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Devil Advocacy against Those Who Hate TRUMP!

Matthew 12:37 New King James Version (NKJV)

37 "For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.

This applies to the POTUS and everyone else as well, obviously… because we all end up talking about so much too much especially with the advent of social media platforms… as to me, I simply prefer to write consequential articles as to cover solutions for systemic and complex issues that I have been analyzing for years and hopefully induce others to think from a more objective angle and do so with more intellectual ammunition or at least add to knowledge-base from which logical inferences can be made.

Devil’s Advocate -- One who argues against a cause or position either for the sake of argument or to help determine its validity.

DISCLOSURE: CAPS denote my own writing style… I PROMISE that I am NOT an ANGRY BLACK MAN… That’s the OLD ME… the new ME is the happiest man on EARTH (smile).

Read this article in its entirety and I assure you that it will give you an amazingly enticing view of yourself, America and the World as to find true purpose and understanding even in what seems to be crazy to you on the surface. YOU WILL THANK ME LATER! Have fun!

Time to reason children… We do live on a GREAT LAND… one that has overcome incredible ODDS. There was a time when A MAN who looks like me would not have known how to READ AND WRITE because of not being allowed to do so based on my immutable characteristics (e.g., race, color etc) or my phenotype (anatomical structure (e.g., lovely wide nose, and amazingly and usefully full lips (smile)). Things have changed drastically, but the remnants of our past will always persist and can only be suppressed by minds that are reasonable. This is your critically-thinking, non-herd following Brother, Peter “Pete” Lorins. I write this article with 100% love, a clean heart and a right spirit. I am fine no matter what you think of it. It will not bother me at all if you disagree but please read it with an open mind in its entirety prior to concluding. But, it is based on my core which involves my life in the Caribbean, in the United States for over three decades, my deep faith in Almighty God and my truth, altruism-and/or-philanthropy-based life purpose.

Whether you like Trump or not let us all start by agreeing on 2 Facts

(1) As the First Black Billionaire Black Entertainment Television (BET) founder, Mr. Johnson, who gave Trump an A+ for the economy said: "the economy is doing great..." and in the end it is all about tax breaks to the right people and other ways of stimulating investor confidence; " "At the end of the day, the American people are looking for someone who can deliver economically and deliver on opportunities," Johnson concluded... While he encouraged Trump to "step back a little bit from some of his showmanship," the first black billionaire insisted that the president deserves credit for the economy — and that will bolster his chances in 2020."

(2)Trump can be an equal opportunity offender because he doesn't beat around the bush. And thus different people can easily attempt deceptively characterize or mis-characterize for their own perceived version of him (e.g., racist, misogynist etc) and perception is reality, at least to most untrained and highly bias-centric minds.

I aspire to become a Billionaire in the future, thus when the first Black billionaire utters something of that nature from the objective angle of a Centrist Democrat and a great role model for any American, particularly Black American men, I feel proud for also believing and understanding that the DEMs fell for the trap and have been moving too far left...

"If business people are concerned about anything, it’s the clear, clear partisan politics that’s become very wicked and very mean. And that’s not helping the American people, and it’s not helping America as a global nation," Mr. Johnson told CNBC... See, once you become truly wealthy, you start thinking of LIMITATIONS (e.g., race, color, gender) less and less and you become more objective and are able to look at a man for his character rather than his shortcomings. I am not as wealthy as Mr. Johnson is yet, but by the time I get to be his age I assure you that I will be.

In the end, as the popular says goes: "it is all about the economy, stupid!" (Smile).

I just found out that the U.S. House of Representatives passes the Democrats’ resolution to condemn the perhaps ill-contextualized Trump’s call for Congresswomen to “go back” to other countries… I am not surprised about it at all… I didn’t like the way it was said or interpreted, but as a TRUMP supporter, I understand what he meant, and how it can be mischaracterized or characterized. YET, in the end, the latter will only motivate Trump’s base and future electorates. But most can agree on the fact time, only time will tell… however, my hunch is that it will help motivate his base w/ his 2020 campaign. The phrase “GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM” is probably one of the most well-known phrases that have been used against foreigners or immigrants. It is human nature. But I do admit that we don’t expect to “heart” it from the POTUS. So, as a supporter, I do apologize for the tone and timing and potential context because in life as in love, timing is everything!

It can be argued that America as a whole can be as United as it can be divided on issues and through its laws and ideals. And often America can be quite racist as it views itself through the standards set mostly by a White majority. So, undoubtedly America is like a sometimes racist and race-neutral enigma concurrently. It is from the remnants of its past, yet that still pales in comparison to its greatness in its diversity as a melting pot that is like a microcosm of the World. In short, all the genetic codes of the World have a link in America. Trump understand ms that. He is just frustrated... the same people in the House that passed a resolution against Trump's presumably racist Tweets are probably just as racist as he is. Most of us are somewhat racist, but that doesn't make us evil or ineffective!

America and Black and Immigrant Misconceptions

It is our land now too. But, back in the founding days, Blacks were personal property or chattel brought here to be use as mere tools. Blacks didn't necessarily arrive here to build anything as owners or partners. They had no possessory or ownership interests.

