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Appreciating Human-beings and Their Racial Differences

CAPS – denote my own writing style… I am not screaming… nor am I an ANGRY BLACK MAN before you quickly so assume… I chose to write from inspiration… I don’t follow the HERD (lol).

DO NOT ASSUME YOU KNOW IT ALL — or EVEN most of it ALL. NO ONE DOES… so always READ, READ, READ or Listen, listen, listen.

We are all humans, but the notion that we are EQUAL is a falsehood. We need to understand our differences as to celebrate them instead of fighting over them. In biology, I recall that one can establish that two species fall in the same category via their abilities to procreate with each other, and on that basis along, no matter how far one has mutated from the original human beings (Blacks), one is still human. However, we are not the same... there is a difference between a Golden Retriever and a Chihuahua, but they are both dogs/canines, species wise.

In physical anthropology the term is one of the three general racial classifications of humans Caucasoid (white), Mongoloid (Yellow) and Negroid (Black). However, racial classifications fall under four groups: Black, White, Yellow and Red. Adam and Eve (or the first human beings) were definitely Black and probably looked like the Khoisan people of Southern Africa.

I love RACE (not as a construct used to discriminate), but as an interesting approach to embrace human variation. But, Skin, hair, and eye color are due to relative amounts of melanin. There are two kinds of melanin: EUMELANIN, which is dark, with two types, black and brown and PHEOMELANIN, which is a light reddish brown. It is responsible for the color of lips, nipples, and naughty bits, as well as freckles, red hair and green eyes. What Color Was the First Human? The first human beings that roamed the planet had Dark skin (like I do). All modern humans share a common ancestor who lived around 200,000 years ago in African and was Black like I am. Comparisons between known skin pigmentation genes in modern Africans show that dark skin evolved along with the loss of body hair about 1.2 million years ago and that this common ancestor had dark skin. The modern human beings migrated from Africa to Asia and then to Europe. The Asians are the last precursors to Europeans. They are practically White; however, they are referred to as Mongolians because of their distinct climate-evolved features primarily linked to the level of light exposure and diet. Accordingly, every race of the human race mutated from the Original African Black man. But an amazing occurred. Thousands of years after the people that became the Caucasians left Africa, they returned from Europe to conquer the World that they left (after mastering some major surviving and domination skills) and not only colonized, dominated, but also indoctrinated a significant portion of the World except a few impenetrable parts, which managed to maintain their entities and are able thriving via their own customs. However, places like the Philippines, the Caribbean and other parts of the World that were European-dominated remain bamboozled, confused and subservient to an endless quest of approaching European standards. What Race is a Mexican or an Argentinian or Venezuelan etc? Is Hispanic/Latino a Race? Well many people simply think of Mexicans as Hispanics or Latinos because there is a reason why they are led to so describe or differentiate them systematically or structurally. As per the 2010 US Census, the majority (52.8%) of Mexican Americans identified as being White. The remainder identified themselves as being of "some other race" (39.5%), "two or more races" (5.0%), Native American (1.4%), black (0.9%), and Asian / Pacific Islander (0.4%). There are other “Latino” groups who self-identity in the same ways or various ways. But the trend is, no matter how WHITE they are genetically, they want to be culturally linked to the Latina culture. Is Chicano a Race?

Chicanos, like many Mexicans, are Mestizos who have heritage of both indigenous American cultures and European, mainly Spanish, through colonization and immigration. The term Latino refers to a native or inhabitant of Latin America or a person of Latin American origin living in the United States. But I notice that people recognize the SUPERIORITY linked to the EUROPEAN/WHITE race structurally that even non-Whites at times sub-consciously try to cling to a European heritage or a heritage that differs from that of where they live as to give them a special and/or unique status. But those that are of direct European heritage do it a lot more. The world's largest ethnic group is Han Chinese with Mandarin being the world's most spoken language in terms of native speakers. Human migration has been shifting toward cities and urban centers. The urban population jumped from 29% in 1950 to 50.5% in 2005. We have all labeled one another at one point or another... Whites call Blacks inferiors and lazy, and Blacks call Whites Colonizers and greedy or heartless bastards. In Curacao, I recall that the local Blacks would call the Whites “MAKAMBAS”. It goes along the same line of thinking. And all other groups are labeled as well in often derogatory ways. But the truth is we are all special and needed to make humanity at large special. 1. THE WHITE RACE

