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18 Reasons Why Americans Must Read Dr. Ben Carson’s “One Nation”

18 Reasons Why Americans Must Read Dr. Ben Carson’s “One Nation”

By Pete Lorins

Dr. Carson is the first person who seems to have analyzed America’s problem like he did in this book… America truly needs a diagnosis, and Dr. Carson analyzes America’s problem like it deserves to be diagnosed: (1) by first understanding the country’s current shortcomings or problems through its people’s subjective views; (2) objectively analyzing them as a professional in order to gain the necessary knowledge from which wisdom can be generated as to come up with viable solutions that will work for all Americans; and (3) provide ways in which such solutions can be implemented.

But wait a minute. He is a medical doctor and not a lawyer, or a politician… and additionally he is not just a medical doctor, he is a brilliant and celebrated neuro-surgeon who is respected by his peers, and is the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the country. Dr. Carson is retired, but after 35 years of practice and writing many best-selling books like “Gifted Hands” and “America the Beautiful” he continues to give back through his Carson Scholars Fund and through a quest to provide proven solutions that will work in today’s America.

I like Dr. Carson not because he is a Democrat or Republican. Rather I like him because he is a rare gem, a true intellectual and thinker, a humble, yet confident man who came from the poverty-stricken areas of Detroit (and raised by a single struggling divorced mother) to the top of a medical profession at a time when a Black man was not expected to achieve anything both because of bigotry and social status. I will not provide too many details as I want you to read Dr. Carson’s book yourself, but without further ado, here are the reasons why you should read Dr. Carson’s book:

Reason#1: He genuinely wants to help save America’s future

He started out with telling us that we need to rely on God by giving us an analogy of an experience in which he knew that only God could have saved him. He uses that analogy to help us visualize the true and current state of this country through our subjective lenses all while reminding us of the basic principles of common sense, manners and morality which are essential if we are to help America reestablish itself as the leader of the Free World.

Reason#2: He understands the causes of disunity and decline

Dr. Carson analyzes the causes of our disunity and decline in a manner that is palatable to people from all walks of life. Our country is currently being run by egotistical lawyers and politicians as opposed to men of common sense who put the common good above their ego or personal sense of pride. His book will provide you with a breath of fresh air by helping you understand a tough situation as if it were very simple, like only a brilliant physician could.

Reason#3: He defines “political correctness” and its impacts

Dr. Carson believes that political correctness stifles dialogue. Thus, open discussions of political and social issues are keys to healthy unity (i.e., “society works very much like a marriage in the sense that open communication facilitates harmony.) I liked the fact that he used Bible verses in all of his illustrations or analogies. Using his personal stories, he was impliedly telling both Black and White Americans that there are no acceptable excuses for giving up; that we know what we have to do and here is dissecting it all for us to make it as palatable as possible. Therefore, no more excuses. Let’s get to work. It is no secret that politicians love to talk just for the sake of talking and Proverbs 18:21 states that “those who love to talk will experience the consequences, for the tongue can kill or nourish life.” He fully analyzed issues like hypersensitivity, the “true wounds” concept, and our heritage of free speech.

Reason#4: He analyzes the impacts of “elitism”

He, objectively, analyzes the problem of elitism in America and its source and why “pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.” Proverbs 16: 18. Using his own experience coming from inner-city Detroit to Yale University where many of his classmates or roommates had wealthy parents, he provided a brilliant approach to understanding elitism. He proceeds to answer questions like following: do the Elite know better than the rest of us? And he also analyzed the oppression of minority communities by the elite, something that our current Democratic president and most Democrats and Republicans have failed to do without creating some semblance of class warfare. Additionally, Dr. Carson has provided specific ways in which the Black community can escape subservience (e.g., out-of-wedlock births, incarceration of Black young men, which compromise their future job prospects)

Reason#5: He provides a constructive approach to dealing with “bigotry” for the good of all Americans

Dr. Carson provides a realistic, yet constructive approach to constructively dealing the problem of bigotry. There will be no feeling of racial warfare or anger, rather an objective analysis of the best way to deal with the problem by starting with Proverbs 14: 21, which states that “it is a sin to despise one’s neighbors.” He uses his own experience to analyze all types of bigotry (e.g., racial bigotry (racism), religious bigotry, sexist bigotry (sexism), age bigotry (ageism) et cetera) and provides realistic solutions or action steps to deal with bigotry.