Many parts of the World which were previously occupied or highly influenced by European occupiers still maintain a mixture of an “old World” mentality with a European twist. One can see it as an old World tribal or caste mentality as evidenced in Africa and India. And many of areas have highly unorganized countries except the oil-rich Arab ones. Thus it is no secret that only some Asians (e.g., Japan and parts of China) and Europeans are still dominating the developed World.

Blacks, Mexican, Indians, and other non-Whites have yet to build a true and advanced or developed country anywhere in the World because of this aforementioned mentality, which of course is mixed with a remnant of European dominance – for instance, the British influence is obvious in India, Nigeria and Jamaica, and the French one is evident in Haiti, Guadeloupe, and Martinique; as Spanish influence is evidence in the Philippines and the Dominican Republic among other places, and of course the Dutch one is just as noticeable in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao… In the end, it creates a divergence of thoughts with people who aligned more with the thinking of their former masters and occupiers, and those that do with that of their ancestors. However, without a balancing act, the end result is the same and it is can be called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE – INDUCED DISCORD and Head Ni*ger in Charge Syndrome...

I discuss the Head Nig*er (or Non-White Male) in Charge (H.N.I.C) problem below...

Mexican, Muslim and Other Immigrant Hypocrisy

Please just try to go to a Country that is a Muslim religious state and fail to abide to their laws. You will either be stoned to death or severely punished or killed in other ways yet in America the sane people expect not to abide by Immigration laws or other laws.

By the way, did you know that Mexicans are deeply frustrated with immigrants after a year of heightened migration from Central America through the country, according to a survey conducted by The Washington Post and Mexico’s Reforma newspaper.

According to that survey, “more than 6 in 10 Mexicans say migrants are a burden on their country (i.e., Mexico) because they take jobs and benefits that should belong to Mexicans. A 55 percent majority supports deporting migrants who travel through Mexico to reach the United States.Those findings defy the perception that Mexico — a country that has sent millions of its own migrants to the United States, sending billions of dollars in remittances — is sympathetic to the surge of Central Americans. Instead, the data suggests Mexicans have turned against the migrants transiting through their own country, expressing antipathy that would be familiar to many supporters of President Trump north of the border.

Haitian immigrants and other immigrant groups ask the US to treat them favorably in the US yet at home they treat their fellow poorer countrymen worse than animals are treated in the U.S. (at least Animals have rights in the U.S... Two Words: "Michael Vyck"... but the bottom line is that many of my fellow immigrants are hypocrites… I can go on and on...and until TRUMP surfaced even I also had some Immigrant Hypocrisy Issues (“IHI”), and realizing them by thinking outside the box, it induced me to have more allegiance to the U.S., to the point that after a few decades, I decided to do whatever it took to become a U.S. Citizen.

I don’t know about other countries, but I am sure that Haitians (too many Black ones and especially many White and mulatto/bi-or-multiracial Haitians) and I have been told that Indians have sold their countrymen/women out, contribute to a slavery/occupation-remnant COLORISM as to put down the darker majority and present lighter-skinned people as more beautiful… just to fill up their own pockets with millions. In Haiti, at least, they do so because they don’t care about the Black nation who became the first Black republic to defeat the mightiest European army of its time. They too have the mixture of the “Old World” and Head Ni*ger/Minority in Chief mentality with the goal of emulating their former conquerors with emulating the fact that Europeans have worked hard to create developed societies in which the “rule of law”, education and prosperity can persist to/and in most if not all.


First of all… TRUMP is a business man (and not a politician). He said it many times during the campaign… He is actually the country’s OLDEST PRESIDENT and the first president who has tried to do everything that he promised to do during his campaign no matter how politically in correct or unpopular it is. That is a trait of a businessman. He was also quite unfiltered and politically incorrect during the campaign (including with his TWEETS), thus unless people thought he was acting, I don’t see how he could have magically become a different person after he was elected. The fact is that he did try “taming” himself as much as he could, but the more he tried the more he was attacked by the Left and Media. So, he unleashed “THE TRUMP” in the end (smile); and yet again, for good or bad reasons, everyone is talking about none other than America’s Master Marketer and Brander.

Most entrepreneurs wouldn't even run because like politics business can induce one to take advantage of many loopholes… most of the people that become very wealthy may tend to rather crooked background... For instance, Rick Scott’s health care facilities overcharged the federal government in Florida for which he had to settle and there are countless cases involving all types of deal-making maneuvers. I have worked with wealthy men before, and their world is not a World that the bottom 99% will ever understand. A great percentage worked hard for their money, yet many might have even inherited their money from OLD (slave) MONEY (but that was LEGAL then, even though it was IMMORAL)… there is a difference. That's why the WEALTHY hire lobbyists or politicians to run for them... What do you think DONATIONS are about? Why would a candidate have a base? There is always an implied agreement? A pseudo-bribe of some sort… TRUMP happens to be one of the GUTSY ONES who was BRAVE enough to run anyway (despite being a businessman and his knowledge of his entrepreneurial maneuvers), only because he felt that he could handle the heat and in his 70's as the oldest president he has more stamina than most 20-year olds that I know of... Let us not look at him as a Wealthy person, or as a White man, or as one who talks or tweets too much… Let’s look at HOW LONG he has been flirting with the idea of running for POTUS… yet many never took him seriously… But he tried, and persevered and became our country’s oldest POTUS. Had I been his Father, I would have been proud of him. It doesn’t matter what his RACE is… it is a major achievement. Heck, I am Black, but because I studied him over the years and understand him and his triumphs, flaws, and comebacks, I am still proud of him. See, that’s NON-RACIST! The converse, thinking of him in terms of his race and utterances or TWEETS alone and attributing it all to his race is RACIST… Words alone are NEVER ENOUGH… and in a separate article I can prove to you that while he may prefer that America maintains a White majority (after all he is White), his main purpose is to make vet immigrants and create a true immigration meritocracy based on existing rule of law.