The White man (or wo-man) is needed to remind us that the need to feel superior to others can sometimes induce us to COMPETE fiercely and did indeed create the space race and other races and certainly induced the perfection of the notion of CAPITALISM, where one sees WHAT'S IN IT FOR HIM in a symbiotic way post-old-day-slavery and arguably in modern-day slavery (employment), in which there is still a MASTER-SLAVE type of relationship. Many are flocking to societies that were originally founded by White males based on that very notion... slavery was based on CAPITALISM, and the end of slavery gave birth to the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION or MASS PRODUCTION and the latter is the progenitor of the INFORMATION SUPER-HIGHWAY which also mass-produces INFORMATION. The White man is a perfectionist and thrives on order because his mutation in Europe required that trait for survival. Thus, he shares the latter with the rest of humanity either genetically or via his interactions with those on whom he dominated. He is good at perfecting concepts or inventions that he stole from others because of the latter. It is also hypothesized that Whites are mixed with other primitive beings called NEANDERTHALS which the original Africans encountered in Europe... but more likely than not, all their features emanated from mutations as evidenced in Black Albinos... thus, essentially, Whites are highly mutated Black Albinos. Most Whites are prone to be more interested in swimming and exuberant and risky activities, a genetic inheritance... White assertion of superiority has had almost all other races trying to ACT WHITE (i.e., approach White Standards). I wrote two articles on the latter titled as follows:

Many measure their level of beauty in comparison to how close their features are to White ones. This is how ridiculously unfair White Superiority has permeated the fabric of the human psyche. I am pleased to have somewhat survived this dilemma compared to far too many people that I have observed (particularly in Corporate America). But in my younger years, I did find myself sounding too White or behaving too White. But I constantly reminded myself of my African roots, not because I believe that Whites are inherently bad, but rather because I want to remain true to my roots in a fair and non-REVERSE-RACISM driven way. It can be a struggle even for the best of us. But it is clear that many WHITE MEN would prefer to live in World that only has WHITES... some have even fantasized with the concept of trans-humanism and eugenics... Eugenics is the science of deliberately breeding human beings to increase the likelihood of certain characteristics. It's associated with Nazi ideology: the party favored blond, blue-eyed, Aryan people and used the idea of eugenics to justify genocide. Either way, the White race has been able to use its sense of order and structure to strategically dominate the rest of the other races via imperialism or colonialism or slavery from which it obtained incalculable wealth, even though until recently, the two richest men who have ever lived had historically been West and North African (i.e., Mansa Musa who had incalculable wealth and Gadhafi, who was the richest man in the World (at $200 Billion) until Obama aided and abetted in getting rid of him and now Jeff Besos of AMAZON is the richest man in the World.


The Black man (or wo-man) as the ORIGINAL MAN (insert link) taught the White man that EQUITY is needed and that DEMOCRACY is good for us all... despite being viewed as the ancient man, the Black man is the one with the kinder heart who thinks more about THE SOUL and JUSTICE and instilled the notion of FAIRNESS in the heart of the White man, who has since tried to perfect it in its JURISPRUDENCE. The Black man is the most forgiving man on Earth. He is the most influential naturally-dominant artistic and soulful things because he possesses the blue print from which humanity at large mutated. The Black man is the ORIGINAL MAN and is the author of some of the most ORIGINAL and INNOVATIVE human concepts, doctrines and inventions. However, Blacks have inherited a more tribal mentality and thus are prone to creating factions and divided groups and thus are not natural at modern nation building. Blacks are also more spiritual and soulful and closer created in the original image of God. Hence, they differ from other races in phenotypes (body and facial features) and hair texture. Blacks are the original human beings. Most Blacks are less interested in exuberant activities and swimming, a genetic inheritance. However far too many Blacks are still MENTALLY ENSLAVED from either past atrocities or a tribal mentality. Yet, until recently, the two richest men who have ever lived had historically been West African and North African (i.e., Mansa Musa who had incalculable wealth and Gadhafi, who was the richest man in the World (at $200 Billion) until Obama aided and abetted in getting rid of him and now Jeff Besos of AMAZON is the richest man in the World.

