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Meet Dr. Pete Lorins: The man behind "The LorinsPOST"

The man behind the LorinsPOST is Pete Lorins. Dr.. Lorins is a multi-degreed, credentialed and talented professional who believes in human triumph over mediocrity through a constant quest for the truth via the acquisition of knowledge from all available sources while considering foundational principles that are held dear by civilized nations in the World (e.g., an individual's natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness)


Dr. Lorins is credentialed in education, engineering, law and is currently pursuing his goal of achieving advanced health care credentials in the field of oncology. Dr. Lorins has previously had success in many entrepreneurial ventures and is currently a multi-industry consultant who is passionate about any types.and/or levels of projects in which he is involved. He is also a natural motivational/inspirational speaker who brings the best of out of even the most possimistic folks.


Dr. Lorins has accumulated a great deal of wisdom through personal, theoretical, and practical applications of time-proven principles that work every time. Dr. Lorins will coordinate and oversee the insightful information that will have been shared on this site and is looking forward to positively impacting the lives of human beings from all of walks of life who will have opted to tap into it.


Dr. Lorins is very excited about objectively presenting views on all sides as he believes that it is in the abundance of many views that the TRUTH blooms. Thus, what better way to spread the truth than through the dessimination of essential and relevant information that actually impact people's lives for the better.


Dr. Lorins encourages you to share this site with as many people as possible as it is his wish that it will improve the life of countless folks for years to come.


LorinsPost Management 

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