We do have a constitution with rather “sacred and hard-earned” Bill of Rights and Civil Rights laws that are incorporated by reference. Moreover, we do have term limits so that people SHOULD feel less adversarial and allow each POTUS and his administration to do achieve their reasonable missions pursuant to discretions or powers allotted to them by a checks-and-balance living document known as the U.S. Constitution. I have personally witnessed the U.S. Supreme court, which is conservative by majority (thanks to Trump) block many of Trump’s plans, so have other Federal courts. Those things should keep us all tempered. Instead, many of us have embarked on a HATRED MARCH against the President and everything that he does. So, as people call his approaches “UN-AMERICAN’, their reactions to his unorthodox and non-political business-centric no-non-sense approaches are also nothing short of the same (i.e., un-American). We all have our own quirks, idiosyncrasies, pet peeves, and people that we either like or dislike, but to want the another person’s head on a platter (especially the POTUS) is what is called a CRIMINAL INTENT (mens rea) in criminal law… And many people wrongfully expressed that they want the POTUS’ head on a platter or want him assassinated. The latter my friends, is IMMORAL and HORRIBLE… some of you even make those assertions on Social Media. And the latter is rather reckless.

I have heard it all… I have heard people ask for the assassination of President TRUMP in as many creative ways as my brain could process. The latter is second bested only by the same time of sentiments that were displayed towards Obama. The latter proves that despite being BROTHERS as Americans evidenced by peaceful transfers of power between administrations, we still have SIBLING RIVALRY issues. YET -- Americans are still very decent to each other and even foreigners or immigrants compared to so many other places around the World, and America is still a country to which many are flocking, hence why IMMIGRATION became a debate… The last time I went to HAITI 90% of people I spoke to wanted to come to America… My goal was to tell them that it’s not always as easy to make it in America as they may believe. They have to achieve legalization, learn the language, become educated, and many times thy have to start from scratch. But, in reality, can I blame them? America is still the land of limitless opportunities. That’s exactly why people are risking their lives to come here. And for sure America should remain a beacon of hope for those that are seeking liberties that their homelands failed them about; however, like the POTUS I believe that they must come here LEGALLY.

Don’t forget that THE SAME WHITE MEN that we are calling RACISTs are still the wealthiest men on the land and control pretty much everything. Oprah is worth about $2 Billion and she is very rich, but Besos alone is worth $130 Billion. Think about it. And there are many other Besos-like White men out there… some may even hide their true wealth via tax avoidance schemes. WHITE MEN, unlike men of many other countries RELUCTANTLY accepted to change their own laws to allow WOMEN, BLACKS and OTHER NON-WHITE to become FULL Citizens of the land… However, like all human beings, they still can characterize or mischaracterize and still have stereotypes against other groups however suppressed they may be. And to think the latter will cease to exist altogether is wishful thinking. Human beings do so, and so do Presidents. I understand it more than most. And I have some dear White friends in America that have been there for me more than my entirely family combined during business deals and times of mourning… I have met perfect White strangers who were more understanding and empathetic than many of my own relatives. Accordingly, I am not PREPARED to believe that MOST WHITE AMERICANS are as EVIL or RACIST as they are portrayed to be. SURE, many have racist views, but so do I at times… Sure, many have their fears about non-Whites, but so do I at times. True, many don’t like the idea of non-Whites taking over America especially it if is for the worse… but to their defense, no majority group in the World is dying to relinquish power… At least the man is standing for his country, and race… many of us never once stand for our brothers and sisters in our homelands… we belittle them and treat them as inferiors ONLY to come here to criticize the White man when he does the same to us. Many of you are HYPOCRITES! You should be as tolerant as you have expected them to be to you at least sometimes.

Having now become a naturalized and highly educated American and created business structures/opportunities, jobs, technologies and true friendships here, it is MY DUTY to GIVE BACK particularly to the less fortunate… it is also my DUTY to be respectful and tolerant and to at least try to STAND IN THE SHOES of all Americans… we may not have the same upbringings, genetic contents, religions or tax bracket, but we are ALL inhabitants of America… and it is an amazing experience in human decency and civility under a remarkable social contract. Don’t believe me; go live in Haiti or Venezuela or other comparable countries for a year. You will more likely than not come back kissing the American soil and President Trump’s tweets will be the least of your concerns. His tweets are targeted towards specific individuals and they know who they are, but like baby birds, they are waiting for the best news nuggets that they can get that will be detrimental to TRUMP in an attempt to OUT-TRUMP TRUMP… They will have no LUCK. YES – the POTUS loves to tweet and at times he needlessly utter things that can create more confusion than clarity. But again, he may be brilliant in his own way, and may be more energetic than most 30-year olds that I have ever met. But he is still in his 70’s and still is the oldest POTUS we have had yet.