In the U.S. and elsewhere, Blacks have a love-and-hate relationship with the Black American. One one hand, they hate the history of victim-hood that Blacks incurred (a form of PTSD), but on the other hand, they love the fact that their ancestors fought a RIGHTEOUSNESS driven fight through peaceful demonstrations that instilled CIVIL RIGHTS/DEMOCRACY in the minds of their former oppressors. Moreover, who can forget Mo (motor city/Detroit)-Town, and the plethora of gifted Black American singers that rose over their oppressors dominance to be worshiped by them because of their talents (e.g., Michael Jackson, James Brown, Whitney Houston, Prince, and so many more). There are still some divides among Blacks in America, but among BLACK MEN, there is a sense of UNDERSTANDING, a sense that we are still in this together, and that in the end, "Is STILL A NIGG**, Spick..." is still alive and well no matter what level one attains in America.

Many will argue that Blacks are still being preyed on by racist Whites in a non-overt or on Tuskegee-trials manner ... I addressed this issue an an THIS RELATED ARTICLE. 3. THE ASIAN RACE

The Asian man (Mongolian and East Indians) is a workaholic. He falls in between the mutation from the Black man to the White man. He blends wherever he goes and is mostly apolitical in areas in which he doesn't dominate population-wise. His gift is mostly in research and implementation mostly in serving both the Black man and the White man in its entrepreneurial pursuits. Both Buddhism and Hinduism instill the ideal of wholesomeness, Karma and social justice, which the Black man has also borrowed in convincing the White man to be fairer even in his quest for SUPERIORITY over all other men. However, the East Indians are often more discriminatory towards Blacks than the Whites are partially because they want to assert that despite being dark-complected, they are superior to the Blacks because they have White-like features (e.g., long hair and a pointer noses). they often talk about having better looking children with Whites than with Blacks or other non-Whites. The Japanese asserts its superiority over other Asians as well despite the fact that they are all Asians. Economically, technologically, and culturally, the Japanese has asserted a type of racial superiority over the other Asians that is similar to the one that

the Whites have asserted over other non-Whites. Similarly the Indians have asserted a similar type of superiority complex over the Pakistanis even though they were the same people until they were divided by White/British "divide-and-conquer"-based domination both via land separation and religious practices.


The Red Race and all others (natives, Hispanics, multi-racial people etc) are rather invisible men that attempt to blend with the other groups depending on their self-concepts or self-identifications because they have a bit of every other group in them. Occasionally some people in other groups may claim ancestry in such OTHER (Category 4) races (e.g., Elizabeth Warren and others that are White that think of themselves as Black and vice versa). But they remind us of the fact that we are all HUMAN BEINGS despite our differences and genetic mixtures, cultures as evidenced by our abilities to procreate together... thus proving that we are from the same source, essentially ADAM and EVE, who were both BLACK. I recently wrote an article about muti-racial people, feel free to peruse it.


Religion is one of the most effective DIVIDE-and-CONQUER tools that has been used by the White Race or ruling autocrats over mankind. Among religious groups, religion or colonialism divided many groups, such as the Indians vs. Pakistanis; the Jews vs. the Palestinians; the Christians vs. the Muslims. Religion, colonialism and/or slavery have been one of the largest dividers of mankind .While we all have DNA-and-culture(environment)-or-nature/nurture-based propensities, we also have many commonalities as we all can feel the same types of human emotions (e.g., sadness, anger, frustration, empathy etc.). In addition, many of us can relate to things that are different from those with which we share a common ancestry, and that is OK as well. While we do own reference to our ancestors, we all have a duty to progress and challenge their shortcomings as to change our approach in order to overcome obstacles based on innovation as opposed to "poor little me who has been wronged by you." We all need to be each other's client because in reality we all need someone to lead on no matter what your race, creed, national origin or religion is. Religion has crippled a great number of people around the World, and non-Whites are more adversely affected by it than Whites because they tend to be poorer and tend to cling to RELIGION itself instead of TRUE FAITH accompanied by ACTIONS.

RACISM Remains a PROBLEM Must Be Viewed as Such: In a blog published on HuffPost, Writer John Metta wrote the following: “Racism is the fact that ‘White’ means ‘normal’ and that anything else is different.” This is because whiteness is viewed as the “default race”. Accordingly, White people have the privilege of distancing themselves from the concept of race or denying it altogether.

RACISM is a PROBLEM… The first step towards combating structural and systematic racism is to acknowledge its existence as a PROBLEM — and thus ACKNOWLEDGE the ways in which cultural ideas about Whiteness support those structures.

