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IV Learning 

Revolutionary Exam/Board Prep System

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One of Our Artists & Comedians

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The Dave K.Myers Story

Dr. Lorins Coined His Iniital Site & Story... HeThought He was a Skin-Diseased White Boy Growing Up 

Am I My Brother's Keeper/Killer

The Amazing Judge Mathis!

Dr. Pete Lorins and Pastor Pierre Lorins (Father & Son) Sining one Of Their Favorite Christian Hymns. 

Dr. Pete, the Comedian

... My Second Unedited Comedy Video On Trump, Blacks, Hispanics and Women...

Dr. Cornel West Speaks at the University of Denver

Dr. Cornel West - Intellectual Vocation and Political Struggle in the Trump Moment

The Surest Way to Million$


Dr. Pete Lorins

Cornel West on Race Matters

Dr. Pete, the Comedian

First, Unedited and Introductory Comedy Video

Brother's Keeper Multilingual Motivational Session

By Dr. Pete Lorins

"In the short amount of time that you have on Earth, What kind of calling do you have? What kind of vocation do you have?  Unfortunately, we live in a market-driven society, so that a "calling" has been reduced to a "career", and a "vocation" has been reduced to "profession"; "greatness" has been reduced to "success"; and "joy" is reduced to "pleasure"... I don't want to be part of a culture that is a JOYLESS QUEST for pleasure... PLEASURE is INSATIABLE but there is a JOY that cuts so much DEEPER..." Dr. Cornel West

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