Politicizing any issues to attack the most powerful man on Earth, NAMELY, TRUMP or the President of the U.S. (POTUS) because of his immigration policies or his other policies is blatantly WRONG…. They are doing way worse to him than what the Republicans did to Obama. Dr. King once said that “an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”… We all know that the LAW ITSELF doesn’t automatically allow EVERYONE to be treated similarly… WE have CLASSES of people wherever we go… naturally, we do as well and after slavery was abolished Blacks were naturally at the bottom of the totem pole. In India, for instance, they have a caste system in which people are treated differently based on their family status and/or socio-economic status and/or genetic status/content yet not on race because they are mostly of the same race. In Africa, you have different layers of tribe-based abstractions too, and for sure we have tax brackets here and the PEOPLE that took over the land and dominated (WHITE MEN) might have given up some control, but NO ONE ON EARTH would have given up all CONTROL, now, would they? Why should they? No human being on Earth does it. Yes, we expect the White man to (foolishly) give up all of his control WILLINGLY. We can’t even get rich Haitian Negroes to relinquish their greed-based control of Haiti and they are of the same race… THINK ABOUT IT! That’s really wishful thinking. But that doesn’t mean that the White man or TRUMP is ALL EVIL… it means that he wants to maintain CONTROL… he wants his country to be run a certain way… he’d prefer that his country stays as far away from SOCIALISM and POVERTY-STRICKEN as possible. To be honest, even as a Black man, I have tried to disagree, but cannot. Yes, we ALL need to be more altruistic and compassionate, particularly the White man, but we all tend to MISCHARACTERIZE each other… and non-Whites do it to Whites all the times to when they characterize even non-racist things that Whites say as purely “racist”… I have worked hard not to do so myself as it is idiotic.

Indeed, as humans, it is easy to BOX (characterize or mis-characterize) each other all while we accuse them of doing the same. It is easy to call all Whites racists, all Black ni*gers, all Arabs sand ni**ers and treat all others in allotted and non-contextualized stereotypes. However, it takes higher-order or critical or intellectual thinking or metacognition to realize that it is hard to do the same. So, as we are pointing a finger at another person, most of the rest is being pointed back at us. Minorities should NOT fall for the trap of labeling everything as racist (trust me, I know how tempting it is) as it will only DILUTE the term “racism or racist” when it is over used or ill-used… White people hurt White people too, but it is not because not racism… All people hurt others at times with their words or deed, but it doesn’t mean we should label everything as RACIST, misogynistic, homophobic etc… We were becoming TOO OVER-SENSITIVE and I posit that GOD and the UNIVERSE reserved TRUMP as someone was uniquely designed to desensitize us as much as possible. Everyone gets insulted about their race, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation… COME ON PEOPLE. The ME2 movement among others took things too far… too far… We can make our points without destroying lives… we are accusing White people of destroying lives while we are attempting to destroy the lives of wealth men or that of their relatives without any remorse. UTTER NON-SENSE… We are back to an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth… that’s not the American spirit… it is spirit of “second chance” for actions that don’t amount to crimes of moral turpitude. It is a spirit of rehabilitation… a spirit that detaches one’s future from one’s past. Why bring up everything that a man did 100 years ago… WHO CARES! Why wait forever to bring it up? What’s the motive? Is it to help or destroy? And who are we hurting when we are hurting the CEO of our country? It is like pointing a gun at your own head while the World watches you attempting to destroy your own life.

Anyhow, by now, we all know that Trump is politically incorrect... Perhaps he is like that unfiltered uncle at our thanksgiving dinner that may hurt our feelings but challenges us to be something bigger and better nonetheless… and perhaps he is not a nice guy, yet he is a master brander and marketer… you saw how me masterfully labelled Hillary Clinton as “Crooked Hillary; Ted Cruz as “Lying Ted” and Marco Rubio as “Little Marco”. Trust me; the latter is Business Branding Mastery at its core. TRUMP is actually a VERY DISCIPLINED and methodical man. However, his words and tweets may give you the indication that he is careless. But trust me, THERE ARE SOLID REASONS BEHIND EVERY PERCEIVED TRUMP MADNESS… He is NO FOOL.


It has become a passion even for people that rather surprised me. Many of you erroneously or unwisely swore that you would never talk about him again but the master brander, reality star, deal maker, entrepreneur and entertainer part of him has made him the most talked about man on Earth. Trust me, I have researched him thoroughly during the past 25 years and he is a genius leader... and brander... yes a bully but we have all types of leaders... bully, charismatic, transformational. HOWEVER, in the end, a leader will have followers and that he unquestionably does… Don’t believe me? I dare you to go to a TRUMP RALLY… no rally matches it… it is because TRUMP has always required a BIG CROWD for everything that he’s done even from his 30’s. I read a story in which he was given a million dollars to do a speech on real estate and even after accepted he required that Madison Square Garden would be filled up… that gentleman, who persisted until he accepted, made a fortune accordingly.

