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Today’s Africa, Particularly Uganda, is a Business Gold Mine for Billionaire-Bound Entrepreneurs

NOTE WELL: Due to the Speed at Which This Article Was Written There May Be Some Typographical Errors (i.e., Typos.) Please try to overlook them.

This article will be one of the longest, and most genuinely candid and WEALTH-inducing articles that you will have read in your lifetime (if not the best). It is mostly objective with some subjectivity based on my personal experience as a human-being along with that of other subject matter experts (SMEs), who spent thousands of dollars and ample personal and professional time to study this rare market over the course of the past few years, and the includes Dr. Sesenaya, Dr. Pelissier, Dr. Newton, Mr. B. Pierre ("Blue Bird"), Attorney Paul, Mr. Amos etc. In addition, Bluebird and I personally went on the field in Uganda and spent dozens of hours under all types of conditions and weather situations to confirm all findings and hunches.

I don’t want to insult anyone via this article. In a nutshell, I am a natural entrepreneur who is trained in electrical engineering, computer engineering, law, education and medicine, who has also been called a natural psychologist by trained psychologists. I started my first venture at the age of 9 and in a short time, I had to be bought out by my father because he no longer had storage room for my inventory (smiling). In the US I would have been called a child prodigy. However, in the Caribbean, I was often accused of being TOO INQUISITIVE and TOO ADULT-LIKE. So needless to say, I am also a NATURAL RESEARCHER. I am a pure-hearted person who “speaks” from the heart/soul. I do apologize in advance if anything that I assert in this article does, somehow, offend you in any way. It is not my intent to do so. Should the latter happen to become the case, please take it with a grain of salt and focus on the COMMON DENOMINATOR all while accepting my apologies in advance – as I assure you that genuinely intend to put SERIOUS MONEY in your POCKET if this is the right fit for you. And you will thank me later. I hope any WEALTH CREATION that you will have obtained, will have numbed any pain that I might have inadvertently induced as a part of my personality of being brutally honest and truthful. I am sorry, I got it from my amazing and gorgeous late and genius mother (smile).

Anyhow, the reason why I mentioned Uganda in the title is because it is not only known as “the Pearl of Africa”, but also it is the most entrepreneurial country in the World. Moreover, it is not too far from the “stricter-in-rules” Kigali (of Rwanda), which is now known as “the Singapore of Africa” because of its novel technological implementation and cleanliness as one of the cleanest cities on Earth. However, my choice as an entrepreneur to pick Uganda as my surrogate country in Africa after falling in love with it, researching it, and visiting it, is primarily it is very business-friendly and yes, as previously mentioned, it is the most entrepreneurial country on Earth. By the way, the people are CULTURALLY kind, humble and respectful. And having studied it for the past three years both alone and with a group of doctors, lawyers, engineers, and lawyers from both the US and Uganda and created lasting business and legal relationships there, not to mention spent weeks there, I have ample insights that will simply WOW YOU if you’re truly a businessperson. Thus, prepare yourself for a business epiphany.

Located in East Africa, Uganda is strategically bordered/pearled by 5 key countries: to the East by KENYA, to the North by SOUTH SUDAN, to the West by the Democratic Republic of the CONGO, to the South-West by RWANDA, and to the South by TANZANIA. The Southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of LAKE VICTORIA, shared with KENYA and TANZANIA. The Capital of Uganda is extremely eclectic and busy. But UGANDA has amazing villages with people of different tribes speaking up to about 45 different languages. However, the main language is English and Luganda (which I have been fervently learning to show my respect to this amazing people) that I call "MY PEOPLE."

Ugandan Flag

Seven industries will remain super appealing in most parts of Africa and particularly UGANDA for all the right reasons, which I can’t share here for business secret purposes, but they are as follows:

¨ Real Estate or Real Property Development – Uganda is experiencing a real estate boom that is incomparable to any other not even the ones experienced in the U.S. and Australia… and the return on investment (ROI) is at 300% or higher if one uses our “hard-to-create and easy-to-recreate” approach. There is no need to risk your money in the wrong hands when you can have a ZERO-RISK approach developed by reputable, wise, and experienced professionals, which I will explain later.

¨ Software/App Development, Particularly for Creative Logistics/Transportation Management – with the advent of the Internet, every human-being in Africa has a smart cellular phone… Yup, you can guess it, the sky is the limit.

