a whole new dimension.

My spiritual mission is to help accomplish the PROPHETIC PROMISE that I received by helping equip Blacks with the type of LIMITLESS FAITH that will so induce/catalyze.


A believer’s “calling” is God’s drawing him to salvation. Peter alludes to this calling when he speaks of God “who called us by his own glory and goodness” (2 Peter 1:3). A believer’s “election” is God’s selection of him to be saved from before time began. The doctrine of election or predestination is taught elsewhere in the Bible, too (see Romans 8:29–30; Ephesians1:5, 11; Colossians 3:12; 1 Thessalonians 1:4; and 2 Timothy 2:10).


To catalyze and encourage America Replace the unfulfilled White America's "40 Acres and a Mule" promise, with that of "TRUE UNITY, LOVE, OPPORTUNITIES and FAVOR or GRACE for ALL, but especially BLACK PEOPLE." Owning land modernly will not immediately bring the prosperity that it used to bring back in the days, and it is no longer practical anyway. HOWEVER, being given special favors and opportunities in the business sectors will have the moral equivalent of this unfulfilled promise. And so will loving Blacks and their contributions to this great land. There is a plethora of opportunities that Blacks Americans haven't had accessed to because of COVER DISCRIMINATION. These are the same opportunities that other groups have access to effortless just by simply being Non-Black.

Recently, as I read an article that was written by Rev. Dr. R.M. Spooney in his study of JOSHUA 1:6-7 of the Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, I was further encouraged to SUPPRESS MY REBELLION and embark on this very mission. His mention of Joshua 1: 6-7 (NV) "BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS FOR YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WILL LEAD THESE PEOPLE TO POSSESS THE LAND I SWORE TO THEIR ANCESTORS THAT I WOULD GIVE THEM"...

... I immediately remembered the VISION that GOD had given me when I first arrived in Chicago. And also realized that CHICAGO is a special place which has been the GENESIS of the CALLING AND ELECTION of many special people (e.g., Obama, Oprah, Jesse Jackson, Farrakhan, Mohamed Ali etc.)... Modernly, LABORING for rights and opportunities that are freely given to others. being GIVEN THE LAND is analogous to being FAVORED or receiving GRACE or being GIVEN ACCESS TO OPPORTUNITIES without

Dr. Spooney mentioned that "GOD LOOKED BEYOND where JOSHUA is NOW and saw HOW and WHAT JOSHUA was going to me in the FUTURE." the latter either further opened up my eyes or it reminded me that we shouldn't worry about what others will think of us in being STRONG and COURAGEOUS when when are ELECTED and SELECTED by GOD for a VERY SPECIAL MISSION. He further added: "You see, the reality of life is that some people will never get to see who you are becoming in life because they are too focused on who you are. But GOD has a STRATEGY, and unless I/YOU follow it I/You will be stranded in the PRESENT."

GOD IS WITH ME... I feel it... and as Dr. Spooney mentioned, "GOD WANTS US TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN ALL AREAS OF OUR LIVES"... but GOD has to be WITH US!

In mentioning GENESIS 39: 2-3... he said "the LORD was with Joseph, and he was a SUCCESSFUL MAN" and in mentioning or looking over 1 SAMUEL 18:14 he said "David continued to SUCCEED in everything he did, for THE LORD was with him."

Today, I continue forgive ALL MY ENEMIES as I have been FAVORED by GOD by having LIMITLESS FAITH and and have beenSUCCEEDING in AMAZING WAYS lately.

I believe my message of LIMITLESS FAITH is what Blacks in America and Worldwide need to apply in order to achieve the very ELUSIVE DREAM of "EQUALITY" that Dr. King had... "in which one would not be judged by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character."

Dr. KING had a DREAM that he didn't get to see realized, but I received a PROPHETIC PROMISE for a new era and THROUGH I have LIMITLESS FAITH to see the ACCOMPLISHMENT of this Prophetic promise for IF GOD IS FOR ME, NO ONE CAN BE AGAINST ME!

I believe one's LIMITLESS FAITH in God can conquer ANY OBSTACLES and catalyze one to reach ANY GOALS 100% in one way or another!

Thank you for reading this very important article and if you feel inspired by God to join this mission (no matter what your color, creed, national origin or religion is), you are welcome to contact me at:

Dr. Spooney... if you're ready this... for some reason I feel a spiritual connection with you after reading your article. Perhaps you can be one of my spiritual mentors/leaders for this mission. Thus, if you are interested, please feel free to reach me at:


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