I am Black and despite his imperfections, I LOVE THE MAN… I don’t care about his flaws and his personal views. But I love the fact that he sticks to his principles… that he wants to do it “BIG” or NOT AT ALL… that he wants to see AMERICAN WIN “BIG” just like he always aimed at winning “BIG”. In the end, whether we do win big or now, what matters is that we are RELENTLESS and the latter serendipitously landed him the highest post on EARTH. To deny him of that is UTTER RACIST… it is doing to him what minorities have been accusing Whites of doing to them forever. WE MUST LEARN that ONLY LOVE can counter HATE. I educated myself about who he really is and so should you instead of by what CNN masterfully prepares to retaliate in the Media’s war on TRUMP in which TRUMP took them head on like no one else ever had. Moreover you do “rightfully” judge him based on his politically-incorrect utterances or Tweets, which are meant to have you do exactly what you are doing now on Facebook -- Giving him publicity and guess what, any publicity is good publicity. It keeps one current, relevant and it has made the current POTUS either the MOST HATED or the MOST LOVED or FEARED man in the Universe. He is not a nice dude…. But if you had to deal with a World filled with many “crazy or unorthodox leaders’, he is the guy that you should bring a long… a guy that will be feared, unpredictable and enigmatic. And right now he is as the most powerful man on Earth whether you realize it or not!

In America, we have the best ideals on Earth and we actually strive to live by many of them and many of us actually do. I know I do. But far too many will fail to remember that it is a country that was initially founded by wealth of White men to dominate over women and everyone and everything else in pursuit of their own individualized freedoms. Needless to say, if you are not a White male you or your ancestors were or are probably boxed at some point by White males. However, before we demonize all White males (i.e. Box) them ", White American males have compromised more than males of any other countries under relatively new and hard fought for American ideals earned by American ancestors of all races and religion, especially those that share my direct lineage of Africa.

But we can't keep boxing people as racist, misogynistic or homophobic without trying to tap into any other reasons or possibilities for their perceived madness. In doing so, we are being crazier because we are assuming that we know better only to do the same.

Perhaps Trump is a 70+ year old man who has his own vision for America. Perhaps he is requiring more LOYALTY… I know that I am more LOYAL to America because of him and to be honest, he induced me to appreciate living here legally more and ultimately his policies did encourage me to become a U.S. Citizen this year after living here for decades... Perhaps he is tired of us apologizing to the World and allowing others to take advantage of us. Perhaps he is frustrated with those that fail to see his vision which has helped our economy this far. Is he White? Heck yeah! Does he hold some racist views? You betcha as do most of us whether we realize it or not. But is he as racist as or more racist than most l as he is mis-characterized to be? HELL, NO! I used to criticize America too much and at times too… many foreigners have AMNESIA and after they prosper here, they start doing the same. HUMAN BEINGS are NEVER SATISFIED... I have in the past and even recently agreed with radical views on America. Does that make me a bad person? But I have decided to live the next 30 years in more optimistic way by looking at the “SILVER-LINING”… We must realize that despite our freedom of speech under the First Amendment, just like you condemn the POTUS by his words, you too will be condemned by yours if you are not as accurate, ill-intentioned or filled with HATE and ANGER.

We cannot start having a conversation with anyone with who we disagree with "not my president.... not a fan... Don’t like..." as it exhumes NEGATIVITY. See, if we accuse others of being unwise, it behooves us to start by being wise....

The Head Ni*ger/Minority in Charge (H.N.I.C.) Syndrome

White man managed to dominate the World because they outsmarted most other men, including Black men. Even our best Black man in the World and the best orator ever (namely Haitian leader Toussaint Louverture) who literally induced the end of slavery after he self-educated as a former slave at the age of 50, and outsmarted both America ended up dying in a French dying dungeon in his quest for getting accolades from his former master. Many of us are always trying to approach “RICH WHITE MALE STANDARDS”… We want to drive the same cars that they drive and wear the same designer articles of clothing that they wear without having access to the same money. We want to be IN CHARGE without truly being in charge of any community. We want to be listened to by Whites and Blacks and others, but we refuse to listen to our fellow Black brothers and sisters. Far too many of us are “KNOW IT ALLS” and would rather SELL our country and community out so that we can be the HEAD NI*GER IN CHIEF.

My position is that unlike other groups Blacks are neither joining/assimilating (despite the fact that they can't beat Europeans), nor uniting to self-improve because of this very Head Ni**er in Chief Syndrome. Nearly every financially-independent Black man abandons his community, and wants to be the viewed as messiah instead of A MEDIATOR TO THE MAINSTREAM and refuses to listen to any differing views… and in the end, he ends up either ALONE or being just a TOKEN NEGRO/MINORITY.