¨ Business Development (including Lead Generation) and Acquisitions– as in all places, since people are starting a lot of businesses in Uganda as the Most Entrepreneurial Country in the World, many will lack the requite funding to succeed. Accordingly, this opens the doors for investors to effectuate strategic mergers and acquisitions in a rather phenomenal way, considering the Uganda does immigrants to own properties. With over 45 million people just in Uganda alone not to mention the people from the surrounding 5 countries, well you can do THE BUSINESS MATH.

¨ Other Technological innovations.

¨ Agricultural Marvels on the Most Amazing Soils.

¨ Educational Innovation. And

¨ Talent Acquisitions.

Our initial focus is REAL PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT. However, we'll also innovate or customize our own App-driven Logistical Software to both manage and provide better logistics to our team and clients. We'll also focus on proprietary other App Development projects and Business Acquisitions. Such services will also be extended to others in Uganda including our competitors. WE want to return the same love that UGANDA and Ugandan has shared with us with Uganda GENERATIONALLY.

A Newly Developed Classy Contemporary Building in a Suburb of Kampala

Front of the Newly Developed Classy Contemporary Building in a Suburb of Kampala

Each Home Comes with a Security Guard Quarter that is Separate form the House (located at its Entrance)

Interior of the Newly Developed Classy Contemporary Building in a Suburb of Kampala


¨ $1 USD = 3,700 Ugandan Shillings (UGX)

¨ There is a real estate development boom that will add to the already growing Ugandan Billionaire list.

¨ We can build customized regular houses that dwarf most average US homes at $45,000 and mansions starting at $150,000.

¨ Combining this real estate boom with the fact that Uganda is the most entrepreneurial country on Earth with ample tourism (business and personal) by people from all over the World should give one a business orgasm.

¨ It is very close to KIGALI (RWANDA), the Singapore of Africa, and bordered by 4 other key major countries, namely: KENYA, SOUTH SUDAN, CONGO, and TANZANIA.

¨ My team and I have created all the right partners, including the best architects, builders, developers, staff members, software developers (with yours truly, Pete Lorins, as the lead software engineer), including our own US and Ugandan legal teams that we have been creating for the past 3 years.

¨ MINIMUM INVESTMENT is $5K (for return over a 5-year people plus receive your seed money at the end). However, for investments of $10K or more, you will get lifetime ROI!

¨ No need to reinvent the wheel. We don’t believe in losing money. Our approach was hard-to-create but easy-to-recreate via our EAQUAS (Efficiency, Accountability, Quality Assurance and SOPs) system. Remember that with $10K or more, you will get lifetime ROI!

¨ Once the boom is over, it will become increasingly hard to own customized properties in Uganda. Thus, as in all great things in life, time is of the essence and timing is everything.

IN A NUTSHELL, your Money will take you much farther in most parts of Africa, and particularly Uganda. As they say in the US, “You will get more bang for your Buck – in other words, you will get more juice for your squeeze!”

I have personally been spotting a plethora of Asian (e.g., Indian, and Chinese), White-American and European entrepreneurs all over Uganda. However, I don’t see enough Black Americans and Caribbean Blacks or even Hispanics and others in Africa, and to be frank, they are missing out. In fact, Black Americans would have been wiser had they invested in Africa more than any other group because they can easily blend in there without any suspicion. Moreover, they can trace their direct roots to Africa ad that is a spiritually therapeutic experience in and of itself..

A Nice Hotel on Kampala Boulevard w/ People Crossing the Roads and

Boda-Bodas (Motor Bike Taxis). By the Way, their Café Javas are like our Starbucks on Steroids

2 Million Times Classier & More Complete w/ All Food and Drink Options

Here, I was riding a BODA-BODA (motor-bike taxi). It was SO LIBERATING. I became a UGANDAN after that experience (Smiling). A few friends mentioned that I had not helmet on, but despite having narrow congested roads, I never noticed one vehicular accident in Uganda, whereas I always notice far too many in the U.S. Things that may one go Hmmmm... (smiling).

I don't mean to "sound" presumptuous, but please allow me to tell you that they lied to you about Africa and Africans (especially if you’re Black or of direct African descent). Africa (as a continent) is not only rich but is also breathtakingly amazing as the Motherland and the origin of humanity. Africans from various parts of Africa are the most naturally pure, humble, creative, intelligent, and happy people on Earth. In addition, they are charming, endearing and patient. Wait a minute, they reminded me of myself, in short, they are ME! I believe that with most Blacks that are arrogant, pompous, and snobbish, it is mostly a learned skill.