Reason#6: He makes it clear to everyone why there are no winners in political fighting

Dr. Carson provides a realistic view of the reality of political fighting by starting with proverbs 16:28, which states that “a trouble maker plants seeds of strife; and gossip separates the best of friends.” He does a great job explaining the impacts of polarizing factions who are after their own interests and the insertions of division tactics knowing the fact that there is strength in unity.

Reason#7: He explains to us why we are currently enslaving our children – why we should not sell the future

Starting with Prov. 13:22, Dr. Carson states: “good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren, but the sinner’s wealth passes to the godly.” He provided us with a great analysis of the impact of debts, by comparing America to Rome and modern Greece, and of our ballooning debt and how economic growth can be used as a solution. I enjoyed the parts in which he talked about how “warning signs” can make us feel temporarily invincible to our own future or even imminent detriment.

Reason#8: He, actually, provides “workable solutions” to the problems (that’s a first)

Throughout reading this book, he provides solutions for each posed problem and keep them short and simple only like a brilliant physician could.

Reason#9/Solution#1: He educates us all on the art of “pushing back”

Dr. Carson tackled the issue of bullying in a clever and broad manner. He exhorts us to stand our ground against media bullies, political bullies, academic bullies, business bullies and unintentional bullying. Additionally, like no one else has ever done before, Dr. Carson highlighted the consequences of giving in and the effective way to push back and how to win through respect, and why one should know one’s enemy.

Reason#10/Solution#2: He reminds us of the art of compromise and Respectful Disagreement

Dr. Carson provides a refreshing approach to dealing with disagreements by accentuating the importance of humility and a listening ear and tackling the following points of disagreements or contentions:

  • Pro-life vs. Pro-Choice

  • Welfare

  • Doctors vs. Patients

  • The Rich vs. The Poor (and the issues of fair taxation)

  • Gay Marriage

  • National Debt

Additionally, Dr. Carson provides strategies for cordial disagreement that will help people of all political and social persuasions.

Reason#11/Solution#3: He dissects to us why becoming informed is vital

Dr. Ben Carson became my new hero when he said that some will say: ““don’t learn all that stuff because you will overload your brain.” As a neuroscientist, I can tell you unequivocally that is impossible to overload the human brain.” But more importantly, he touched on an issue that is very dear to me. Essentially, if one is uniformed and ignorant, how will s/he be able to vote for the right leader? Dr. Carson does a better job with this topic than anyone else has ever done before to me. One can easily write a whole book on this section alone; yet he simplified it so well that even a completely uninformed person will see where he is coming from. He warns us against the dangers and consequences of ignorance, and he is not referring to “bliss”. He even enlightens us on what an educated citizen knows or should know. I like the fact that despite not being a lawyer, he understands the need to focus on the record (as opposed to party affiliation). I am convinced that this the right way to approach life as a whole unless one is mentally enslaved like most minorities (particularly Black Americans) seem to be with the Democratic Party modernly.

Reason#12/Solution#5: He reminds us of the importance of wisdom and knowledge

This is an ultimate reason for people from all walks of life to read this book. As a lover of wisdom and knowledge (not just for the sake of wage earning) I found this section very interesting. However, I posit that all Americans should as well. Dr. Carson gives sound examples of knowledge and wisdom. He went as far as showing how many experts lack wisdom. Moreover, he detailed his vision for a wiser health care system as a medical doctor. And explains why he believes that the Affordable Care Act was more a victory for the Obama administration than for the American people. I must say that his vision is impressive. I like the fact that he believes that humility comes before wisdom. Thus, one must be humble enough to recognize that one doesn’t know everything in order for one to keep learning. He explains that knowledge acquisition is straight forward, but wisdom has to be sought prayerfully from many sources. Just read the book!