Perhaps the Trump era is a wake-up call. For instance, in the Netherlands many Italians who are not blue-eyed and fair-complected are still NOT VIEWED as Dutch. And in many parts of the World one's lineage dictates how one is viewed. Trust me, despite being our greatness, we are not immune

I wish we had a YRUMP in Haiti who wanted to put Haiti first… Many OF US want to be the HEAD NI**ER IN CHARGE… The man who liberated the slaves of Haiti was essentially a GENIUS named TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE, but in the end, in his quest for accolades and desire to be the HEAD NI**ER IN CHIEF, he went to France where he was placed in DUNGEON, and where he died. It is not enough to say that you will JOIN the CLUB for the sake of JOINING, it is important to CONTEXTUALIZE THE HISTORY so that you’ll know when to fold them, when to walk away and when to run. MOST minorities are doing a better job than we are as BLACKS, and we need to figure out better plans at working with those that may disagree with us or those that may not really like us as a means to an end. Dr. King had to do it and but for that you probably wouldn’t’ be allowed to type on Facebook right now based on the color of your skin.

My Pseudo-Apology for the POTUS(45)…

He Will Not Apologize… Trust me… There are many reasons why he doesn’t… But his best mentors taught him some principles behind apologizing to people… in the end, it is NEVER ENOUGH. He may mention that he is not proud of how it comes across. But he will NOT apologize. So, I will do it for him…

Trump is not politically correct. We all know that. I don't condone his last statements. Those that support him love his boldness and unfilteredness but I certainly love America and just bc I am from Haiti, that doesn't mean that it would be pleasant for me to live there and I am better off than most Haitians!

I believe he meant to tell them if America is not good enough go fix your own homeland or wherever your parents are from. I have said it to and can't be a hypocrite. However, it is not what we say but how he said it!

I apologize for my favorite POTUS... as an Immigrant, I know how it can hurt. I may write an article to explain my objective view of both sides... He sees anyone who is not 100% crazy about USA or his agenda as a USA hater. In some ways, he is right…

One can argue that America has been racist and has become more tolerant. I don't think that TRUMP represents RACISM… he might have a preference for a more EURO-CENTRIC AMERICA, but he wouldn’t be the only one to adhere to that…. Many would like to see a more Afrocentric or Arabic America even though we do have freedoms here that allow people of all types to co-exist. I believe that he is entitled to his preference and so am I and that if we feel that we can do better, we should run and become POTUS or support someone that we believe can do better and hope that the person can beat TRUMP in the end.

Many of us whose parents came from rather subpar countries say so many bad things about America and the American Presidency. Now, just like in the Netherlands, it does not matter how long you have been living there, many White Americans will always view people in the following groups: (1) Whites (mainstream); (2) Black Americans (non-mainstream descendant of former American slaves) and Native Americans; (3) Assimilated Immigrants who want to become American-like (4) Non-assimilated Immigrants who remain as they came or like other non-mainstream groups; (5) Illegal Immigrants and Immigrants that act like parasites to the system despite their work contribution. I have always said that if some of us are as smart as we believe we are, we should go back and fix our subpar countries. And I don’t believe that I am racist for so saying. I believe anyone can say the same… and I do understand that WHITES may always see themselves as the true owners of America since their ancestors conquered it (I really can’t blame them for that)… think about it, if your parents took some lands by adverse possession and pay taxes on it and pass it down to you via a will or by intestacy, would you not consider it to you your inheritance? My point is, American is a MELTING POT on paper but in reality it is a EURO-CENTRIC nation that has its BIOLOGICAL CHILDREN (i.e., the Whites… NOT American Indians, trust me) and ADOPTED CHILDREN (i.e., everyone else.) It (AMERICA) unwillingly accepted WOMEN, and non-Whites (BLACKS, Native Americans, and OTHER GROUPS only after being tired of being seen as evil by the rest of the World.) But, modernly, that doesn’t matter… it (America) did manage to establish CIVIL RIGHTS which allowed women, Blacks and other non-Whites the right to vote, own property, other liberties and the pursuit of happiness. So, it doesn’t matter how America started, but because it repented, UNLIKE MANY OTHER NATIONS, God will always bless America. And that’s exactly why SO MANY IMMIGRANTS are flocking to it now. See my articles on how other groups are constantly APPROACHING WHITE STANDARDS titled “Wealthy-White-Male-Induced Cognitive Dissonance in Most….” ( ) article.

Anyhow, I am not convinced that most people from my previous homeland are aware enough to so accomplish. I tried unsuccessfully. Hence, why I treasure America even more. Until then, people should expect to hear such comments when they are overcritical. People leave many countries that need their help more than America ever will, only to tell America how bad it is!


The Truth may hurt but it is not xenophobic. I am here because my former homeland and far too many of its leaders were horrible and as a result someone like Trump who is not politically correct and did not sugar coat it like most do CALLED IT as he sees it, “A SHIT HOLE COUNTRY”, he did called many other countries in Africa and Latin America by the same name, and he views countries like he views companies… WHAT DO THE HAVE TO OFFER AMERICA? What caliber of community can they build? To be honest, I am disappointed with the Haitian diaspora even in the UNITED STATES… time and time again, groups have been created but the HEAD NI*GER IN CHIEF Syndrome persisted and nothing meaningful ensued. True there are many Haitian geniuses who alone brought themselves up by the bootstrap and created empires, but none of them were able to catalyze a vibrant community under transformational leadership because of this aforementioned syndrome that must be eradicated before communities run by non-White males can truly flourish beyond their own confines.