Here are 10 irrefutable facts with which we must first deal in order to address White-Supremacy-based RACISM:

1. Talking about race makes most Whites feel uncomfortable. 2. Talking about race is a necessity for people of color.

That is not to say that talking about race is fun, as it is about confronting privileges and structures far larger than oneself… ones which many may feel that they have little to no control over or no idea how to change. The latter will always make it uncomfortable, particularly for Whites and we often here the following from Whites: “I DID NOT OWN ANY SLAVES… MY PARENTS DID NOT OWN ANY SLAVES…” However, every White person inherited WHITE PRIVILEGE from the established structures and stereotypes of society.

3. There are Often Subliminal Messages to Protect White Feelings When Talking About Race… this is referred to as “WHITE FRAGILITY”.

In other words, the emotions of White people often dictate our discussions of racism and that is a problem, as a great segment of people of color are ill-equipped to address their emotions about the racism that they have experienced. Yet, unlike Whites, “many people don’t have the ability to ignore these issues, because they worry that the color of their skin could mean dying in police custody after being pulled over for a routine traffic violation, or being killed for walking down the street wearing a hoodie, or being massacred by a white man in their house of worship.” 3. STOP THE “COLOR BLIND” BS. For instance, Whites are not color-blind. Whites do see race and do make quick judgments based on race and when a White person pretends that he does not see race that simply means that he has been TOO PRIVILEGED to even notice the NOTION OF RACE. However, people who have been discriminated against don’t get to just wake up and decide that race doesn’t matter, or doesn’t exist. Neither do you. 4. Whites need to recognize that they benefit from white privilege in order to move the conversation forward. Denying that only makes a white person complicit in continuing that cycle. 5. People of color are allowed to be angry about racism. Don’t dismiss that anger, take it in. Social change requires making some noise. A post on Eclecta Blog read “every single one of these emotions are felt acutely and painfully every single day by racial minority groups in our country.” 6. Everyday racism is subtle and insidious. Blatant racism is easy to recognize, and easy to separate ourselves from.

As President Barack Obama stated in a June podcast, “It’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say ‘nigger’ in public. That’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. It’s not just a matter of overt discrimination. Societies don’t, overnight, completely erase everything that happened 200 to 300 years prior.” Racism is everywhere, even at very top professions. 7. Words matter. Before you speak, think about the impact the words you choose could have on the people around you. Eliminate the "EVEN AS A WHITE GUY..." SYNDROME... 8. The conversation about race implicates you, but your voice should not be at the center of it. When people of color criticize structural inequality, it’s not about you, personally. Thus, don’t try to make it all about you. White people need to take responsibility for the big and small ways in which they perpetuate racism. The latter implies taking a few steps back to listen to people who are impacted by racism on a daily basis as to foster a true dialogue. 9. REVERSE RACISM Reasonable minds should not differ on whether “reverse racism” can happen. Most minorities would imply that it can’t happen. But I believe it can. All that would need to happen is to empower minorities with so much POWER while they had not truly forgiven Whites for their past atrocities on their ancestors. After all, RACISM equals DISCRIMINATION plus POWER, right? I think the latter should not be disputable. ON that basis, I believe that even though many South African Whites may be racist bastards, they shouldn’t have ALL their lands taken away from them without some form of DUE PROCESS or just compensation. Where does one draw the line? Should they be reduced to having NOTHING because their ancestors ruthlessly ruled via Apartheid? It’s a tough one. 10. AGAIN, DO NOT ASSUME YOU KNOW IT ALL — or EVEN most of it ALL. NO ONE DOES… so always READ, READ, READ or Listen, listen, listen.

Don't forget, when you meet a RACIST PERSON... you must remember to ask:

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIS/HER MIND?" Because believe it or not, NO SANE or NON-BRAINWASHED person would choose to be MENTALLY-ILL!

Don't forget that DESPITE having been TEMPORARILY BAMBOOZLED, the BLACK RACE has been waking up from its NAP/HIATUS and holds the key to SOLUTIONS for HUMANITY'S most profound issues, including its social ones. My discernment has revealed things about the Black race that will Amaze the World within the next ten years... OFTEN the FORMERLY LAST has to become the FIRST... that's all I am going to say for now! (smile).

Your Can Start Discussing RACE today

in an Open-minded & Non-monolithic Environment and Way by


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IN A RUSH – Like my late Papa… Pastor Pierre Lorins, except more systematically so…

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