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Perhaps Neither Biden nor Cuomo is Racist

I came across the following videos over time and I could not stop myself from thinking that just maybe or simply more likely than not neither Biden nor Cuomo is racist based on those two videos alone. I just don't think any White man who is racist could have uttered what they did in those videos with the passion and zeal or heartfelt consciousness that they did.

Well, I'll let you be the judge. But, the following videos seem to display heart-felt disdain for White Supremacy and pure understanding for the plight of Blacks as a race that become persecuted and disadvantaged as a result of past and subtle White cruelty.



Is it also possible that political motivation to oust Governor Cuomo was fueled by his assertion in the following video... I mean even as a Republican, it caught my attention. I don't like injustice. There is something about Cuomo's ouster that rubs me the wrong way... I feel a degree of bad faith from both the DEMs and the GOP... I mean, really, he was that bad for so long yet no one knew about it, and all of a sudden he is a demon from hell. Really? It seems rather bizarre to me. It certainly is nearly not plausible. I'm sure he was flirtatious but the coerced accusations are nearly too perfectly orchestrated to be nonpolitically-motivated.

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