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Things are Never as Bad as we Perceive Them To Be

Things are Never as Bad as we Perceive Them To Be... ACCENTUATE the POSITIVES even while we attempt to ELIMINATE the NEGATIVES... Hindsight is 20/20 ... not the year 2020 (smile)

Perception is reality... I have been working at a friend's office and through the window I watched WHITE NEIGHBORS and BLACK NEIGHBORS interacting with each other... Older Black kids carrying younger White kids back and forth and vice versa. There is a very subtle message that I got as while I worked... THE NEXT GENERATION will be LESS DIVIDED... It is true no one wants to live in a BAD AREA, but some have to be there against their better judgment... but in this rather decent area of America, as I watched them interact, I saw DR. KING'S DREAM... all while I was talking to my business partner who is CAUCASIAN... a man that I love and respect... and I told myself... as we fight over racial injustice, we can't forget the MILLIONS of BLACKS and WHITES who are currently living together IN PERFECT HARMONY... While it's easy to notice the BAD THINGS more, we MUST ACCENTUATE the POSITIVES. My American experience include some amazing Black and White Americans... MANY OF THE WORLD'S BEST MINDS and SOULS are right here in America. The latter is an amazing blessing!

Be grateful to be right here in AMERICA... where there are at least ACHIEVABLE IDEALS and CONQUERABLE OPPORTUNITIES. If one day America is no longer as POTENT, many of us WILL HAVE WISHED to have WHAT we have now!


Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of

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