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The problem with Trump's correlation of HIV/AIDS with Haitian Migrants

The problem with Trump's correlation of HIV/AIDS w/ Haitian Migrants, who should be loved, supported and encouraged and NOT KICKED while they are down, is that his statement is not only insensitive but also PATENTLY RACIST at best!

Here is why? IN THE US, Men are more likely to be infected (0.7 percent) than women (0.2 percent) to be infected. People infected with the herpes simplex type 2 virus, known as genital herpes, were 15 times more likely to also be infected with HIV, according to this report.

YET we are a DEVELOPED NATION w/ presumably all the tools available to even eradicate most diseases. YET, Black American men aged 40 to 49 have the highest rate of infection, at close to 4 percent, the survey found. So, BLACK MEN IN AMERICA have a higher rate of being infected with AIDS than Haitians do. Even the poorest of Haitians are at 1.7% among men and 2.8% among women.

SO, how are those people getting infected in America... how come BLACK MEN are more affected? A million theories can be derived. I have my own. Then TRUMP should get rid of BLACK MEN in America too. I don't believe that Black men are more promiscuous than White men. So, how are they getting more infected? Hmmm.

His statement was PATENTLY RACIST at best! Nothing short of an ABSURDITY. I normally love Trump's political incorrectness when it challenges the status quo. But I believe that he took it too far this time. As a person of Haitian descent, I join all Haitians and people of Haitian descent to condemn this statement. Please see the following article:

He is not making a good case for himself now. He needs to SHUT UP and focus on the issues... if it's VETTING at the borders, it should be vetting ALL MIGRANTS, not just DEMONIZING HAITIAN ONES. My parents were HAITIANS and I have never met any better human beings YET!

Generalizations and stigmatization of any group is not only SINFUL, but also REPUGNANAT and RACIST at best! I know that Mr. Trump never apologizes, but he'd better done so this time because GOD will not be happy with him after this one if he does not. Let us not mention the spirits of millions of Haitians sending bad vibes in his direction. Mr. Trump needs to apologize, but my guess is he will not!

ADDITION - 10/14/21

A forgiving heart is a key to joy, peacefulness and serenity. In the spirits of better human-beings like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, and Nelson Mandela, I'm choosing TO FORGIVE yet again. I was not happy with President Trump after hearing and reading about what he said about people who share my ancestry. I just don't believe in KICKING PEOPLE while they are DOWN. I instinctively or intuitively feel compelled to defend those that are persecuted no matter what their race, color or national origins are. I have done it wherever I have been, in ACADEMIA and IN CORPORATE AMERICA. I inherited this trait from my AMAZING late parents, who always rescued those that needed to be rescued. Pres. Trump need to reevaluate what he UTTERS. It is one thing to be a maverick and politically incorrect, but it is another to be just purely NASTY and vile. I am HEARTBROKEN but I'm choosing to forgive YET AGAIN, because YES, I am a BETTER HUMAN BEING! I chose not to discriminate against Mr. Trump and gave him the benefit of the doubt DESPITE the fact that his color and words remind me of many things concerning some of the atrocities this his ancestors induced on humanity, particularly many of my direct ancestors. I chose to give him the benefit of the doubt even though he called women derogatory words and countries "shit holes". I did because I understand CONTEXT. I did because I know he is from a culture in which he feels entitled to say things that others could never imagine that people like him would say. HOWEVER, Mathew 12:37 reads:

"For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned"

I'm afraid that Mr. Trump's words cost him his re-election, and if he does not repent, it will also cost him a potential maverick-like political career too. Perhaps SELF-DEFEAT will be one of Mr. Trump's

accomplishments too. A man who can MAKE HIMSELF WIN, and INDUCE HIMSELF TO LOSE using the SAME MOUTH/ATTTUDE. It is kind of sad to watch!

I hope GOD will be as forgiving as I am on Mr. Trump's soul!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article is Sponsored by


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