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Thanksgiving 2020 Special


You have a lot to be thankful for... Lately, I have come across a lot people and posts that exhumed despair and uncertainty. HAVE FAITH... My job is not to feel sorry for people, rather it is to give them A JUMP via the TRUTH... we've all been down at some point in life... but you have to FIGHT... if you have GOOD HEALTH, a ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD and some food to eat to stay alive, the WORLD is still yours to explore. In that BEAUTIFUL MIND that God gave you, there resides a soul prepackaged with all that you need to be THE BEST YOU that you can be... Perhaps it is a career path or an idea for a novel or existing business venture... Tap into the infinite wisdom through faith... and if you can't do it alone, I challenge you to contact my team and I at we have been helping people FIND, RECOGNIZE and SECURE their career and business future, ONE MIND at a TIME! I believe that ENTREPRENEURSHIP is the only thing that can truly LIBERATE you and help you TAP into YOUR TRUE SELF. Everything else that you do sums up to helping someone else accomplish his mission or dreams. ENTREPRENEURSHIP is about living your God-given mission/vision... your own uniqueness as God's gift to the World!

ON MY END... I have a lot to be thankful for...

If you know me well, you'll know that I have 2 sets of families... a WHITE ONE and a BLACK ONE... making me NON-RACIST. PERIOD! (smile)... While I love them equally, I love them for different reasons... LOL... I wouldn't be myself if I did make that statement... HA HA HA... But on a serious note... While I wish I could spend time with both sets of families, I will be spending time with my WHITE FAMILY this Thanksgiving because they have been VERY CONSISTENT in showing me UNADULTERATED LOVE and RESPECT over the past two decades.

I may at times be sarcastic, overly-analytical, overly-empathetic or even overly-confident, and even borderline antagonistic/narcissistic (as to some some perception) or sometimes I even play devil's advocate a bit too much... but I am definitely ALWAYS filled with GRATITUTE/GRATEFULNESS and LOVE... particularly INCREDIBLE SELF-LOVE! YUP!!!

-- GRATITUTE/GRATEFULNESS and LOVE for KNOWING GOD and having a relationship and 100% Faith in GOD!

-- GRATITUTE/GRATEFULNESS and LOVE for HEALTH (Physical and Mental) and being able to BREATHE our polen-and-pollution-or-contamination filled air unassisted without any man-made device as if it were perfect.

-- GRATITUTE/GRATEFULNESS and LOVE for living in the greatest country on Earth. USA USA USA... and for having the best business partner on Earth (Reed).

-- GRATITUTE/GRATEFULNESS and LOVE for the loved ones that are still with me after losing my parents, amazing Aunt Marie and my only sibling.

-- GRATITUTE/GRATEFULNESS and LOVE for having met my amazing family members on Long Island, New York... and my dear friend Aldyn and his lovely family (in Queens) I really do love them so much... amazing memories, and lovely time with everyone.

-- GRATITUTE/GRATEFULNESS and LOVE for my loved ones at large, especially my amazing children and business partners and clients.

-- GRATITUTE/GRATEFULNESS and LOVE even for my enemies and those who doubted my skills and talents for inducing me to work even harder even if it is just to prove that I AM AS AMAZING AS I BELIEVE I AM!

-- GRATITUTE/GRATEFULNESS and LOVE for never having any true regrets, for never being bored, and for always desiring to attain the NEXT BIG GOAL no matter what life brings... For setting my own challenges; for willing to stir the pot; for being FEARLESS against ANY HUMABEING ON EARTH and for fearing ONLY ALMIGHTY GOD!

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!


Pete Lorins

Turnkey Ventures Inc


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