In Haiti, I heard so many instances in which Presidents ordered murders, and even instances in which Presidential kids got involved in kidnapping people etc... In America, all we worry about is whether one of the Obama or Bush sisters “smoked a blunt” so, YES, it is a SUPERIOR country… and if it is SUPERIOR, then it makes the countries from which others are running INFERIOR ONES (or what many people will still secretly view as SH*T HOLE countries)… I sincerely cannot disagree. And I hope it’ll induce PRIDE in the leaders of those countries who have been looting them decades after decades only to blame it on the WHITE MAN… Give me a break… at least THE WHITE MAN takes care of HIS OWN PEOPLE… but many of us in other non-White-male dominated countries, simply DO NOT! (I am sorry; I almost lost my cool there a bit) (smile)

But surely, at least there is a semblance of justice and due process here! I chose to be here and love all that America has had to offer after I understand what made it become America. I want to contribute to it as I try to improve it… I don’t want it be DAMNED… I want it to be BLESSED… just like I’d still love to see my old homeland BLESSED. I have chosen not to be an angry Black man. Rather, I chose to effectuate change strategically instead of pontificating on social media… I write articles, and mentor/tutor young Black men and men of other groups and I even mentor young White men too.

I don't demean any President of the United States, and of course as flawed as people think “45” is, he is MY PRESIDENT... In most other countries people are murdered for demeaning a President… for that alone you had better feel DARN BLESSED for living in good ‘ole US of A, baby! “Believe me…” as “45 would have said! (smile)

How to Deal with the HEAD NI*GER/MINORITY in Charge(H.N.I.C) Problem

1. Don’t think you know the solution prior to identifying the problem.

2. Listen to everyone first, and try to understand his/her position, context and viewpoint…

3. Do not react, but pro-act by making compromises and offering opportunities to learn from each other.

4. If a problem is identified, don’t just blurt out AN ULTIMATE HEAD NI*GER IN CHIEF SOLUTION… but rather, brainstorm on a solution…

5. And even if the final solution ended being similar to what you envisioned (because you are that much of a GENIUS and visionary), I assure you it would have encapsulated at least on more layer of abstraction or a context that you would have otherwise missed.

6. Never ASSume the worst of your fellow human beings… form the homeless guy to the billionaire… JUST LISTEN FIRST…

7. IMPLEMENT the discovered solution… create true disciples and follow up and answer calls from them even when they are at the most inopportune times… and RESPECT your disciples or mentees or change agents… RESPECT THEM… did I say RESPECT them yet.

Now let’s chat about how you can effectuate mental change whether a person believes in God or not… and if a person is a non-believer, please don’t spend valuable time trying to indoctrinate them… I assure you that if you display love that they have never seen before, they will start wondering if that LOVE is springing forth from your FAITH/DOCTRINE.

Anyhow, many of us are born disadvantaged either financially or physically/mentally. However, our perception of ourselves, shaped by our DNA, upbringing and environment will shape the way we’ll progress or not progress in the World or our own worlds. Life is too short and enjoyable to die feeling unhappy, broke and disadvantaged, undesirable, worthless when it all starts with ONE’S MINDSET. I THINK THEREFORE I AM!

I think the WORLD of myself… Can you tell? It has nothing to do with where I was born, my race, national origin, or religion… It has to do with who my parents were, my love of knowledge, truth and entrepreneurship; and my 100% unwavering Faith in the one true Almighty God!

NON-WEALTHY-WHITE-MALES need to be taught that… whether you believe that you are going to die POOR or WEALTHY you are still RIGHT! Then you may as well believe and work towards finding out why you are not WEALTHY YET. You can set your NETWORTH… You can control your OWN destiny if you really have TRUE FAITH!

I used to find all the excuses in the World for some of my inequities (e.g., lack of focus, procrastination, lateness or tardiness and not meeting deadlines and goals because of a combination of those things.) However, until I was prepared to realize the gaps in my success paradigm, I realize that my standards were approaching those of failure more even though I was clearly above average intelligence.

Many people, especially women and minorities have adopted a VICTIM mindset lately… it is a sort of BLAME GAME or rather EXCUSES… People start saying that the reason why I don’t succeeding in doing… Blah blah blah is: … because I am a minority… because I am Black or Latino… because I am a woman… or because I was born poor or from the wrong parents… so on and so forth… and when they get tired of that they start CREATING SUPER LEFTist movements like the Me2 movement and start suing people left and right… but that still won’t change your mindset… YOUR INFERIORITY and lack of SELF-ESTEEM in YOUR MIND! That is why you CANNOT BUILD A VIBRANT COMMUNITY like the WHITES do! It is not because of money alone. TRUST ME! There is enough money going around for EVERY ONE… I MEAN… EVERYONE!

POVERTY is a MINDSET and does have a cycle…

(1) Family in Poverty --> (2) Child Grows Up in Poverty --> (3) Child is Significantly Disadvantaged in Education and Skills --> (4) Person Struggles to get a Job or Start a Business --> (5) Person fails to escape the Poverty Cycle and have children that enter the same cycle that are likely to fail to escape as well...


