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Saddened by the Death of a Former Client

CAPs - denote my own writing style... I'm not screaming...

Yesterday, I found out that one of my former clients passed away through her sister on Facebook... I remember ALL my CLIENTS. They are truly DEAR to my heart. To me it is more than an ephemeral economic transaction... it is also a SPIRITUAL ONE. To have the responsibility to help resolve a problem for another human-being is one of the best honors of my life. I feel like I am temporarily being used BY GOD himself. It is inexplicable.

SEE - I should be used to death by now, especially after losing both of my parents, my only brother, and a very dear cousin. YET, I keep thinking about this former client. Her name was ROSITA... I even remember her last name... how kind and appreciative she was, and it could be WHY she is more memorable b/c I seem to remember the exceptionally appreciative clients more for some reason; and right there I realize that ALL MY CLIENTS are part of MY FAMILY!

DEATH HURTS because while it may end PAIN (a solution to a problem itself) it always brings permanent physical separation. We miss our loved one's smiles, mannerisms, encouragements, hugs etc. 🙁🙁Thus, all that is left are memories and a soul, which hopefully was a blessed one. I believe hers was. She created an Orphanage and also loved her children. I remember that her son was planning to go to medical school and was a track-and-field-high school star. All young folks are my kids (especially young Black men because I can relate to them), and so was he. I always encouraged him and I hope that the same God that helped me deal with the pain of losing my AMAZING MAMA will help him deal with the pain of losing his at such a young age too. Magarette Nelson-Zidor, thanks for sharing the news of your sister's passing with me. It means more to me than you may realize. It made me realize that we are HERE for such a SHORT TIME. She was a very decent person, and will be missed. Her life was well-lived. Most of my clients are very decent. But, she was one of my most kind and reasonable clients, and even though I haven't seen her for nearly 10 years, I still remember her. She was that remarkable.

W/ a Saddened heart!☹️


-- Pete

PS: ONLY GOD...Can give us peace that surpasses all human intelligences...Provides us Wisdom that makes our minds inferior to none...Renders us Compassionate enough to be our Brother’s keeper...Equipped us with enough setbacks to test us enough to keep us humble... while preparing us for...YET enough TRIUMPHS to keep us DRIVEN for LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES & WEALTH! So, let us PRAISE THE ONLY GOD THERE IS... for GRACE & MERCY! Hallelujah!

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