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The Chaos Needs to Stop...


The shooting of civilians/officers, vandalizing, looting etc need to stop... and I mean ASAP and I don't care HOW! I approve ANY METHOD by ANYONE and ANY MEANS that will induce a TOTAL HALT to it all. I want PEACE in America already. I left a LAND of CHAOS 33+ years ago... and I don't want this kind of NON-SENSE here, and if it continues, I WILL LEAVE just like I left CRAZY HAITI.

Some people like DRAMA, CHAOS and something to talk about. I enjoy PEACE OF MIND, time with loved ones, traveling from State to State without encountering ILL-RAISED GANGSTERS that are riding on the coat of an ILL-PLANNED MOVEMENT! We need to have a SOLID PLAN and think wisely like ADULTS do... Dr. King was a GREAT PLANNER... so far, nothing about the "BLM" movement has been planned right... I am willing to help people plan things better for a fee of course... but we need to bring WORTHY LEADERS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ISSUES TOGETHER to form a coalition as to foster a meeting of the minds. Else, we'll end up with an initially-well intended movement, which as a result of being ill-planned will have been remembered more for its incidental misdeeds.

Everything matters... and if OUR LIVES MATTER, we ought to start RAISING our children to RESPECT THEIR PARENTS, OUR LAWS and SOCIETY AT LARGE. Many have never lived in a LAWLESS country yet... they make get their wish if TRUMP is not re-elected!

Even FORMER CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS are concerned with the movement... "I was a civil rights activist in the 1960s. But it’s hard for me to get behind Black Lives Matter."

The authorities will be (have been) collecting evidence, including federal ones, to prosecute those that are involved in misdeeds in the future. A lot of young lives will be destroyed only to not achieve the intent behind the BLM movement. There are least burdensome means of accomplishing more if there is REASONABLENESS-BACKED PLAN. But it first has to be DEVELOPED. TALK TO ME LEADERS and I will ENLIGHTEN YOU on how you can meet your OBJECTIVES without furthering the CHAOS and be remembered as CRIMINALS instead of LEADERS!

Many people get shot by the police. Black Men disproportionately more. We know the reasons already... Both sides have their part... i have seen it... I have been a BLACK MAN... I have been profiled and I have been through it all... So, how do we fix it... So, the answer is BOTH ==> POLICE REFORM and PREPARING OUR KIDS for the SYSTEM... I mean, the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing while expecting a different result... There is clearly some racial animus on one side, and resentment on the other... IT TAKES TWO... But that doesn't mean that the POLICE only negligently shoot BLACK MEN.... Let's be real... let's look at REFORMS not LOOTING or SAVAGERY!


~ Dr. Pete

CAPS -- denote my own writing style... I am not screaming!

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