I love the fact that Ugandans are the most entrepreneurial people on Earth. In short, everyone works or hustles… There are really no lazy people out there or any welfare check recipients. Either out of necessity or culturally, everyone is courteous, kind, patient and reasonably understanding all while they work hard or smart to make a living and I love it. In addition, they also PLAY HARD. No one parties better than Ugandans. Everyone in Africa who has gone to Uganda to party will tell you that they are unmatched with their clubs, parties and night life, and do it all in a classy way. I can sum it up like as follows: their “classy stuff” is classier than our “classy stuff” and our average stuff can be better than theirs, yet they have less accidents, casualties and have more natural resources and are happier or suffer from less depression and zero depression-or psychosis-induced mass shootings.

A Not So Busy Section of Downtown Kampala

Wherever I went, people were kind spoke to me in the local language first and even tried to guess which tribe I was from and within 24 hours on the continent I felt 100% at home. I felt so much real love, appreciation, and genuineness from both poor and wealthy Africans. It was also AMAZING not to feel like a MINORITY for the first time in CLASSY PLACES. Usually, when I go to an upscale place in the US, there is this aura that people feel like you must be a CLASSY BLACK PERSON to frequent such a place. In Africa, A BLACK PERSON feels like s/he belongs EVERYWHERE, and it is an AWESOME FEELING. Let us compare that with being in the US for nearly 40 years, people still ask me, where are you from ORIGINALLY… really? SMDH!

Mr. Amos (a Dear Ugandan Friend of Mine) and I

With Some Friends at a Popular Spot Near Lake Victoria

Enjoying Uganda (smile)

Even Ordinary Food is not so Ordinary in Kampala

Freshly-caught Tilapia (From Lake Victoria) Prepared to One's Specifications (Yum)

A Sign that Captured My Attention near Downtown Kampala

Anyhow, back to business… Africa is the only continent that currently has everything that other continents have yet more while not being too saturated concurrently. Indeed, as previously mentioned there is ample room for the following: (1) Property development; (2) Technological innovation (e.g., App and business and logistical management software), (3) Agricultural Marvels on Amazing soils; (4) Personal and Business Tourism; (4) Educational Innovation; and (5) Talent Acquisitions.

In Africa you will find amazing people, structures, malls, urban oases, villages, night clubs, transportation channels, schools, universities, talents, businesses, restaurants etc. In fact, the room for creativity induces the co-existence of Old-World originality with Modern-World innovation.

The lovely Acacia Mall in Uganda -- I love that Mall... So Practical yet Lovely and Efficient.

Another Picture of the Lovely Acacia Mall -- I love that Mall... So Practical

A Local Supermarket

A Lovely Water Park for the Little Ones

A Lovely Restaurant Near Acacia where The Nightlife is AMAZING (smiling)

Being Guided by My Local Real Estate Expert to one of my Favorite Mini-mansions

I Nearly Bought it, but Decided that It is Wiser to Build one From Scratch

[(Using our EAQUAS (Efficiency, Accountability, QA and SOPs) - Shoe-String Budget Model]

A Sideview of One of my Favorite Mansions

The Top Balcony of the Same Mini-mansion

GAZEBO in that Same Classy Contemporary Mini-mansion that I loved

Easily Buildable Apartment Building (Can be Completed Under 6 Months)

Nice Custom-Built Home

Vacant Rural Commercial Building On Which We are Currently Negotiating

Touchless - Smart Bathroom... Can You See Me in the Mirror Snapping Some Shots?

The Condo Building Where I Stayed - It was is Being Repainted

Most Private and Condo Buildings Have Affordable Private Security Guards Plus Servants/Maids

Touchless Smart Bathroom

Africans, as the original people, possess the original aspects of all human beings (that mutated from them.) They breathe originality. To put it bluntly, they will be better at anything at which they are given a chance to excel. Let me not even mention anything about African women. OF COURSE, as a Black man, I have never seen more physically and facially attractive women in my life. OMG, It is like a sculptor sculpted most of their bodies and faces. MY GOD! Ok that is an aside! Let’s just say there is certainly a God (smile).

I must attest that perhaps I am biased, but I think African women are the most beautiful women on Earth. I apologize to any other woman out there. And I am not just saying that because I am Black. I met many European men who said the same thing. Facial structure and figure while, their bodies are like architectural marvels and most of them also are kind and sweet. I am just being honest and perhaps I am a bit biased as a Black man... But I don't think I am... I'd be shocked if a HETEROSEXUAL MAN actual fails to find 80% of these women attractive. And this is not to say that I don’t find any other Non-Black women attractive. Trust me, I do! However, I must say 99% of Black and Latin Men would mostly find the Coca-Cola Bottle shaped ladies as gifts from God (LOL). Well, it does not matter what others think, I believe they are. I promised you to be sincere right. WELL, there you have it! LOL. It is my blog, thus, I make the rules! (just teasing you!) Well not really. LOL.

