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Political Immaturity: Why Blacks Should Have Both Parties Fighting For Their Votes

In a Capitalist system, competition creates QUALITY because all competitors have a reason or incentives to EARN one's interest and money. As they compete, the consumer gets better VALUE. This is why CAPITALISM has triumphed over socialism or communism. This is why I am not for Liberalism or Socialism. And it is essentially why I can't morally be a DEMOCRAT even though as a Black man in America it would have been so easy for me to be a Democrat. In fact, I'm expected to be one. However, intellectually, morally and spiritually thinking, I'm convinced that it is the wrong path. The Liberal agenda just does not catalyze competition and thus minimize QUALITY in most aspects of life. It chooses many cop-out approaches, such as vilifying those that are just as imperfect as they are and canceling entire lives and life's work for the purpose of fulfilling political agendas to the very detriment of those that they purport to represent. In essence, it is ineffective in fostering growth, better neighborhoods, and access to wealth and a high-quality of life among Blacks and other minorities.

Likewise, when it comes to voting, Black Americans and other minorities should have both parties fight for their votes, and the party that provides them with more access to certain things, should get their votes. This is called EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Giving one's time and resources unconditionally may work in personal relationships, but in business, most things are one in a QUID PRO QUO manner. You don't pay for grocery unless you actually are getting possession of grocery. You don't pay for a house unless you have possessory interest or access to it.

This is why Blacks and other minorities have failed to capture true financial prowess despite having so much enormous talents. I mean, BLACK PEOPLE are VERY TALENTED... Trust me, we are! HOWEVER we are still, for the most part, POLITICALLY IMMATURE. Malcom X referred to POLITICAL IMMATURITY a lot in his speeches. But it fell on the deaf ears of even the most presumed smart or wise Blacks... While Georgia did show some sign of a glimmer of political maturity recently, it was mostly REACTIVE and NON-PROACTIVE/SYSTEMATIC (like many Black movements have been, including the BLM). In other words, we still have a long way to go as a group. POLITICS does not only matter in governmental realms, but it also reigns in business or corporate America. I'm sure we have all heard of OFFICE POLITICS. In many ways, one's knowledge of POLITICS and one's EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE has a lot to do with one's access to WEALTH.


Malcom X: "You put the Democrats first, but they put you LAST, because you are a CHUMP... You put them FIRST but they put you last, b/c you're a CHUMP... anytime you put a party first and they put you last and you put them in the White House and they come back and stab you on the Back and you still vote for them you're not only a CHUMP but a TRAITOR to your RACE..."

Brother X talked about the FLEXIBILITY to do WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to solve the problems. That is in essence POLITICAL MATURITY. The latter is not what has been happening, not even with the BLM movement and not at all with the Democratic party. Don't forget that while the GOP hasn't represented itself as the party of Blacks or minorities, it still has an opportunity to prove that it can earn Black votes through its actions. However, the Democrat party has been getting Black Votes but its actions have failed to produce enough QUID PRO QUO rewards, UNLESS you see electing figureheads, such as two biracial African-Americans (i.e., Obama and Harris) into the Presidency and Vice-Presidency as enough achievements to make up for all the inequities that still plague Blacks until today.

I invite true intellectual dialogues... OBJECTIVITY grounded in research and not just subjectivity based on pure human emotions. I challenge ANY ONE to a true discussion on RACE any time, not just in America but also Worldwide. We can only learn by challenging each other. As a business partner of mine would often say: "STEEL sharpens STEE". But please make sure you know your stuff. Else I will crush you. I don't have any time to waste.


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