Let Your Light Shine Bright!

******** LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE BRIGHT *********


I don't care what they look like and what they do for a living and how much money they have on their bank accounts... & that includes Parents, Relatives and Friends - They are STILL simply MERE MORTALS! YUP... Now they're here, and seconds later they're all GONE! Like Flowers in the Fields... Only GOD and God's MISSION in you (i.e., Your Calling) matters!

Never Let Anyone Else Tell You What's You're Worth or What You can Achieve unless it is ENHANCING YOU... Your God is Limitless and thus SO ARE YOU... You're Never JUST THIS or JUST THAT... YOU ARE AMAZING! Please stop that NONSENSE... You're LIMITLESS if you have FAITH in GOD!

  • Only Keep those that accentuate your strengths and help minimize your weaknesses around.

  • Help those that are toxic from AFAR as their toxicity or negativity may end up killing your calling and creativity.

  • Don't worry about proving OTHERS wrong...No one died and make them GOD! JUST DO YOU... DON'T BE A COPY CAT... BE ORIGINAL... Follow YOUR OWN CALLING and prove YOUR-SELF and YOUR-GOD RIGHT!

Can I get an AMEN?

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