On a more serious note, in a POST-RACIST World that has moved beyond Stereotypes induced by past European run slavery, a non-racist entrepreneur will find that in Africa people are pure, real, humble, wise, artistic, talented, caring, hospitable… and the latter has been abused by many for decades if not centuries, just like it was with native Americans and native Australians by Europeans.

Africans and particularly Ugandans make me feel like they are not just my people, but also God's people whether they are Christians or Muslims. The core is COMMON HUMAN DECENCY and some level of spirituality, respect and godliness. Since the time that I had one of the top important life experiences a few years ago, when I bumped into UGANDANS online while sitting at my office, they naturally stole my heart both entrepreneurially and culturally! And after spending time with them and confirming my discernment, I understood just why UGANDA is not only the PEARL OF AFRICA, but also THE MOST ENTREPRENEURIAL COUNTRY ON EARTH.

Some may look at the political aspect of Uganda or another part of Africa to give themselves yet another past-European-Stereotype induced reason to discriminate against Africans. But those that don't, like Africans, Asians and others like us, will have accumulated incalculable wealth just by respecting and loving Africans for their truths as opposed to STUPIDLY trying to EUROPEANIZE them, which is senseless anyway considering that Europeans are a DERIVATIVE of AFRICANS.

For instance, even when there are governmental rules that differ from those of other countries (e.g., Anti-Homosexuality rules), it is truly an implied social contract or an understanding that it won’t be promoted like it is in America and Europe. It is never like it is portrayed by the Wes or the US, which is why the US has been losing the respect of Africans while China or India has been getting their respect and many Asians and Africans are becoming BILLIONAIRES in Africa when they respecting Africans and meeting their needs by providing QUALITY-CENTRIC services tailored specifically to their culture. In short, their rules are not outward condemnations as they are in the U.S. and other Western World. In the US, Freedom is hypothesized, yet people are not free to be themselves without being chastised or cancelled.

While I was in Uganda, as I looked at the US from afar, I surprisingly saw a Black woman of Haitian descent, named Karine Jean-Pierre, on YouTube, who works for the Biden Administration as a White-house press secretary, advance the American agenda of telling Ugandans (i.e., Africans) how to view homosexuality, and I also saw a Black prosecutor indict a former President over money paid to a prostitute. Let us not forget our first Black President who Killed the richest African, Muammar Gaddafi, the former leader of Libya, who has always supported both African and African American causes. Somehow it hit me, many of us have morphed into the standards of White males and most of us have been fighting to approach those very standards just to prove that WE ARE EQUAL or GOOD ENOUGH. My point is, as the children of Africans, many of us have adopted or been used as instrumentalities that advance non-African causes. This is why China, Russia and the Middle East have been becoming much better partners with African leaders than the United States, which has seemed to look at Africans as "compassion children" in many instances. For instance, because Facebook chose to ban some Ugandan leaders, the Ugandan President rightfully ended up banning the use of Facebook in Uganda, even though people will find workarounds to use it (e.g., via VPNs). Don't get me wrong, I will always appreciate about the U.S., especially my ability to amass a massive knowledgebase from it, however, I can do so all while rejecting a lot of stereotypes about Africans. After all, I am also an African. And having visited Africa, I was able to DEBUNK 99.9% of all the stereotypes I might have subconsciously held about Africans.

Another aspect of Africa that I love is that African women respect their men. It is good to see Black women treating Black men like the kings that they are. Anyhow, I digress. Let me simply say, amazingly kind Black women who genuinely love and respect their Black men. Need I say more? I digress.

REGARDING DECIDING TO INVEST WITH US AS PARTNER, YOU ARE WELCOME TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE -- After all, I don’t want this article to appear to be about MY CONFIRMATION BIAS as there are other contenders in Africa for investments such as South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia and even Senegal. However, pursuant to our research, I would start in no other African country than Uganda because of its unique location, business-friendliness, and its status as the most Entrepreneurial country in the World. Despite having an autocratic or dictatorship-like government, Uganda offers ample social and entrepreneurial freedom for Ugandans and others to invest and flourish in Uganda. There is no feeling of oppressions or anarchy at all. In fact, that be easily felt by African Americans (especially Black males) daily in a supposedly free country.


