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2020 Elections and Confirmation Bias

CONFIRMATION BIAS exists. when a blind is leading another blind, they will both fall in the same hole. I like diversity of thoughts, just in case I am wrong. people often ask me, how do you withstand the ATTACKS from the LEFT? My answer is, the more I learn about their line of thinking, the more I understand them, and the more educated I become about them. In the mean time, they know nearly nothing about me and probably learned nothing from me. And I might even learn something I didn't know from them as well because while they will associate ONLY with those that agree with them, I associate myself with EVERYONE who wants to have a DIALOGUE... because we all learn from one another whether we realize it or not. So, don't just dismiss someone b/c he is a DEM or w/ the GOP... you never know what you might learn from them or yourself. Don't CENSOR, don't be close minded!

MORAL OF STORY Don't just use others to confirm your pre-existing belief. Allow those that DISAGREE with you to CHALLENGE you or strengthen you or even prove you wrong or right. Intellectual rigor is all about tolerance. Being able to put yourself in the position of even a CRIMINAL to understand it well enough to do something about helping or protecting.

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