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Avoid Those 4 Ds to Prevent Life Regrets or Pitfalls

You’re probably wondering what they are right now… but I want you to earn it…

I want you to continue reading the article, and thus I will put it somewhere between the beginning and end of the article (smiling.)

Before saying anything about those 3 Ds, please allow me to tell you a little HUMAN FLAW that PLAGUES all of us to one degree or another.

This little FLAW is not so LITTLE at all, but to be nice to mankind at large I am choosing to call it a little FLAW… it is called CONFIRMATION BIAS.


Apparently, we are all victims of this type of cognitive BIAS called “CONFIRMATION BIAS”. So, what is CONFIMATION BIAS? Well, it is the tendency that we all have, to look for information or arguments that support what WE ALREADY BELIEVE and REASONS that support what we ARE ALREADY INCLINED to do. The latter empowers us to see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. Having said that, please try to control your CONFIRMATION BIAS about those 3 Ds and they will help you avoid some major pitfalls that have affect some of the most talented human beings how have ever lived.

Anyhow, you have suffered enough, and thus here are THOSE 3 “Ds” that will help you avoid many major regrets and pitfalls:










In order to avoid becoming a hoarder or at least financially deficient or simply insolvent, avoid DUMB PURCHASES at all costs. In a nutshell, dumb purchases are any purchases that don’t fulfill any basic or major needs and that will not add any substantive value to your physical or mental health. Please avoid those at all costs. Simply say NO to yourself. Don’t let your CONFIRMATION BIAS make you believe that you need it. If it’s not a NEED, leave it at the store. It does not belong to you or your life. PERIOD!


You saw all the warning signs, yet you keep making excuses for him or her… you made yourself believe that he or she was from GOD until you marry him/her and find out that your hunches were all right and that he was an abuser, or she was a big spender and either way as a frugal person, you have become financially doomed because of him or her. Perhaps she prefers an open relationship, and you don’t. Perhaps one partner is more emotionally and sexually adventurous than the other and that was suppressed because they both wanted to be together despite not being equally yoked. So, whatever those warning signs are, BELIEVE YOURSELF, especially after you pray and DO NOT fall for CONFIRMATION BIAS and make yourself believe that you’re crazy. Just STOP while you’re ahead.


Most people rarely have to sell themselves on a good idea or on the right thing to do. Those rarely need any DEFENSE or ADVOCACY. YOU JUST KNOW they are GOOD IDEAS. Right?

Thus, when you feel the need to start SELLING YOURSELF on any idea, you MUST hit the PAUSE button and ask if you’re being completely honest with yourself or at least to what extent am I being affected by CONFIRMATION BIAS.

So, how are habits formed?

Well, the heart gets wrapped around something or someone and we start experiencing DESIRE/WANT. Subsequently, the heart sends a message to the BRAIN that says… “I NEED/WANT/CRAVE this and that and the other, figure a way to JUSTIFY it BRAIN and get that darn thing for me, please… please… please.” (smile)

So, what does the brain do? It upgrades what should have been a mere WANT to a NEED and once we are convinced that we NEED something, it becomes easy to sell ourselves on it and it become a vicious cycle.


The Doubter, Pessimistic and Godless will more often than not be worse off than the HOPEFUL/FAITH CENTRIC, the OPTIMIST and GODLY...

Well, first of all, the body will release happier hormones from the brain of an optimistic and hopeful person than it would from that of a pessimistic one. Secondly, people love optimists more and thus their optimism will reflect back to them. Thirdly if the Optimist is faith driven and Godly, evidence of promises in the scriptures made by God will be present in his or her life daily. Yes, his / her faith will be tested but he will have a firm assurance that as long as his/her heart is pure, he/she as a righteous will never be forsaken.

So, the key is to minimize confirmation bias and prevent your heart from being wrapped around something that is NOT NEEDED as to form any unnecessary demands to your brain in the form of a NEED when it’s not a NEED.

IN A RUSH -- like my late PAPA -- Pierre Lorins... I love you PAPA!

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