Although many people share the type of compassionate and/or altruistic heart that my parents and I have, most people like victor and not victims… most people want to know WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM? Thus, most people are looking out for their best interests first. Accordingly, if they have a low self-concept or self-esteem, people that look or act like them may remind them of such things and their instincts is to stay away from the very people who may have the most in common with them.

Often, success lives in one’s own backyard… via using one’s talent to help another succeed and vice versa. We are not all going to have the same talents, but together we can all do amazing things via amazing community/city/country building skills.

Modernly, many non-Caucasian, and non-oil-rich nations and particularly former colonies and areas in rich nations in which non-Caucasian inhabit or those that are populated mostly by Blacks, natives and other groups have found themselves in dire inequities. Many spent so many years fighting for basic human rights and access that the bigger skills of community/city/country building have eluded them.

Naturally, they will tend to play the BLAME GAME…

It is because my ancestors were slaves...

It is because I am woman...

It is because we had to pay indemnity for wars…

It is because we were disenfranchised…


However, many nations were practically eliminated, yet managed to self-rebuild because they never saw themselves at VICTIMS who always had to be at the mercy of others…

Today, in the U.S. , far too many people have fallen into a VICTIM MENTALITY. While many do really struggle with SPIRITUALITY, MENTAL ILLNESS or some form of ADDICTION or a combination of all three, the end result is STAGNANCY, INEQUITY and POVERTY.

The human-being does not thrive in ACCEPTING DEFEAT, but rather FIGHTING HARD against ALL ODDS. FAITH is a great advantage to have… FAITH in a creator or in anything that will have you believe in your core as a being who is here FOR A PURPOSE… that you do indeed have a UNIQUE CALLING… that you need to USE FAITH to act on it via a LEAP OF FAITH.

Limitless Faith is what will make a way for those that are stuck in difficult situations after not being raised with the right psychological survival skills. But FAITH without action is dead…

You need to self-reflect and remember the things that you would have done for FREE had you had enough money and you need to DO THE THINGS that you can do now to help you reach the point in which you will be DOING those others things that you can’t do yet.

But you CANNOT GIVE UP…. You need to fight hard… Step out on Faith… Believe 100% that you were design TO BE A SUCCESS and NOT A FAILURE… Be DISCIPLINED and LOYAL… TALK LESS and DO MORE… and Respect and help those that have more in common with you without envy… if they deserve to be paid for their work, PAY THEM… believe it or not, their success is also yours, but only if you decide to have a true brotherhood or sisterhood with them.

Keep this article in mind… Educate yourself… Trust no one… Don’t take others’ words for “it”

PREPARE – Preparation is the beginning of success…

FORESEE – To foresee is to rule…






FORGIVE … FORGIVE … FORGIVE (you’re liberating yourself and tapping into God’s realms by so doing...)

Banish the “HEAD NI*GER IN CHARGE” (H.N.I.C) Syndrome!

Stop Blaming WHITE PEOPLE for Your Own Shortcomings.

Live your Life in an Orderly and Disciplined Manner as to lay the foundation to find, recognize and secure your success in the present/future.

Minimize Immigrant Hypocrisy Issues (“IHI”) if you're an Immigrant.

You only have one life to live… you need to live it FREELY... this article can help you to that end, particularly if you are an immigrant or non-White... and I believe America is the best country

I assure you that you will succeed… You can do it… If I can do it and become even better via DISCIPLINE after losing my Brother, Mother, Marriages among many other things, so can you!

There is always a reason for everyone’s madness.” Do Not ASSume… Seek the TRUTH always… and STOP FOCUSING on TRUMP… he is a BILLIONAIRE and a WINNER who achieved the status of joining 44 other men out of billions in the World who have occupied the HIGHEST POST on Earth. That alone makes him part of an ELITE group… I mean, MOST OF US WILL NEVER BECOME President of the great USA… you think about it… that’s an EQUALIZER… he reached the HIGHEST OFFICE of his COUNTRY by BEING HIMSELF… I urge you to BE YOURSELF, but ONLY SMARTER and be a WINNER somehow!"

~ Peter Lorins


Sometimes, we all need to swallow a bitter pill!


1. A people gets what GOD believes it deserves as a leader for a time period/dispensations.

2. Let us no longer live in a DARK PAST!At first, AMERICA might have been created by White men 4 White men. But modernly America belongs to all precious Americans... We must be UNITERS. We cannot call others by derogatory names and expect them to do the opposite. The whole history (good, bad or ugly) is now ours. One trip to Haiti or Venezuela will quickly change your perspective.Be grateful for America... protect it and make those who want to be here EARN IT! It is a PRIVILEGE...not a RIGHT!Be a UNITER and not a DIVIDER!

IN A RUSH - ALWAYS (Just like my PAPA -- I love you Pastor Pierre "Peter" Lorins)

See my articles on how other groups are constantly APPROACHING WHITE STANDARDS titled “Wealthy-White-Male-Induced Cognitive Dissonance in Most…

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