Reason#13/Solution#6: He asks us to remember that we are our brother’s keeper

Dr. Carson sees socialism as a deterrent to charity and does a great job with his analysis of the topic. Furthermore, he diagnoses issues like respectful care for the elderly, minimum-wage –job problem (and why a job is still better than being on welfare even if people can potentially earn more on welfare than on some jobs), rolling back welfare, people helping people, compassion for the poor, and the problem of government dependency and irresponsible citizens; all of which are topics that are very dear to my heart.

Reason#14/Solution#7: He reminds us who we are and who we ought to be

Just read the entire book to see how he does that or read from page 169 on…

Reason#15/ Solution#8: He accentuates why a clear vision is necessary to help change our current situation

Dr. Carson used the U.S. Constitution to illustrate what a realistic and solid vision should culminate into. He illustrates how, modernly, the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the U.S. government have become more concerned with their image and party affiliations and thus have drifted away from that original vision. He refers to the modern vision as a “Utopian Vision.” Accordingly, he sees such a Utopian vision as one that emanated from people who didn’t seek humility first (with humility preceding all wisdom) and the result is something like Obama Care (i.e., the Affordable Care Act.) Moreover, he tackled issues like a constitutional convention, the lack of visionary leadership, revering the U.S Constitution and voting for the constitution as opposed to a specific party affiliation.

Reason#16/Solution#9: He reconnects us with the need to have role models in our lives and that of our kids

Dr. Carson used his own life as a road map to success for all people but since he is a Black man, he also uses it as a means of telling young Black males or females that there is no excuse, that they like everyone else need to have the courage to face all types of oppositions including political and media bullies.. However, he understands that kids need good role models, particularly those who either have unfit parents or lack both parents at home. He explains to us why our young people need vision, and why someone like “Miley Cyrus” cannot be our kids’ role model. Kids need role models like their parents, teachers, inventors, and they need to identify contemporary role models with whom they can relate as well.

Reason#17/Solution#10: He took us back to the roots of “morality”

Dr. Carson reminds me of the term “morality”. There are certain things that I would never do, like drugs, steal, mistreat others etc. However, it has been a while since I have thought of the term morality because quite frankly, many of the people that have been in charge of our country have been far more immoral than I could ever be. Yet, Dr. Carson got me thinking about sticky issues like Abortion (which I am quite frankly against), homosexuality, evolution, and at the end he asked all of us if we are really “Under God”; a truly a constructive and thought-provoking way of inducing us to think.

Reason#18/Solution#11: He exhorts us to “take courage”

Dr. Carson explains how truly inspirational the power of human courage (i.e., a human being who is not willing to give up) is. He urges us to revere the contributions of the giants that came before us in order to value our freedoms and structures even more (e.g., George Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Henry Ford, Dale Carnegie etc.) Accentuating on the need to have courage when faced with adversities, he urges us to side with principles over popularity; giving the example of fellow physicians who would rather face embarrassing malpractice suits than to compromise on their principles. He believes that if we, as a people, don’t find the courage to face political correctness, we can soon face the political equivalent of a dictatorship from leaders who are willing to win by any means necessary despite the sheer opposition to their agenda.

Dr. Carson’s book is a great reader for people of all political persuasions, and particularly those who are humble enough to realize that the more they know the more they will think they don’t know enough. He is brilliant man and an amazing American. Read this book, it’ll change your view on topics that no politician has yet to tackle in this country. But let me guess, he is not a politician, rather he is a physician who would like to help us save this nation.

For all questions about this article contact Mr. Pete Lorins at Mr. Lorins is the Chief Editor at

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