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To US: Some Misunderstandings about White Peaceful or Reckless Protests

We invented or perfected the art peaceful protests/marches using Gandhi-influenced principles perfected by leaders like Dr. King via the Civil Rights movement out of necessity. We were outnumbered, and had no other choice but to be peaceful else we would have all been lynched. HOWEVER, Americans as a whole have inherited it. It is is not the property of just Blacks or gays or other minorities alone. WHITE PEOPLE and NON-WHITE TRUMP SUPPORTERS can protest too and sometimes, just like Black-run protests, factions in those protests can do unruly things such as what happened in the invasion of the U.S. Capitol or what happened with factions of the BLM protests in lootings and all.

Thus, just like we can't generalize and delegitimize the causes behind the BLM protests, we cannot delegitimize the causes behind protests run by Trump supporters no matter what happened via some unruly participants in such protests. This last logic is called JUSTICE or FAIRNESS.

America is a melting pot. We inherit customs and values from historical accounts and events or people from all walks of life, and those things have become part of our American way of life. Music that came from Mo-Town (Motor Town/Detroit) through Blacks are not Black music, or white music, but rather they are AMERICAN MUSIC. Likewise, the right to peaceful protests, no matter what fringe factions emanate therefrom, is not a Black right, or White right, but an American right.

As we seek EQUALITY, it is important to seek balance. YES, WE WERE WRONG VIA SLAVERY... but that does not mean that EVERYTHING DONE BY BLACKS is all of a sudden RIGHT (or motivated by fairness or logic) or EVERYTHING WHITE is all of a sudden WRONG (or motivated by unfairness and racism). We have a duty to seek BALANCE and treat our WHITE BROTHERS and SISTERS the way we'd like to be treated too.

WHITE SKIN PRIVILEGE is still self-evident. One does not have to have a PhD to so realize. However, White people suffer a lot in America too. There are a lot of Whites that live in utter poverty and suffer from all sorts of physical and mental ailments by nature of who they came to this World through and where they were raised. Thus, even POVERTY is not something that only affects BLACK PEOPLE in America.

As America grows and tries to be more fair to Blacks, other minorities and those in the LGBTQ+ communities, it is important that we don't become a nation that vilify everything White or everything historical thing that is link to Whites in the past. Chances are there is a linkage to slavery to everything that Whites did in those times because GUESS WHAT, for many, slavery was commerce and Blacks were chattel or personal property (personalty) and nearly every wealthy White men owned some slaves. However, that does not mean that we should dismantle everything that they did as in such days SLAVERY was not considered to be IMMORAL. Blacks were considered to be personal property and the value of one Black person in America was a fraction of a White counterpart.

So, as we continue to progress to a semblance of EQUALITY and attain BLACK and BROWN SKIN PRIVILEGE, don't get tempted to become extremists and do the very thing that Whites did that our ancestors fought against. WHITES were wrong to commercialize slavery and dehumanize us. But the INTENT was not just slavery... it was COMMERCE... we were sold by OUR AFRICAN BROTHERS to them to do what, WORK FOR FREE and when SLAVERY ENDED, it forced what? THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION to replace the mass production that Blacks could no longer provide and OTHER REVOLUTIONS came about too... and guess what, we are ALL THE BENEFICIARY OF SUCH REVOLUTIONS.... many of us drive nice cars and have nice roads and properties no matter what our race, color and national origins are.

So, if we don't want Whites to vilify all BLM members, please don't vilify all TRUMP SUPPORTERS or all Whites that happen to support TRUMP even on a singular issue. Otherwise we will have lost the respect of our non-DEM White brothers and sisters who will the work just as hard to delegitimize our movements as many of us work hard to delegitimize theirs.

We already know that there are amazing Whites out there. Many, like Bernie Sanders, walked with Dr. King... many joined into the protests after Mr. Floyd died and were as passionate as any Black BLM participants if not more. Many hate Trump and love Obama, proving that it is not all about race. Likewise, there are many Blacks that don't like Obama and like Trump for one reason or another. However, there are amazing Whites that don't like Obama not just because he is Black or biracial. They just don't like his approach on social issues and gay rights etc. The latter is a good thing for America. It is showing that we are not staying monolithic. We are becoming EQUALLY AMERICANS who are exercising our

FREEDOMS to be individuals as opposed to people that are OWNED by the the NEWS MEDIA or people that follow a herd or even MENTALLY ENSLAVED! BIG TECH and SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS are out to become the NEW SLAVER MASTERS. They CONTROL, BRAINWASH, and CENSOR... the latter is a threat on us all as evidence by Twitter's silencing of the President after it baited him to use its networks only to SWITCH on him whenever it decided. While it was legally OK for TWITTER to so do, it was a MORAL FAUX-PAS that will incite people and induce the creation of systems that will eventually destroy media companies like Facebook and Twitter.


Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of and this article is sponsored by


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