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He taught me so much... when I stuttered too much to utter my lessons in school, he turned a weakness into a strength by having me sing them. I still use that approach! I am never defeated! Even DEATH can’t defeat me! Death certainly did not defeat him! He catalyzed the gift of learning in me! He never put any burden on me all while he expected the best directly and subliminally! Yet rewarded me always!

My first trip with him to the US in one of the 2 pics was an amazing gift for getting the grades he desired! He always told me to keep learning! He taught me how to enjoy learning! He also taught me about FAITH, his best gift to me! Moreover, he taught me how to be a loving father and a proud strong-minded Black man who can be 100000% happy with himself. Still, at my age, when I think of the image of a STRONG, TALL, LOVING, and PROTECTIVE MAN, I think of him! He loved me as his favorite... he was willing to carry me on his shoulder yet had so much faith in me that he taught me how to drive at 11... yup, as I sat on pillows, I drove myself to school. He taught me about loyalty, honesty, reliability, and confided his secrets in me. He taught me that a man’s word is his bond! I treasure dark-skinned people so much because of him and his twin, my paternal grandmother! They were so proud.

My grandma refused to visit America bc she remembered what the White man did to our ancestors! My father refused to emigrate here and learn English bc of similar reasons. Yet he respected ALL! He loved being Black and Haitian so much that I enjoyed it vicariously! While I might have lost the negative part of PRIDE to love ALL, I must say that his skintone, strength, handsomeness, prestige, smile, laughter, character, humor, morality, image and PHOTOGRAPHIC memory are part of my most missed things in life! He loved all of my best friends and neighbors!

He expected excellence! I was #1 student for 10 years at one point! And thanks to him in my head I am always #1 and no one can make me believe otherwise because while he has always been my hero, he did call me his prior to losing his amazing memory to Alzheimer’s! But he never lost his humor and never will bc he passed it to me like his amazing last name, and I passed it on to my children! EVERY DAY, I ask myself, AM I WORTHY OF THIS GREAT MAN’s and Pastor’s Name? I am a LORINS... we never quit, we always keep the FAITH and we do have NATURAL PRESTIGE, GOOD-HEARTEDNESS AND CHARACTER.

Papa, thanks for loving me and all those that love me even after death! I understood you so perfectly and physically miss you immensely! But your soul lives on in me! I am carrying the torch. I won’t let you down!

I love you forever, Papa!

IN A RUSH! Your Proud Mini LORINS! Peter-son!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of


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