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Why Republicans do More for BLACKS

CAPS -- Denote my own writing style... I am not screaming!

Many of my BLACK Colleagues attended a law school tha re-existed b/c of a REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR (i.e., Jeb Bush reopened FAMU COL, which was shut down b/c of past racism) or got more funding because of a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT (TRUMP)... yet, over and over I have watched people discount the MAJOR things that Republicans do for Blacks for the MINOR/PETTY things that DEMs do... Perhaps people should take a trip out of America, and stop following the herd, and think outside the BOX a bit more and yeah, STOP LISTENING TO DON LEMON who is sensationalizing victim-hood for FAME... SERIOUSLY!

I know that far too many human-beings are UNGRATEFUL, but my parents taught me that whether you like someone or not, you should APPRECIATE all GOOD DEEDS directed towards you no matter from whom it came from.

THANKS GOD, like parents, we do good deeds for people because of our HEART and not because of GRATEFULNESS!

In Haiti, Papa DOC said that "GRATEFULNESS is a form of COWARDICE", I am beginning to think that it is a trait shared by far too many of my Black Brothers and Sisters Worldwide!




Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of

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