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10 Best Things In Life...

10 Best Things in Life...

By Pete Lorins

Life is, undoubtedly, precious and amazing. But there are 10 best things, without which life would be useless. Incorprorate in our life for the right reson and achive happiness and serenity in the process. Here they are:

1) GOD and NATURE - for the creationists, God is the creator of everything that's on this list and for the evolutinists, nature, as without the cooperation of nature we wouldn't even be able to exist.

2) LOVE - it's been said that love conquers all... it is the one that that you you could spend a lifetime sharing yet still remain happy doing it.

3) FOOD & DRINKS - you need nutritious food and drinks to maintain a good health and without good health life can be very miserable.

4) HEALTH - is one of the most important assets, if not the most important asset that anyone of us can possess. If one replaces the "H" in HEALTH with a "W" one gets WEALTH, but the letter "H" precedes the letter "W" in the alphabet, just like one cannot be truly WEALTHY without being truly HEALTHY.

5) PARENTS - our parents are very important to us. Firt and foremost, without them we wouldn't have been us (and who in his right mind would like to be someone else.) Our parents are very special people and in all cultures, one of the most cardinal rules is to HONOR one's parents. Woe to the unwise folks who choose not to do do so.

6) FAMILY - is there anything that's more satisfying than that of belong to a loving family. In law school, I remember having a discussion about the definition of a "family", and in the end the conclusion is a group of people that live, sleep and cook in the same place and do such things to assist each other's livelihood and well-being in a common way. Thus, the definition of a family has been changing from a man and a woman with children to groups of friends that live together to enhance each other's lives to homosexual couples who adopt children etc. However, one thing is certain, we all want to feel like we belong to a lovely, loyal, and dependable family consisting of people who LOVE us unconditionally.

7) FRIENDS - these are the people who have learned as much as anyone learn about you, including all yoru flaws and strengths yet for whatever reason would prefer nothing more than to put up with them because they just like you or even love you (most of the times).

8) HAPPINESS - whhat is the glory of living if one is constantly sad or unhappy. We've all heard of multi-millionaires or previous millionaires who opted to commit suicide because they realized that they could not live their pre-established standard of living. In other words, their inability to achieve the happiness that they have pursued induced to them to take the very life that God gave them which is precious in and of itsel and even supersedes that very happiness. However, happiness is so important to mankind that it, often, superses life itself. Many folks do hard core drugs just to pursue a state of constant happiness at the detriment of life itself.

9) KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM & FREEDOM - Knowledge is out there. We can all receive from observations, or from our parents, elders and friends, or by reading certain books or materials. However wisdom is what we achieve after applying intelligence to the applied knowledge and deriving some intelligent principles or heuristics based on truths of such conclusions. Without knowledge and freedom one can never feel fully free. Bob Marley has a song that asks other to "emancipate themselves from mental slavery". It is the understanding that freedom is not only relevant in the physical realm but also even more so in the psychological realm. Without realizing that one has the freedom to do whatever one puts his/he mind into, one becomes imprisoned by one's very mind.

10) MUSIC - What would most of us do without music? There is a genre of music for every type of situation in life. Music can even help train the minds of unborn babies. It helps combine sound in a manner that is pleasant to the ear. Music has been known to have accelerated the healing process of many patients, or to have prevented major fights and crises. A wonderfully composed piece of music can disarm even the most arrogant and evil man. Music is the expression of our spirit or soul via our voice. It can move and trasnform all.

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