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5 Reasons why Cancel Culture is Dangerous and Unamerican

Nowadays, far too many Americans have become hypersensitized about nearly any topic. Nearly everyone has several issues that will induce them to cancel their business associations, friends, parents, and some have gone as far as canceling their own children out of their lives. My point is, while it is a viable way for the less powerful to SILENCE the powerful or famous, it is something that can essentially permeate our way of life to the extent of canceling each other out of well-earned positions. And of course, you won't feel the sting until it affects you or a loved one for something that was either inadvertently said or misconstrued altogether.

So, although “Cancel Culture” has been described as “a movement to remove celebrity status or esteem from a person, place, or thing based on offensive behavior or transgression,” it is one that really removes esteem from others based on whatever the other person happens to feel at that time without presenting any degree of evidence-based reasonableness.

The JEWS claim to be the only children of God and the true victims of human genocide, all while the Blacks feel entitled to reparations for having been subject to free labor during slavery; women feel like they were never getting equal pay for equal work; Whites feel like they should not have to pay for the sins of their forefathers perpetually; all while men feel like "women should be women and men should be men" and that there should be no double standards if there is truly a state of equality; Asians are against racial quotas even while they even outdo rich Whites in academics and many jobs; homosexuals and other LGBTQ+ members feel ignored and insignificant; and foreigners are made fun of by everyone else. So overall, everyone has become highly suspicious of everyone else’s intentions translating into factions or a super divided State of the Union. HOWEVER, the most detrimental aspect of it all is that people want to CANCEL or DELETE each other out and that itself is a form of GENOCIDE or MARTYRDOM.

In other words, if you dare to speak against the hypocrisy that exists in any of such groups you are likely to be labeled RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, REVERSE RACIST, XENOPHOBIC, MYSOGNISTIC and in turn the label is a way of targeting a particular person to be cancelled just like the body’s defense system targets pathogens (foreign agents) for destruction. While I don’t condone any form of HATRED, especially as a Black compassionate Conservative, we should all have access to PROTECTED SPEECH in America and should not blindly qualify any speech that rubs us the wrong way as HATE or ANTISEMETIC speech. Otherwise, we will have simply become a society of convenient wimps or wussies.

Here are the 5 reasons why CANCEL CULTURE is DETRIMENTAL to us all:

1. You are NEXT (i.e., from here on, you’d better become perfect because if you ever say anything that is remotely wrong or rub any specific group the wrong way, even inadvertently, you WILL be CANCELLED),

2. If you’d prefer not to be NEXT on the CANCEL CULTURE LIST, then you’d better become IMMEDIATELY PERFECT or say a lot less than usual on any topic, and thus limiting your freedom of expression or protected speech since you can’t control what will be misconstrued as any group as RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, REVERSE RACIST, XENOPHOBIC, MYSOGNISTIC,

3. Hypersensitivity is not a good thing for Americans. It is analogous to ALLERGIES (which are Hypersensitivity Reactions) in the human body, during which the body’s defense system becomes needlessly hyperactive with a false belief that it’s being attacked by harmful pathogens (i.e., foreign agents),

4. LE CHATELIER PRINCIPLE -- A change in one of the variables that describe a system at equilibrium produces a shift in the position of the equilibrium that counteracts the effect of this change. In other words, as groups that were previously disenfranchised become more hypersensitive in canceling their perceived perpetrators, adjustments will be made in the realms of those that they believed are the perpetrators to counter their behaviors, which will essence be the equivalent of overt or covert cancellations, which are also a form of protected speech restriction,

5. Free Speech is protected speech... but not all speeches are protected. Therefore, the word FREE is itself misleading. While someone like KANYE is not FREE to say whatever he wants to say, we have legal actions for such things (e.g., defamation, or putting someone in false light)... they are called TORTS... one is subject to money damages when one faces those things and they are limited to the damage that one's WORDS induced to another. Moreover, we also have criminal actions for incitement under most state penal codes. HOWEVER, what cancel culture is advocating is not LIMITED DAMAGES, but nearly UNLIMITED DAMAGES that may translate into complete destruction of one's livelihood sources (especially if one is not a BILLIONAIRE like Kanye is). People hold believes and often say things in a way that was not intended to hurt that end up hurting. Yes, they should be held accountable for such actions. But boycotting or cancelling a contract based on one's opinion is CANCELLING that person's FREEDOM OF SPEECH... it is RESTRICTIVE and UNAMERICAN. I will write an article on it. My point is, we'll end up CANCELLING each other out each time we disagree with each other and then self-cancel or self-destruct... it is no different than AN EYE FOR AN EYE and a TOOTH FOR A TOOTH. Intent/motive is irrelevant... We can just CANCEL each other out. YUP... just DELETE each other. And that's how LIBERALS want to run this country? Welcome to the NEW HAITI and the NEW VENEZUELA!

Becoming WUSSIES is not a solution. Being hypersensitive is self-detrimental to speech. It’s like a wife who is too afraid to tell her husband how she really feels about him because if she does, he’ll get either verbally or physically abusive. CANCEL CULTURE is an ABUSE… it is, essentially, nothing short of a POLITICAL ABUSE in a pseudo democratic state. The DEMS are disillusioned and if allowed, they'd take this country on a dangerous path. I am ok with self-expression for all, but EXTREMISM in anything is bad. And lately the DEMS have become nothing short of extremists.

"They say that I talk with so much emphasis, but they are so sensitive."

- Kanye West

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of and this article is sponsored by


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