If you’d like to do RISK-FREE business development/innovation or invest in real estate and other ways in UGANDA or other parts of Africa in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me (Pete Lorins) directly either via:

WhatsApp: +1(407) 955.3534

BUSINESS NAME: Turnkey Ventures Inc. (Checks/Money Orders can be made to either Turnkey Ventures Inc or

INVOICE or WIRE TRANSFER INFORMATION or TRANSFER LINKS for PAYPAL, Cash-APP, Zelle, and Venmo are available for your convenience. We abide to all legal or ethical or anti-wire-fraud approaches and best practices.

BUSINESS MAILING ADDRESS: 536 11th Street, N, Ste 9, Naples, FL 34102

(SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE… If you’re not SERIOUS about being an ENTREPRENEUR, please let’s not waste each other’s time. I am not here to CONVINCE you to become an ENTREPRENEUR. This opportunity is for ENTREPRENEURS ONLY.)

:: Our Initial UGANDA Fund-Raising Goal ::

¨ To Raise a Meager $10 Million (We are not greedy) – our focus is on creating a 300% Return on Investment (ROI) with as little as possible – Using a Shoe-string Budget Approach.

¨ With $5K or over but less than $10K -- the individual investor will get his/her ROI plus seed at end of 5 years as per the investment partnership agreement.

¨ $10K or over - the individual investor will get lifetime ROI as per the investment partnership agreement.

¨ The More Investments over $10K the Better as we'll necessitate less investors, but we don't mind SPREADING THE WEALTH EITHER.

¨ ROI Expectation Management: nearly a Billion USD in 3 years or less.

¨ NOTA BENE: Once we are completely satisfied with UGANDA we can replicate the same model after conducing local research in other parts of Africa and other developing countries.

¨ PHILANTHROPY -- Parts of our profits will go towards scholarships, orphanages, and boarding schools for disadvantaged Ugandan children. We also want to work with the US and governments

We have many ways of accepting agreement-backed partnership-based investments and we welcome investor visitors who would like to visit our Ugandan Investment sites to either tour or physically participate in all projects or both. We will also meet all your logistical/transportation needs so that your stay in Uganda will be fun, engaging, rewarding and one of the best if not the best experience (s) of your life.


Please, do not try to give such an endeavor on YOUR OWN... do not even use piggy-back on PASSION or ENTHUSIASM to romanticize doing so... you will fail (unless you choose to conduct the same number of years of research that conducted with the same caliber of SMEs…) You will most likely fail or waste a lot of time because the STARS were essentially lined up for us, and most people have too many competing interests to handle the 3 years of research that culminated into our research results – essentially OUR UGANDA INVESTMENT PARADIGM… there are many potential pitfalls... it is the sort of "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME kind of disclosure) because as in all things, there are also scammers in Africa (just like they exist elsewhere including the U.S. and any other parts of the World). We already have LEGAL, BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGY, and LOGISTICAL or TRANSPORT TEAMS backed by YEARS of VETTING and RESEARCH. Please do not intend to re-invent the wheel. It would not be wise of you to do so. I purposely did not share more information with you because many of such information would comprise our trade secrets. But, once you have shown a genuine interest and/or signed an agreement to be partner, we’ll share as much reasonable information with you as possible to guide you in a making an educated decision.

(SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE… If you’re not SERIOUS about being an ENTREPRENEUR, please let’s not waste each other’s time. I am not here to CONVINCE you to become an ENTREPRENEUR. This opportunity is for ENTREPRENEURS ONLY.)


Please forgive any typographical/grammatical errors or the use of CAPS (due to my emphasis-centric writing style)… my itinerary is ridiculously packed with trips to many States and countries in the coming weeks… but since people have been begging me to write this article and I believe this could serve as an initial foundation/bible that can be used to educate collaborators prior to talking to me or any of our other SMEs, there you have it! ENJOY!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST -- I hope you can see that I HAD NOTHING but PRAISES for UGANDANS. Instead of going there like an UPPITY AMERICAN who knew it all, I was instead educated about how I can use my RARE SKILLS to create WEALTH for both UGANDANS and non-UGANDANS via symbiotic relationships just like many Chinese, Indian and African entrepreneurs have done in many parts of AFRICA. I believe that we are blessed to have fallen in love with such an amazing country and people. This is the legacy that my parents left me. I AM BETTER than NO ONE. I am SUPERIOR to NO ONE. Just more blessed and fortunate in certain areas, while in other areas, others may be fortunate than I am. I LOVE YOU MOTHER AND FATHER. I hope you two are proud of me in HEAVEN as my biggest blessing is to have been BORN through you two and inherited the heart that I have. I ADORE YOU BOTH and love you more than LIFE ITSELF!

This Article was written by Dr. Pete Lorins ( and is sponsored by


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