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Mr. PRESIDENT -- "I HATE YOU!" But, "Hey, I Am Your President Too!"

Ok, you're about to read the most interesting article of your life. Thus, please grab a cup of tea/coffee, or a soda can or something, and please don't forget to enjoy it all.

So, an American man by the name of "Barrack Hussein Obama", who is of half-direct African Ancestry and half-direct European Ancentry, was elected President of the Leader of the Free World (i.e., the United States of America, the most prosperous nation on Earth). To be honest, even I never expected that to happen in my lifetime. It is not that I am that ancient, but I felt that he was too young, too inexperienced, and besides no White person was going to vote for someone whose name sounded more African or Middle Eastern than American in a post-9/11 World even if his/her life depended on it. And as I listened to very biased White folks analogized his name with that of Saddam Hussein, even I, Mr. Optimistic, become more pessimistic. But, "Boy", was I WRONG?

He countered so many oppositions so amazingly as if he were directly sent from/by God. From the Reverend Wright contoversy to his indirect association with a former terrorist and the list seemed to have become limiltess. Yet, despite all that was going on, he had a few things going for him. He was eloquent, and bright and seemingly had the right team on his side. The latter helped me capitalize on the power of social media and set a trend for all future Presidential campaigns. In other words, he was the "new kid on the block", the future of American politics; and having to reside in an inescapable dwelling, where even the house is WHITE (i.e., The WHite House), he was determined to change things by running a campaign with no othet theme but "CHANGE", and little did the country and World know that this "young man" who came out of nowhere was about to get on a mission to change NEARLY EVERYTHING...

1. Equal Pay For Women 2. ObamaCare 3. Removal of Troops in War Areas 4. The Surprising Killing of Sadam Hussein etc...

President Barrack Hussein Obama

And as I'm writing this article, his mission of change appears to be going like the energizer bunny. In fact, it is not only amazing, but it's also inspiring to all Americans. He is either loved or hated, but everyone is now, somewhat, interested in politics again, He is the Serena Williams/Tiger Woods of Politics. and a number of candidates in both parties who might have not surfaced before are now surfacing one by one... YES, OBAMA is great for America and as he sait it himself: "I am your President too."

He had the most difficult job in the World... that of leading an already divided nation into a better America. Quite frankly, it was a CATCH-22 case, and I have no idea how he managed to accomplish even the things that he did in the face of such seemingly unsurmountable obstacles form members of the opposing party and even members of his own party. I believe that President Obama is a GENIUS!

So, as he hears praises on one side, and cries of hatred on the other, which are both partially-based on the color of his skin, and the content of his character or his deeds, he continues to say "I AM YOUR PRESIDENT TOO!". He does the latter via his deeds, his passion, and his constant mission to help his fellow human being, to tell America to be less xenophobic (i.e.,more open-minded about gays, minorities), to help women get better treatment, and last but not least, to thank America for giving him a chance to say, YES, MY FATHER WAS AFRICAN, but despite the hatred I felt from those who questioned my intentions, background, the integrity of my US Citizenship, I never waivered and I kept saying "I AM YOUR PRESIDENT TOO!" because I love America.

Perhaps Mr. Obama wanted to send a bigger message to the World whe he opted, as a biracial man, to have a Black Family by marrying a Black woman when he could hae married any other woman in the World. In essence, this put his family in a position to become the most powerful Black Family, and one of the most powerful families that the World has ever seen. He has done as much for Black equity as Toussaint Louverture did during the slave revolution when he helped create the very first Black nation in the World, namely, Haiti, my homeland. Mr. Obama graduated at the top of his Harvard Law School class, and coicidently shadowed his wife in one of his first gigs as a young lawyer. Amazing story! His story is motivating to me and remains one of the cornerstones of my American experience. Sometimes, one has to have PURE AUDACITY to even HOPE, which is exactly what he did, as titled in his memoir named "Audacity of Hope".

He is still a human being, thus I am sure he made some mistakes. However, he sems to bounce back quikcly and learn from them just as quickly. Thus, trust me, he is no ordinary man or president, or husband or father. He has been different from the onset. Come on, I'm still pinching myself and asking "HOW THE HECK DID A MAN WITH HIS NAME AND HIS STORY... A BIRACIAL MAN bY THE NAME OF "BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA" make it to the WHITE HOUSE. I believe that there is a God more because of it, and I also believe that, while many White Americans still hate the idea of having a Black/Biracial man as their presidnt, most Americans are less RACIST than they so realize, and TWICE most of them preferred to "stick with Mr. Obama through thick and think" than to elect a White Republican like McCain, and Romney. Black America should never forget that <smile> . KUDOS to America!

Dr. Lorins is the editor in chief of This article was sponsored by a provider and creator of modern jobs and gigs World Wide.

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